Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 143]


“How is that appropriate?”

After hearing Hao Xue Wen’s request, Xiao Gui Hua was the first one to speak up, “If we allow this, then aren’t we allowing the students to do whatever they want? What will happen to our dignity as teachers? Besides, is Teacher Xiao the kind of person who would tear up her exam papers for no reason? They have no grudge against each other, so why would she do that?”

All the other teachers nodded, including the Second-Year Director Wu Lian. He said, “She’s right! Are you saying that Teacher Xiao has nothing else to do, so she ripped up your exam papers? Your grades have nothing to do with her. You’re making it sound like she has a grudge against you and is deliberately targetting you!”

Yun Hua smiled and looked at Xiao Qiu Ci’s face, “Teacher Xiao, do you think you have a grudge against me? Do you think you have reasons for targetting me?”

Xiao Qiu Ci’s face distorted for a moment when she heard Yun Hua’s words, but she quickly recovered and calmed down. She put on a doting and helpless expression and said, “Hua Hua, if you want to see auntie’s drawer, you could’ve just asked. I’ve always liked you, so you don’t have to stir up so much trouble just to see my drawer. The key is in the front pencil holder on my desk. You can open the drawer and see for yourself.”

Yun Hua smiled lightly and found the key in the pencil holder.

When the surrounding teachers saw how generously Xiao Qiu Ci had given the keys to Yun Hua, it further boosted their belief that Xiao Qiu Ci wasn’t the type of person who would tear up Yun Hua’s exam papers.

The surrounding teachers looked at Yun Hua unkindly. She was a despicable student for slandering her teacher!

Yun Hua ignored their gaze, she directly took the key from the pencil holder and opened the drawer.

Inside the drawer was a stack of newspapers and letters.

Xiao Gui Hua quickly grabbed a stack of paper and was surprised when she saw what was on the paper. “Oh my, this is a letter from a publishing house… Teacher Xiao has published an article in the Student’s English Weekly Magazine!”

“It’s true, these are all from publishing houses… Teacher Xiao is amazing! Why haven’t we heard of this before? Why would you hide it from us? These are great accomplishments!”

“That’s right! If Teacher Xiao had placed these in her records, then she would instantly kill everyone else in her department when they evaluate teacher’s performance levels!”

Xiao Qiu Ci smiled gracefully as the surrounding teachers complimented her. Even after being showered with compliments, she remained calm and said, “My qualifications are still shallow compared to Teacher Xu. Teacher Xu should still be the head of the English department.”

Her words completely captured the hearts of the teachers in the room, they became more appreciative of Xiao Qiu Ci as a teacher. The teachers were immersed in Xiao Qiu Ci’s accomplishments that they completely forgot what Yun Hua came here for.

Just at this moment, Yun Hua suddenly grabbed the tissue box on Xiao Qiu Ci’s desk. She looked at Xiao Qiu Ci and asked, “Teacher Xiao, your tissue box is very pretty. Where did you buy it?”

“Why are you still here? Vice Principal Hao and Director Wu, this girl is reckless and bold. She had falsely slandered Teacher Xiao. How will we be able to teach in the future? She must be expelled!” Xiao Gui Hua said with a snort.

“That’s right! Teacher Xiao is a person with such a good character, how could she tear her exam papers up…”

Xiao Qiu Ci looked at Yun Hua and sighed helplessly, “Hua Hua, that’s enough. I’ll go find the principal and ask him to transfer you to my class first. When your rank goes up after the next exam, you’ll be able to transfer to Class 1, okay? Let’s end the matter here. Please, let’s not argue with a kid, after all, it’s difficult for her too.”

“Teacher Xiao such is generous!”

“That’s right, this kind of student should’ve been expelled a long time ago. Students coming from rural villages completely lack sense!”

Yun Hua smiled.

It seemed that Xiao Qiu Ci was very highly regarded by the other teachers!

If she had messed up, then her reputation would’ve been destroyed in Xiao Qiu Ci’s hands.

Yun Hua kept quiet and twisted a button on the base of the tissue box. Then, she opened the tissue box and gently poured the content from the tissue box…

Countless pieces of shredded paper fell out of the tissue box like snowflakes!


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3 thoughts on “Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 143]

  1. Gods gracious those cliffhangers are driving me nuts, get to the point dammit T.T . To answer the previous comment, she basically made her admit that the tissue box is hers so that she can’t bullshit her way out.
    Thanks for the chapters though, can’t wait for the next release ^_^


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