Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 137]


Xia Qing Yu was skinny and small. Although she was appointed as the Chinese class representative by Gu Zhun, she had little presence.

Even Yun Hua was surprised. Four laps around the sports field were about 3,200 meters and now they’re on their fifth lap, yet Xia Qing Yu clenched her teeth and continued to persist on!

Looking at Xia Qing Yu, Yun Hua knew that she was on the right path.

Very tired, really very tired.

The sixth lap.

The seventh lap.

The eighth lap…

Xia Qing Yu finally dropped out of the team. She stood there alone with her back stooped over, gulping in mouthful after mouthful of air.

At this moment, only three people remained.

Yun Hua, Han Fang Zhou, and Zhan Shi Bang!

Yun Hua felt like her legs were filled with lead, and every time she lifted her feet, it seemed as if there was 1000kg of weight tied to her feet. Not to mention that her lungs were burning. She knew that she shouldn’t breathe with her mouth open during long-distance running, but she felt that she would suffocate to death if she didn’t open her mouth to breathe right now!

However, her respiratory tract and her lungs were in extreme pain with every breath that she took in.

But she must persist!

On the ninth lap, Zhan Shi Bang also dropped out of the team. He was so tired that he fell directly on the ground. Gu Zhun hurriedly instructed his classmates to help Zhan Shi Bang up and to support him while he walked.

In the beginning, the students from Class 15 appeared relaxed. Now, they are looking at the two people who persisted on running even though they’re soaked in sweat; everyone was silent as they watched!

Everyone’s gaze was locked on the two people.

It was already the tenth lap. After this lap, they would’ve run 10,000 meters!

10,000 meters!

During this time, the elite classes and the general classes had just gotten out of class and had come over to watch. The students who had just arrived curiously asked around what was happening. But the students from Class 15, who usually loved to talk, didn’t say a word!

Their hearts were completely focused on the two people that are running on the sports track!

It’s the eleventh lap, she was extremely tired.

Yun Hua felt her leg becoming heavier and heavier to lift; the range in which she swung her arm back and forth was getting smaller and smaller too. Her breathing rhythm was becoming more and more urgent. Her throat was scorching hot and painful, and her lungs felt like they were being stabbed by needles…

She didn’t look at Han Fang Zhou who wasn’t running too far behind her, nor did she look at the students from Class 15 that were standing at the starting point. She gritted her teeth and ran forward step by step. However, her pace right now was slower than a normal walking person’s pace!

15th lap, 12,000 meters.

Yun Hua fell!

When Yun Hua fell, the hearts of everyone in Class 15 instantly jumped. There were even a few classmates who couldn’t help but ran towards the place Yun Hua fell!

But before they could reach her, Yun Hua had stood up despite the pain!

Keep running!

She won’t lose.

She won’t admit defeat!

The tender skin on her knee that she had injured last that when she fell, once again came in contact with the rough sports track. Fresh blood bled from the wound and flowed down her calf.

Yun Hua didn’t feel any pain. When a person is pushed to the brink of exhaustion, they’ll stop feeling pain. The pain from her wound couldn’t compare to the pain from the lack of oxygen to her lungs. Even though her mouth was wide open as she quickly took him fresh air, she still felt suffocated…

She once again surpassed Han Fang Zhou!

When she was around ten meters ahead of Han Fang Zhou, Han Fang Zhou stopped running.

“That’s enough. Let’s stop; I admit defeat!” Han Fang Zhou clenched his fists, “I can’t run anymore!”

Yun Hua slowly stopped running and turned around to look at Han Fang Zhou, “I don’t need you to let me win.”

Han Fang Zhou’s voice was cold, “Stop being narcissistic, why would I let you win? Can’t you see that my legs are already shaking? I don’t want to be like Fatty and Tao Tao, ending up sprawled across the ground. Even if I have to lose, I will stand and lose with dignity!

Yun Hua pursed her lips and glanced at Han Fang Zhou and didn’t utter another word. She and Han Fang Zhou walked towards the starting point step by step.

Gu Zhun had an expression of anxiousness as he led all the students from Class 15 to chase after her.

“Are you okay? Is any part of you feeling strange? Drink some water, drink a little at a time. Don’t rush yourself…” Gu Zhun was extremely worried.

She could’ve had a heart attack and died after running such a long distance without any professional training!

Han Fang Zhou glanced at the students in Class 15. His voice was low and hoarse but serious, “I lost, Class 15 lost. From now on, everyone in Class 15 must listen to Yun Hua! Opposing Yun Hua means that they’re opposing me! If you want to get out, then get out now! After today… I won’t spare anyone who dares to mess with Yun Hua!”


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