Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 140]


There’s no exam paper?

Yun Hua smiled.

This method is pretty good, it was simpler and more crude than just falsifying her grades. However, she had to admit that it was sufficient and effective enough to work!

“Were there any security cameras in the office when you marked the exam papers?” Yun Hua directly asked, “My exam papers couldn’t have flown off by themselves! There are so many exam papers, why is it that you haven’t lost anyone else’s papers but mine? If you want to throw it away, then throw it away. But what do you mean by only returning my math exam papers? Are you afraid that it would be hard for you to report that I have received a zero on all four subjects?

The director of the second year students immediately frowned, “What do you mean by that? Are you saying that you suspect that a teacher had intentionally thrown away your exam papers?”

Yun Hua sarcastically smiled and said, “It’s not suspicion; it’s the truth!”

“You!” The director of the second year students stared angrily at her, “You’re impossible to reason with!”

“I want to check the security cameras!” Yun Hua insisted.

“Check the security camera? Do you think you can check the security camera just because you want to?” the director of the second year students sneered.

Yun Hua stared at the director of the second-year students for a while before she shrugged her shoulders, “Since I can’t check the security cameras as I wish, then I can only call the police. I lost my Nokia N73 phone in 2nd year Teacher Zu’s office and it’s worth 3,000 yuan. I suspect that someone had stolen my phone… 3,000 yuan is enough for the police to file a case for it. At that time, I presume that I will be able to check the security cameras!”

“You——you really! You’re so reckless!” The director of the second year students was almost about to blow up in anger.

Yun Hua looked indifferently at the director of the second-year students, “If a teacher hasn’t purposely taken my exam papers, then why be afraid if I watch the security footage? I scored second to last in my year, so shouldn’t I receive an explanation for this?”


The director of the second year students walked away, panting in rage.

Yun Hua calmed herself down in the hallway before she returned to her classroom. “In the afternoon, we will be planning our class schedule. In the morning, we will start with math first. The class will be divided into 5 groups according to their seats. Each group will consist of ten people and there will be student representatives of different subjects in each group…”

I will try to find material and topics for you to study and review every day. You will complete the tasks as a group, helping each other out when needed. Students who have completed the task early can either help other students, or they can continue to dig deeper into the subjects by themselves. Of course, if they can leave if they have matters to attend to…

Freshman mathematics is very basic. It is impossible for the students not to understand it unless they are unwilling to learn it.


Yun Hua reviewed the entire subject on rational numbers and then it was time for group discussions. If they didn’t understand something, they would discuss it within the group first. If they couldn’t solve it, then they would look for Yun Hua.

Through class time, Yun Hua’s mouth and tongue slowly became dry from explaining simple questions over and over again.

At the end of class, Zhan Shi Bang handed her a bottle of water, “Have some water. Thank you, it must’ve been hard for you to look after a herd of pigs.”

Black lines formed on Yun Hua’s forehead, “What are you saying? You’re the pig!”

Zhan Shi Bang mischievously laughed, “Sister Hua, our Brother Han’s math skills is very good.”

Yun Hua glanced at Han Fang Zhou who was currently writing a question instead of sleeping and smiled, “Who was it from your team that had asked me a question earlier? Next time, you should ask your group leader first!”

The group leader is Han Fang Zhou. No one had asked him any questions earlier because they all came to ask Yun Hua for help…

Han Fang Zhou raised his head and looked at her silently, which was considered to be tacitly agreeing to her statement.

Zhan Shi Bang immediately gave Yun Hua a thumbs up, “Sister Hua, you are really amazing!”

Yun Hua smiled, she considered the students from Class 15 to be students too. From Yun Hua’s point of view, all students are good students as long as they don’t intentionally bully other students!

“Hey Yun Hua, I… I want to tell you something.” It was unknown when Xia Qing Yu had walked over, but she was shyly standing there as she nervously clutched the hem of her clothes. She quietly whispered.

Yun Hua nodded her head, “What did you say?”

Sweat, she wasn’t a demon or a ghost, so why act this frightened?

Xia Qing Yu was still nervous and her head was still lowered. Her voice was very low as she said, “I, I was in school three days ago… saw, I saw… Through the window I saw Teacher Xiao tearing exam papers and throwing them in the wastepaper basket. I, I don’t know if it was your exam papers…”


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  1. Welp, obvious who did what, blasted mother and daughter pair. Would wish for a faster release but life is hard these days, thanks for the long awaited chapter though.


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