Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 138]


Chu Yu’s expression was dark and scary.

In the infirmary, Chu Yu turned from a log into an iceberg; he was unceasingly emitting cold air from his whole body.

He was currently applying medicine to Yun Hua’s wound.

This time, her injury wasn’t too severe. She had run out of energy towards the end of the race, so her running speed was slow. Therefore, her wounds weren’t as serious as last time where she was knocked into the air last time. Even after she fell and injured herself, she continued to exercise. Her wound burst open and blood began dripping down her calf. It was a scary sight to look at.

Chen Shi Ying was sitting on the side while she was carefully holding an electrolyte drink for Yun Hua. The expression on her face when she looked at Yun Hua was complicated, “Hua Hua, was it worth it?”

Yun Hua was silent for a moment before she chuckled, “It doesn’t matter if it’s worth it or not. I just want to give them a hand. They aren’t completely hopeless. There are 50 people in Class 15, even if I am only able to influence one or two of them to go on the right path, then it would be worth it! And even if nothing changes in the end, I’ve still tried my best to help them! So it’s worth it either way!”

Chen Shi Ying hugged Yun Hua while tears kept flowing out from her eyes. Her voice was very low and it was slightly trembling as she said, “Hua Hua, Hua Hua, how could you be such a good person? How could you be so good-natured…”

No one could understand that feeling better than Chen Shi Ying. It was as if she was standing in the depth of abyss with countless demons staring at her, while she was covered by the endless darkness. How much she wished someone would just reach out to her and light up her darkness with a candle.

However, it never happened. No matter how much she struggled or begged, no one reached out to her.

Until Yun Hua appeared!

The teachers had given up on the students from Class 15 and Class 15 had been exiled by the entire school. One by one the students from Class 15 abandoned themselves to despair and became indifferent to their situation. However, who would truly want to stay in the darkness forever?

No one knew better than Chen Shi Ying how shocking Yun Hua’s behavior was to the students in Class 15.

Chen Shi Ying could already see the miracle.

It seemed like wherever Yun Hua was, she was always able to dispel all the darkness there. As long as she was there, you will always know that there will be someone who will pull you out of the darkness!

She was very very fortunate to have met Yun Hua.

The students from Class 15 are very very fortunate to have met Yun Hua!

But for Yun Hua, there wasn’t anything good or bad about it.

She was extremely fortunate to have a chance to restart everything again. This was simply God’s gift to her out of pity and love. She wanted to do whatever she could to repay this gift and love.

“When the boss comes back, I will report the truth as it is!” Chu Yu’s tone was cold.

Yun Hua lightly coughed and said, “There’s no need, I was just not careful enough, so I fell…”

Under Chu Yu’s murderous gaze, Yun Hua obediently shut up. However, she couldn’t help but whisper, “Even if you tell him, what can he do? And for what reason should he care about me? Hmph.”

Chu Yu glanced at her cooly, but he didn’t say anything. But the way he stared at Yun Hua made her hair stand on end and fell uncomfortable all over.


The injury on her knee was really a trivial matter; it wasn’t as serious as last time. But after running more than 10,000 meters, the bones in her body felt like it had been taken apart and put together again. It really… hurts!

During the day, she went to pick on Class 15 with great enthusiasm, but after winning, she felt somewhat awkward. No teacher would be willing to come and teach Class 15, so what should they do? Self-study? Or should she act as the teacher?

The middle school curriculum isn’t very difficult. But the problem was that even if she knows how to solve the problems, it didn’t mean that she could become a teacher.

After staying up all night searching for information on the internet, Yun Hua finally thought of a solution!

To be frank, education in China is test-oriented. All knowledge, whether it was in middle school or high school, would ultimately become test questions.

She can use lesson plans created by famous teachers. Class 15 doesn’t need to compete with other classes’ progress because Class 15’s foundation was too poor. They need to relearn the subjects starting from freshman year of middle school!

In fact, the subjects they needed to supplement are Chinese, Mathematics, and English. Physics was only available to sophomores and they could ignore freshmen history and geography for now. They also needed to memorize some fixed questions on sophomore politics!

After that, they would need to set up a discussion group. When the students finish studying a portion of the content, the whole class can help each other out by discussing and filling in the gaps…


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