Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 134]


Gu Zhun, the physical education teacher, left the classroom.

However, none of the students in Class 15 had recovered from the shock yet. Everyone turned around and looked at Yun Hua!

Mathematics, 100%, perfect score!

How was this possible?

The people in Class 15 were all former slags and bad students. They wouldn’t be able to tell if a math problem was hard or not. The scores they received each time was almost the same; their scores only varied by a few points each time.

However, during this monthly exam, the former top students in the class had said the subjects were very hard and were even beyond the scope of their syllabus. Even students who had studied and prepared for the exam had said that they didn’t finish the last question. In addition, they were also uncertain about two of the multiple-choice questions.

Yet now, Yun Hua had actually managed to score full marks! On such difficult questions too!

Everyone began questioning how she could get a perfect score in the mathematics subject, but a zero in other subjects? Even in this class of slags, none of them had ever gotten a zero!

Yun Hua felt very uncomfortable with so many people staring at her.

In the end, it was Zhan Shi Bang who couldn’t hold it in anymore and asked her, “What’s going on? It turns out that your average score is 100 only because of your math grades. What about your other subjects? All zero points? What’s with that?”

Yun Hua pursed her lips, smiled, and then shook her head, “I’m not sure either. The principal said he will ask someone to check it for me.”

Zhan Shi Bang shrugged, “It seems like we need to re-elect another representative for our study committee and math subject. You’re not really part of Class 15, it’s better if you return to Class 1 sooner.”

He Zhi Hang nodded, “That’s true, we’re just passing by in each other’s life. The students in Class 15 are a group of exiles and slags!”

“Ah, it will be enough as long as we get a middle school diploma. Could it be that you guys still expect to take the city’s test for high school and for college? What a joke.” Zhu Yi Qun laughed with a spicy strip in his mouth.

The group of students returned back to what they were doing and were no longer interested in Yun Hua’s grade. They were destined to live in different words. The school slags and the top students are from entirely different backgrounds.

Yun Hua suddenly felt very uncomfortable.

No matter who they are, no one wants to be treated differently.

All the slags were now all assigned to one class. As Zhang Shi Bang just said, the school was planning to give up on them. They don’t care about their studies at all, as long as they don’t cause trouble and don’t disturb the students who are studying well…

This was just another way to bully and humiliate them.

Yun Hua was silent.

The second period was Chinese class. The Chinese Teacher, Xiao Gui Hua, came in holding a textbook. She walked straight to the platform and said, “You guys shouldn’t even be considered as students at all. When you come to school, you’re just trying to get past your parents and yourselves. You can do whatever you want in class, I only have one condition, just don’t be noisy and don’t make a racket. It’s best for everyone this way. Okay, let’s start class.”

Xiao Gui Hua read the text from the textbook once… And that was it!

None of the students paid any attention to her and did whatever they wanted. Some people were playing five-in-a-row with checker squares, some people were sleeping, and some were reading novels that they rented from a bookstore… No one cared whether the teacher was teaching or not.

Yun Hua’s expression was very unsightly.

The students had given up on themselves and stopped caring, but Xiao Gui Hua was a teacher. It was clear that she was simply dealing with them in a way that doesn’t require her to teach! She doesn’t even treat this group of slags as real students!

Xiao Gui Hua doesn’t even want to look at the slag students in Class 15. It was as if saying any additional words to them would dishonor her identity as one of the most outstanding teachers in the city!

Yun Hua suddenly stood up and said in a loud voice, “Teacher Xiao, in this lesson, Ah Chang bought the ‘Three Singing Sutras’, the author said his body trembled with fear. How should we use this phrase ‘trembling with fear’? Why does the author say this?”


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2 thoughts on “Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 134]

  1. Hmm, I agree. The job of a teacher of also to be give up on students even if they have given up on themselves. Kind of like they take one step and the teacher should take the other 99.

    Thanks for the chapter and stay safe!


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