Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 136]


A major event happened in Nan Xi Middle School.

On the first day the reshuffling, Class 15 managed to make the most outstanding teacher in the city, Xiao Gui Hua extremely angry. The teachers from other disciplines also expressed their reluctance to take Class 15.

Therefore, the school decided to ask Gu Jun, the teacher in charge of Class 15 to temporarily teach all subjects to Class 15 until they find teachers who are willing to teach Class 15!

In the future, the students in Class 15 can say, “Our Chinese class was taught by a physical education teacher, our mathematics class was taught by a physical education teacher, our English class was taught by a physical education teacher, and our physics class was taught by a physical education teacher…”

At this time, Class 15 should’ve been sitting in the classroom having lessons, but they were all standing in the sports field. The teacher in charge of Class 15, Gu Zhun was also there.

“Principal, if we make Gu Zhun take charge of all the subjects classes for Class 15, will he change all subjects into physical education? Will there be any problem with the Education Bureau if we do this?” Standing by the window of the administrative office, the vice principal appeared a little worried about the situation unfolding on the sports field.

“Let them be. Besides, none of them would be admitted to a high school anyways. Whether they have teachers or not, they will just graduate with a middle school diploma and start working. As long as they don’t disturb the other classes’ learning time, everything will be fine. As long as our school is ranked in the city’s top ranks and has a high enrollment rate to high school for our students, there won’t be any problem with the Education Bureau.”


On the sports field, Gu Zhun looked at Yun Hua, “Are you sure about a race like this?”

Yun Hua nodded her head, “I’m sure. Teacher Gu, you can be the referee. The rules are very simple. This is a long-distance race. If you can’t run anymore, then you can drop out of the race. Didn’t you say that long-distance running is the best way to train your willpower? Didn’t you all want to see if my willpower is strong enough? Then let’s have a match; the last one running in this race is the winner!”

“But you are a girl…”

“Don’t bring up gender.” Yun Hua interrupted Zhan Shi Bang, “Gender does not decide willpower, so don’t look down on girls!”

“You alone will compete against our entire class? Everyone will start running together, and as long as one person can last longer than you, you will lose?” Gu Zhun confirmed the rules of the race again.

Yun Hua nodded her head, “Yes, it’s that simple.”

Gu Zhun took a deep breath in and turned to look at the students in Class 15, “The girl has laid down the challenge, are you guys up for it?”

“Why wouldn’t we dare? If she loses, don’t say that we’re bullying her!” Zhu Yi Qun said.

“You guys can run, we girls won’t run. You guys will definitely win anyways,” Luo Xi Xi said suddenly.

Yun Hua looked at them, “It’s fine if you don’t want to run. But will you be able to accept the final result of the race? If I win, you will have to listen to me!”

Luo Xi Xi pursed her lips; the girls around her glanced at each other.

Han Fang Zhou, who had been silent the entire time, suddenly said coldly, “If you agree to bet then you must accept it if you lose. If you aren’t willing to bet, then get lost!”

All the girls nodded their heads quickly, “We are willing to accept the results!”

Yun Hua smiled, “That’s good. Teacher Gu, come and be the referee!”

Gu Zhun took a deep breath, “Ok!”

After he shouted for the race to start, the game began.

There was no goal in long-distance running, this implied that there isn’t a final destination. As a result, you won’t know when it will end.

Long-distance running consumes a lot of endurance. You have a goal when you know that you need to run 800 meters or 1,500 meters, or 3,000 meters. You will work hard to complete the goal so it’s over.

However, there was no goal or end for them in this race!

What you are not fighting to finish running a few laps, but it’s a competition between people. It’s a competition between people’s endurance and willpower!

Most of the boys dropped out of the race. Except for Yun Hua, the only other girl running was the timid and weak Xia Qing Yu who was accompanying Yun Hua to run.

After two laps of the 800m long track, students of a larger size such as Zhu Yi Qun began to fall behind. They really couldn’t run anymore, so they dropped out of the race.

Three laps.

Four laps.

By the fifth lap, there were only five people remaining: Yun Hua, Han Fang Zhou, Zhan Shi Bang, He Zhi Hang, Xia Qing Yu!


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