Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 144]


Everyone stared in disbelief at the pieces of shredded paper lying on the table.

Apart from the tissue paper, there were so many pieces of shredded paper in the tissue box…

Yun Hua looked through the pile of shredded paper. Thankfully, the papers weren’t ripped into fine pieces. There were both large and small pieces in the pile of shredded paper. Yun Hua finally found a piece of paper that stated the name the exam papers belonged to..Yun Hua!

“Teacher Xiao, you had an affair with my father when my mother was pregnant with me. Xiao Ru Yue is only a few months younger than me!” Yun Hua’s voice was calm as she continued, “Why didn’t make my father divorce my mother sooner? Oh right, it’s because my father had just started a business at that time, so he didn’t have any money. The money he used to start up his business was earned by my mother. She raised pigs and chickens, even working part-time to earn that money. If they had divorced at that time, then my father would never have gotten the money to start his business.”

Although Yun Hua’s voice remained calm, the surrounding teachers were all stunned by Yun Hua’s story.

What? What was happening?

Teacher Xiao and… Yun Hua’s father had an affair? Then isn’t Xiao Ru Yue actually Yun Hua’s half-sister?

My God! Didn’t Teacher Xiao tell them that she and her ex-husband had divorced, so she was raising Xiao Ruyue on her own?

T-This meant that Teacher Xiao was a mistress and her daughter was an illegitimate child…

Xiao Qiu Ci had an ugly, twisted expression on her face. She was usually gentle, graceful, tender, and easy-going, but now, the blue veins on her hands were bulging as she clenched her trench coat tightly. Her current appearance was rather malevolent.

Yun Hua’s eyes were filled with accusations as she looked at Xiao Qiuci, “Auntie Xiao, if you truly loved my father, why didn’t make my father divorce my mother early on? You loved my father for over ten years, yet you continued to remain silent. You even became my mother’s best friend… Teacher Xiao, were you fine staying as a mistress as you hide behind my parent’s marriage? Or is it because you’ve stayed in the dark for so long that you’re scared of stepping forward and owning up to what you did?”

She was a mistress and had an illegitimate child with a married man. She even stayed as the victim’s best friend for over 10 years…

My god, that was both terrifying and disgusting!

The teachers that had just praised Teacher Xiao for her talent a second ago, all simultaneously stepped back.

Especially Xiao Gui Hua who was now looking at Xiao Qiu Ci with a disgusted expression, “Teacher Xiao, it must’ve been hard on you to remain a mistress for over ten years! My god, that is disgusting! If my husband had a mistress for over ten years and if that mistress pretended to be my best friend…. No, I can’t even imagine it! I can’t help but vomit at the thought it!”

“She’s right! I would never have guessed. Teacher Xiao is such a beautiful and graceful woman, how could she stoop so low….”

“How can you not know? How can a woman blossom so beautifully without a man’s care and affection? We had all neglected this point when we look at how radiant and happy Teacher Xiao appeared every day. Teacher Xiao probably bathes in men’s affection and love, that’s why she’s always so brilliant and happy!”

People in society will not react differently just because of other people’s status and identity. Teachers are also ordinary people, so they too will gossip and become jealous.

Just before this, the teachers were praising and admiring Teacher Xiao for having her articles published in respectable magazines. They even praised her for being humble. However, all of their respect and admiration had turned into disgust in an instant.

There would eventually be many people who find it more shameful to be poor than to be a prostitute. However, the morals in mainstream society made people despise mistresses and illegitimate children!

In addition, Xiao Qiuci had always been graceful and beautiful. She always gave off the impression that she was better off than other people. It was inevitable for other teachers to be jealous. Now that they learned that Xiao Qiu Ci was an experienced mistress with an illegitimate child, the teachers that usually felt inferior to her, suddenly felt a sense of superiority right now!

Even though they live an average life and are not as beautiful as she was, at least, they were not mistresses. At least, their child was not an illegitimate child!

“Auntie Xiao, my father has divorced my mother. I’ve even given up my dad to Xiao Ru Yue. What else do you want from me? Ru Yue has already entered Class 1. Even if you don’t want me to be in Class 1, you didn’t have to rip up three of my exam papers, making me rank second to last in the whole school!”


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  1. Geez, I’m actually more disgusted with this society with hypocrites in them rather than this malevolent mistress… I mean seriosuly? How can you act all chummy and then disgusted the next second? Sure the mistress is disgusting and all but at least I was already disgusted at her these 100 chapters and now these hypocrites walk in? I’m naturally more disgusted with them rather than this mistress that we all know is going to get what is coming for her… Because I’m pretty sure these cannonfodder will continue their hypocrisy and poison the society with their morals and root these worldviews even further as they are actually teachers…

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