Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 132]


After the regrouping, the students of other classes would feel somewhat awkward and ill at ease with each other because they’re strangers.

However, the group of devils in Class 15 already had their arms around each other’s shoulders. Some had already gone to sleep, while others began making trouble. There was a table with seven to eight people that were playing cards together!

There were more boys than girls. At a glance, there were about 50 students and only around 15 of them are girls.

Some of the girls were helping each other paint their nails, some were applying their makeup in front of the mirror, and there were even a few who were chatting on their phone using QQ…

Yun Hua glanced around the room, there were 50 seats, and the only unoccupied seat was the seat in the last row next to a sleeping boy.

Yun Hua took her stuff, walked over, and sat down. A male student sitting in the front immediately walked over to her.

“Hey, you’re Yun Hua, right? I have been looking forward to meeting you for a long time. Say, is it true that Qi Zi Heng is chasing you? Why are you sitting here? Could you be that you like Brother Han? You have good taste! Let me tell you, Brother Han isn’t inferior compared to Qi Zi Heng! If you’re chasing Brother Han, then we can help…”

“Tao Zi, shut your trap, you’re so noisy. I want to sleep!” The person lying on the table sleeping didn’t even raise his head. Instead, he grabbed the closest book on the table and flung it at the boy who had just walked over. 

The boy dodged it, and smiled, “Brother Han, you go sleep. I’ll chat with this beautiful girl. Yun Hua is rumored to be the girl Qi Zi Heng is chasing after. She is indeed really beautiful!”

“Scram, shut up!”

The person lying on the desk finally raised his head and glared at him with sleepy eyes, “I had just fallen asleep!”

“Okay, Brother Han, I have a bottle of green tea, do you want to drink it? Just before, those assholes joined hands against me while playing cards. Brother, my lunch money for this week has been taken by them. You have to help me get revenge…” The boy shamelessly grabbed Han Fang Zhou’s hand.

Han Fang Zhou suddenly shook off his hands and shot him a disgusted glance, “Zhan Shi Bang, can you use your brain? You’re just asking to be abused if you play with Keng Huo!”

“Brother, I was wrong…” Zhan Shi Bang faked crying.

The boy sitting in the front left side of the classroom tossed a pack of spicy strips at him, “Isn’t it just a few days of lunch money? Do you really need to complain to Brother Han? After school, I will go with you to beat those three fools!”

Han Fang Zhou messaged the space between his eyebrows, “He Zhi Hang, you better cool it too. Don’t fucking go and stir up trouble everywhere.”

“Ok, Brother Han.”

“Got it, Brother Han.”


Surrounded by the mess around her, Yun Hua almost felt like she had joined a black society.

Han Fang Zhou, she still remembered some stuff about him.

He was the representative of the school slags. All of the teachers that tried to discipline him ended up being pissed off by him. However, this person usually doesn’t cause much trouble. In school, all he does is sleep, sleep, and sleep some more. Eventually, the teachers at school understood that they should stop trying to discipline him and just let him sleep as much as he wants.

In her previous life, Yun Hua’s deepest memory of Han Fang Zhou was that he had killed someone before the high school entrance exam. He killed the person and carved up the corpse. His method of killing was extremely cruel. At that time, he was already 16 years old and due to the severity of his crime, he was sentenced to life imprisonment for intentional homicide.

Yun Hua glanced at Han Fang Zhou. The other party was drowsy-eyed and his hair was a mess. No matter how she looked at him, he didn’t look like a vicious murderer.

However, Yun Hua knew that one’s appearance does not say much about their personality. A murderer would never go around telling people that he was a murderer!

Yun Hua tried her best to stay normal, “Move to the side a little, your arm is taking up room on my desk.”

Han Fang Zhou frowned and he appeared impatient, “Annoying.”

But Han Fang Zhou still moved his arms away and went back to sleep again.

Yun Hua’s pounding heart calmed down a little.

Just at that moment, someone came into the classroom and walked towards the podium. He picked up the blackboard eraser and tapped the blackboard with it, “Students, quiet down. For the time being, I will be the teacher in charge of your class. I’m a physical education teacher, I am Alexander!”


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