Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 135]


The sudden question Yun Hua brought out not only made the Chinese teacher, Xiao Gui Gua stunned, but the whole class was also once again looking in her direction!

No wonder she’s the top student. When she’s compared to their class slag, it’s like the two of them are from two completely different worlds. When has a slag ever cared if the teacher stopped teaching or not? It was better if she doesn’t teach because they can play around instead. No one would care so they can play in peace.

Xiao Gui Hua glanced at Yun Hua and said impatiently, “Didn’t I say it just now? You would’ve known if you had listened to me. Even if you didn’t, why don’t you use your brain and think about it?”

Yun Hua was angered to the point of laughing.

She nodded her head, “You’ve only read the text once, is that the way Teacher Xiao teaches class? As one of the city’s most outstanding teachers, you’re just going to read the text once? Is that where your teaching standard is at?”


Xiao Gui Hua slammed the book that was in her hand on the table and glared at Yun Hua, “You’re blaming the teacher because you don’t understand it yourself, right? You’re just a group with your trashy manners and brains. It was thanks to my bad luck that I was arranged to teach this class!”

Yun Hua lowered her head and laughed, then she nodded her head and said, “Okay, we’re just a group of trash and so, we’re not worthy of being Teacher Xiao’s students. Then why are you still sitting on this pile of garbage? Don’t you dislike the smell? The exit is right there, we won’t see you out.”

“You!” Xiao Gui Hua pointed at Yun Hua. She was so angry that her hands were shaking. “Okay, okay, I just knew you are a bunch of worthless garbage. I want to see who else would come here and teach a group of rubbish!”

Xiao Gui Hua packed up her textbooks and left.

The classroom was absolutely silent.

Everyone was looking in Yun Hua’s direction.

Zhan Shi Bang gave her a thumbs up, “Hey top student, you’re not bad. You managed to piss off Witch Xiao enough that she just left. Not bad, not bad. You even removed Witch Xiao for us Class 15 before you leave. Rest assured, we will still miss you when you leave for Class 1! Whoops, does the class think that the other teachers will give up and get out of here like Witch Xiao? If they really all leave, then wouldn’t Class 15… be able to do whatever we want? Just thinking about it makes me happy!”

Yun Hua glanced coldly at Zhan Shi Bang, “Who said I was leaving!”

“Um, you scored a perfect score on your math test. Your other test papers must’ve been mixed up. Anyways, you’re definitely part of Class 1. Even if you don’t go to Class 1, there’s no way you would be staying in Class 15.”

The corners of Yun Hua’s lips curved into a smile, “What if I want to stay in Class 15?”

Zhang Shi Bang’s mouth twitched, “Hey genius, did your brain rot away? You and slags like us are two completely different types of people. Why would you stay? Do you want to assimilate and become part of our group and turn into a slag?”

“Why can’t you guys be the ones to assimilate by me?” Yun Hua’s voice was very clear and cold.

Zhang Shi Bang and He Zhi Hang looked at each other, and then burst out laughing, “Hey little beauty, stop joking around. It’s easy for the top student to become a slag, but it’s easier to climb the heavens than for a slag to become the top student. Haven’t you seen how all the teachers are treating us like garbage and trash? That’s because we are. Okay, let’s stop joking around. Go where you should go!”

Yun Hua pursed her lips, “Are you guys going to just accept being trash and rubbish for the rest of your life? You guys are people too. If other people can do it, why can’t you?”

Han Fang Zhou, who had been sleeping on his desk the entire time, finally raised his head and stared straight at Yun Hua, “No one believes that we can do it and no one cares whether we can or not. There were some teachers who tried to help us in the past, but our foundation was too weak. Those teachers who wanted to help us eventually became impatient. You say you want to help us, but how long can you persevere?”

Zhan Shi Bang shrugged his shoulders, “Yeah, they were full of enthusiasm in the beginning, but after teaching us for several days, they had all become impatient. They’re repeatedly playing us like a monkey. Who doesn’t want to be the top student? But how could we help it when we’re born stupid.”

Yun Hua clenched her fist, “What if I insist on changing Class 15?”

Han Dang Zhou was expressionless and his eyes were cold, “They all sweet talk about how they will persevere until the end, but they would never follow through. Yun Hua, don’t use us to satisfy your competitive spirit!”

Yun Hua laughed, “My competitive spirit? Now, I’m really eager to win! Let’s have a competition. I alone will challenge the entire student body of Class 15. If I lose, then I’ll scram from Class 15; but if I win, everyone in Class 15 must listen to me. Are you up for the challenge?”


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