Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 133]


There were only two physical education lessons per week. After everyone in the team runs, they get to play. Almost none of the students dislike physical education, oh, except for college students!

There are 15 classes and only 2 physical education teachers, one male, and one female. The man standing on the podium, claiming to be the teacher in charge of Class 15 is the male physical education teacher, Gu Zhun. He was one of the more humorous teachers.

“Teacher Gu, did they get you to become our teacher because no one else is willing to take charge of our class? Hehe, they did make a good pick, knowing that we all like you. We should have physical education classes every day!” Zhan Shi Bang who had just been beaten became excited again.

The students responded en masse, He Zhi Hang, Zhu Yi Qun, and other people began to clap and cheer.

Gu Zhun reluctantly said, “Guys, please spare me. I’m not even looking for a bonus, I just hope they won’t deduct my wages. All right, sit down. You have chosen your seats, and I won’t say anything much. You guys won’t listen to my persuasion, so just quiet down. Your next class will be the Chinese class. Pay attention and be orderly, don’t tease the teacher.”

“I understand, Boss Gu. You can leave.” Zhan Shi Bang said with a smile.

Gu Zhun glared at Zhan Shi Bang, “Stop rushing me. Let’s first decide the class leaders first. Han Fang Zhou, you will be the class president, the studying committee…”

“I don’t have time, I won’t do it.” Han Fang Zhou, who was lying on his stomach sleeping, directly rejected his offer.

The corner of Gu Zhun’s mouth twitched, “Then you are forbidden from cutting class whenever you pleased!”

“Then if I become the class president, I can cut class whenever I want?” Han Fang Zhou raised his head.

Gu Zhun supported his forehead with his hand, “As class president, you can approve permission slips to leave the classroom.”

The meaning behind his words meant that he can.

Han Fang Zhou nodded his head, “Ok.”

Gu Zhun was quite speechless, but he continued on and said, “The class representatives of each subject will be chosen by the highest scorer of each subject exam: Chinese Xia Qingyu; Mathematics Yun Hua; English Yu Sheng; Physics Han Fang Zhou; and since we don’t have a test for biology then Su You Yi will be the biology representative. Politics goes to Ji Yan. The studying committee representative will also be Yun Hua. The Physical Education representative will be Zhang Shi Bang. For Cultural Recreation, it will be Luo Xi Xi, and the representative for the Activity Committee will be Zhu Yi Qun. If anyone has any objection, please say it now.”

“I do.” Han Fang Zhou said, “I don’t have time to be a nanny.”

“You’re a subject representative, not a nanny!” Gu Zhun was speechless.

“It’s the same.” Han Fang Zhou yawned.

Gu Zhun was helpless against him, “Then…who wants to be the representative for the physics class?”

All the students shook their heads, until Zhang Shi Bang finally spoke up with a smile, “Boss, Old Man Gao is so hard to deal with. Who would want to be the representative for his class?”

Old Man Gao is the physics teacher. He was famous for being old fashioned and was especially difficult to deal with. The students were afraid to make him angry, so they don’t even tease him!”

Gu Zhun looked around, and his gaze fell on Yun Hua in the end, “I guess Han Fang Zhou will still be the representative for physics class. But if he needs help handing out and collecting homework, the studying committee representative and the physical education representative will help him.”

Yun Hua was a little speechless. If she becomes the studying committee representative, then won’t she be tied to Class 15? She didn’t intend for this to happen!

Yun Hua raised her hand.

However, before she was even able to speak, a beautiful girl spoke up before her, “Teacher, Yun Hua is clearly ranked second-to-last. Why did you choose her as the math class representative and as the studying committee representative? Shouldn’t the studying committee representative be Xian Xin Xin, who has the highest overall average in our class?”

This was a good question, everyone curiously looked on.

Gu Zhun gave a light cough, “The reason is very simple, Yu Hua was chosen as the mathematics class representative because she received 100 points on her mathematics exam. The reason she was chosen as the study committee representative is also that she scored 100 points in the math exam, a perfect score!”

Everyone was stunned.

Mathematics, 100? A perfect score?

Then what was Yun Hua’s total score…damn, did she score a zero in all her other subjects? How is that even possible!


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