Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 146]


Xiao Qiu Ci pursed her lips tightly and looked through the pile of shredded paper on the table for pieces that matched.

“Teacher Xiao, you should sort the piles into subjects first. Make a pile for English, a pile for Chinese, and a pile for physics. After that, you can piece the papers together.” Someone standing on the side reminded her.

Xiao Qiu Ci’s hands were shaking as she sorted the shredded pieces of paper one by one…

The gazes from the crowd were like knives as they stared at her. Xiao Qiuci just wanted to find a hole in the ground and crawl in!

At this moment, Xiao Ru Yue rushed into the office. She was crying as she squeezed through the crowd.

“Mom, what are you doing?” Xiao Ruyue cried even harder when she saw how Xiao Qiu Ci was silently bearing the humiliation alone. She turned around, hugged Yun Hua, and said, “Hua Hua, please don’t do this. Mom didn’t deliberately shred your exam papers, it was me. Because of me… Please don’t humiliate my mom anymore, okay?”

Yun Hua glanced at Xiao Ruyue, “I’m humiliating her? It was you and your mother who stole my father from me and destroyed my family. It was also you and your mother who shredded my exam papers, causing me to rank second to last in the whole school… Why are you accusing me of humiliating you? How am I humiliating you?”

“She’s right! They’re really shameless! Why are they pretending to be the victim when they’re clearly the culprit? They’re disgusting.”

“They’re exactly the same. Pretending to be the victims after committing malicious deeds together. I’m going to vomit!”

This was the first time that Xiao Qiu Ci and Xiao Ru Yue were condemned by the public for their malicious deeds!

But this was nowhere close to what Yun Hua had experienced in her last life.

Rest assured, she will definitely return the favor back bit by bit!

When Xiao Ru Yue saw that no one was stepping out to help her even though she was crying, she stopped crying. There was no meaning in crying when everyone was looking down at her. Instead, she acted very “filial” and began to help her mother sort out the shredded papers, and piece together Yun Hua’s exam papers…

Since there wasn’t enough space on the office desk to do this, they had to move everything to the floor.

Xiao Qiu Ci and Xiao Ru Yue pieced and taped together the shredded papers on the ground as the crowd looked on…

After half a day; from the first period till the break at noon. Both mother and daughter were so tired that they couldn’t even stand up. Still, they had only managed to put together Yun Hua’s English exam and physics exam!

Yun Hua scored 99 points on her English exam, just one point off from a perfect score.

As for the physics exam, it was 100 points, a perfect score!

All the teachers were shocked by the scores!

No wonder Xiao Qiu Ci ripped up Yun Hua’s paper. Just based on these two grades, Yun Hua was a perfect candidate for Class 1!

Although Xiao Ruyue also entered Class 1, she was ranked at the bottom of the students in Class 1. There are 50 students in Class 1 and Xiao Ruyue was ranked 49th, scoring only one point more than the person ranked 50th.

If Yun Hua had gone to Class 1…

No wonder Xiao Qiu Ci was unwilling to let Yun Hua enter Class 1. If Yun Hua went to Class 1, then Xiao Ru Yue would’ve been absolute trash compared to her!

This woman sure was toxic!

She was way too vicious!

Both of the exam papers were handed to Yun Hua. Yun Hua read the exam paper from the beginning to the end. She got one point deducted in the composition portion of the English exam. She wrote too fast, miswriting the word ‘congratulations’ by a single letter. Since she misspelled it, one point was deducted from her final score.

Yun Hua let out a sigh of relief after reading through the exam papers. She looked at the Grade Director and asked, “Since I now have my exam papers, can I add my grades to my overall score?”

The corner of Wu Lian’s mouth twitched as he replied, “Yes you can.”

Yun Hua nodded her head, “Has the score already been registered? You won’t forget the score, right?”

Wu Lian was speechless. What kind of nonsense was this? Who could forget such outstanding exam results?

After she saw Wu Lian nodded his head, Yun Hua picked up a pair of scissors on the table and began cutting her exam paper. After the papers were taped together using transparent tape, she could not tear it with her bare hands, she could only cut with scissors!

However, Yun Hua’s sudden action scared Xiao Ru Yue. She rushed over and grabbed Yun Hua’s hand, and wailed, “What are you doing? Why are you cutting it? My mother and I finally finished taping it together!”

Yun Hua shrugged her shoulders and replied, “The exam papers are now useless since I now have my grades. I’ll do as I please and right now, I feel like tearing them up…”


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