Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 141]


Yun Hua suddenly frowned.

She looked at Xia Qing Yu, who shrank back in fear, and whispered, “Why are you telling me this?”

Xia Qing Yu shrank back even further and tugged nervously at the corners of her clothes in silence.

“My god, is that true? Xia Qing Yu really saw Teacher Xiao ripping up your exam papers?” Zhan Shi Bang shouted noisily after overhearing their conversation.

His sudden shout immediately attracted the attention of everyone around them. Xia Qing Yu was already nervous, but now with everyone’s gaze on them, she began trembling in fear.

Yun Hua glared at Zhan Shi Bang. “What are you shouting for?”

“Hey, so the test score of your other three subjects were actually tampered with! Damn, does that old lady have any honor? The old lady acts all arrogant like she’s some rich mistress!” Zhan Shi Bang spat in contempt.

One after another, the surrounding students began to question her, “Did Teacher Xiao really tear up your exam papers? How could she do that? She’s being too much!”

“That’s right, you shouldn’t be in Class 15. Yesterday, I asked around and found out that even in Class 1, none of the students received a perfect score on their math exam! In the first place, you should’ve been placed in Class 1.” Yu Sheng said.

The other students nodded, but they didn’t say anything. Instead, they appeared somewhat lonely after hearing the news.

“Let’s go and find that shameless old lady!” Zhan Shi Bang stood up and shouted toward Han Fang Zhou, “Brother Han, we shouldn’t let them bully Class 15 like this!”

“She doesn’t belong in Class 15. Not in the past and probably not in the future either.” Luo Xi Xi, the cultural recreation representative muttered in a low voice as she picked at the rhinestone on her nails.

Zhan Shi Bang froze for a second. Oh yeah, once Yun Hua’s grades have recovered, she will return to Class 1…

A second later, Zhan Shi Bang slammed the table with his palm and said, “So what?! As long as she’s in Class 15 right now, we won’t allow her to be bullied by that old lady!”

“Don’t worry, everyone. I will take care of this matter.” Yun Hua was overwhelmed by emotions. She smiled and said, “You haven’t finished your tasks yet, so continue working on your tasks. I will go to the principal and talk to him about this.”

“Will you be able to do it alone? Let us…oh, why don’t you let Brother Han accompany you?” Zhan Shi Bang said.

Yun Hua shook her head. “There’s no need.”

After she finished speaking, she proceeded to walk out of the classroom.

Behind her, Luo Xi Xi was still muttering, “Tao Zi, stop looking. She must be planning on returning to Class 1. Besides, even if she doesn’t return to Class 1 now, she will probably return to Class 1 after she scores in the top 100 in the next exam…”

As she reached the entrance of the classroom and Yun Hua could not help but look back.

Xia Qing Yu, Zhan Shi Bang, Luo Xi Xi, and all the students from Class 15 were looking at her… Including Han Fang Zhou!”

Yun Hua felt very uncomfortable being the focus of attention. They were looking at her… as if she would never return after leaving!

Yun Hua took a deep breath and headed to the school’s surveillance room.

“Hey Mr security guard, I saw a group of students throwing balls at the security camera behind the basketball court…”

“Bunch of rascals! That’s why that security camera is always broken!” The security guard stood up, grabbed his baton, and ran out.

The school’s surveillance room wasn’t guarded strictly. The security cameras placed around the school were mainly used to deter thieves and students from destroying school property. The surveillance room was only guarded by one person and he was usually watching TV on his phone.

After she sent away the security guard, Yun Hua quickly rummaged through the video recordings.

She didn’t know how to copy the video from surveillance footage nor did she have a USB flash drive with enough space with her. A 128MB USB flash drive would cost 100 dollars at this point in time!

However, a 128MB flash drive still wouldn’t be enough to copy more than a few minutes of video recording.

Of course, Yun Hua had no intention of making a copy of the video because it was too much work!

She was planning to use a much simpler and crude method!


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