Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 139]


Yun Hua’s complexion was similar to a female ghost’s after staying up all night with a sore body.

Chen Shi Ying was frightened when she saw her, “Hua Hua, are you sick? Let’s go to the hospital, okay?”

Yun Hua shook her head quickly, “I’m fine, I just slept late last night.”

Chu Yu snorted coldly.

The corner of Yun Hua’s lips twitched and the three of them went to school together.

Her legs were soft like noodles, and her body was aching all over.

After having breakfast, Chu Yu and Shen Shi Ying insisted on walking Yun Hua to Class 15 before leaving!

When Yun Hua entered the classroom, the bustling and noisy class immediately became quiet.

“Everyone, don’t worry. For our first class, let’s start with a class meeting. You can do what you want to do for now.” Yun Hua smiled and swept her gaze around the whole class again, “All class representatives, please come with me to find Teacher Gu.”

All the class representatives were present except for the class leader, Han Fang Zhou.

“Don’t worry about him, let’s go first,” Yun Hua said.

Zhan Shi Bang looked at the blank expression on the crowd’s face and waved his hand, “Why are you blankly staring at her? Don’t you remember what Brother Han said yesterday? In the future, we have to listen to Yun Hua! Oh, we have to call her Sister Hua. We will listen to Sister Hua’s orders in the future!”

Why did they call her Sister Hua and not Boss Hua? It’ll sound more imposing!

Besides, the people in the class are almost all older than her. So how could she have the nerve to make them call her Sister Hua?

They weren’t very familiar with each other at this moment, but Yun Hua didn’t comment on it. She led the group of class representatives to find Gu Zhun.

Gu Zhun wasn’t like other teachers that would stay in their offices. In addition, physical education teachers don’t have offices, so he was currently in the sports equipment room at the moment.

“Why did you all come here?” Gu Zhun looked at Yun Hua, “You ran a lot yesterday, are you okay?”

Yun Hua shook her head, “Teacher Gu, I’ve brought the class representatives here to discuss the future of Class 15!”

Gu Zhun laughed, “I’m only a physical education teacher.”

“But you are also the teacher in charge of Class 15.” Yun Hua said, “And we made a pact yesterday that if I win, everyone in Class 15 will have to listen to me. You are Class 15’s teacher, so aren’t you considered to be part of Class 15 too?”

Gu Zhun was stunned by her comment for a moment and then he immediately laughed, nodding his head, “Okay, give me your instructions.”

Yun Hua took a deep breath and directly said, “Class 15’s overall foundation is very lacking. Their Chinese, mathematics and English need to be retaught from freshman year. They have just begun learning sophomore physics; it’ll be easier if they start learning it from the beginning. The representatives of each subject will be responsible for sorting out the class’s old knowledge, reviewing their new knowledge, and helping each other.”

“Teacher Gu, you will be responsible for communicating with the school. We will self-study and will only take exams organized and conducted by the school. We don’t care about other things and we don’t want the school purposefully interfering with us!”


The bell signaling the start of the first class rang, and Han Fang Zhou arrived late.

Yun Hua glanced at Han Fang Zhou and directly said, “Now I will announce our class’s future discipline. First, everyone will start self-study starting tomorrow morning. You will arrive in school at 5:30, and everyone will meet up at the sports field at 5:40 sharp. After jogging around the sports field twice, you will begin self-study. Second, you are not allowed to be late for class. If you’re a minute late, you will be penalized by jogging an additional lap around the sports field. Third, everyone must complete the learning task every day. Those who don’t complete their learning task will be penalized by the percentage that’s incomplete. The punishment will also be running laps around the sports field! However, if you’re done with your learning task, you can do whatever you want with your free time, you can even leave early…”

It sounded very strict, but no one knew how well it would work.

Could they really change Class 15 by doing this? No one knew for sure.

Just then, the director of the second-year students came over and called Yun Hua out of the classroom.

“The result of your grade has been investigated. The reason you don’t have a score for your other three subjects is that they don’t have your exam papers. As a result, you don’t have a grade. Are you sure you have taken those three subject exams? Are you sure you handed the exam papers in?”


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