Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 125]


Chu Yu was about 170cm tall, not particularly tall amongst high schoolers.

However, no one was expecting such smooth and powerful moves from the scrawny Chu Yu.

The boy was unable to fight back at all.

He was forced to his knees in front of Yun Hua. No matter how he struggled, Chu Yu’s expression remained relaxed, showing no signs of burden at all!

Yun Hua stuck the knife in her hands onto the face of the boy.

By now, those “normal” kids who “had not participated in bullying Chen Shi Ying” had all turned to look at them!

When they saw the infuriated Yun Hua, those students froze up and remained silent.

Just like how they ignored Chen Shi Ying, they did not dare to stop Yun Hua and Chu Yu!

Yun Hua shifted the knife in her hands, moving it beside the boy’s eye.

She glared at the boy and said with a cold voice, “I’ll let you choose, lie down and enjoy a kick from me or I’ll carve up your face!”

“You… You dare!” The boy struggled.

Yun Hua smiled, “Try me! How about I give your eyebrows a do-over? Now, stay still or I might accidentally blind you… Hehe, you’ll need a glass eye then!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Yun Hua got to work.

Without any hesitation, she used the sharp army knife to shave the boy’s eyebrows!

The boy had wanted to continue struggling, but he did not dare to do so after seeing that Yun Hua had no intention of stopping!

With the knife on his eyelid, if he moved the slightest bit, the knife would stab into his eye!

He could only watch helplessly as Yun Hua shaved off his eyebrows completely!

At this point, Chen Shi Ying, who was originally curled up on the ground, got up using the wall as support.

Her clothes were messy and the shoulder strap of her bra was exposed. Her hair was disheveled and there was still yogurt on her head.

Chen Shi Ying stood up and mercilessly stomp on the boy.

“Chu Yu!” Yun Hua called out, afraid that Chen Shi Ying would get hurt.

Clearly, Chu Yu was a very reliable person.

The guy who was on the ground could give up on any ideas of escaping.

Chu Yu kept one foot on the boy’s throat, forcing him to remain on the ground, unable to put up a fight.

Yun Hua looked at Chen Shi Ying with a heavy expression. She very much wanted to know what Chen Shi Ying would do!

Chen Shi Ying stood in front of the boy and smiled at him for a moment. Despite how messy she was at that moment, it was not enough to cover up the brilliance of someone as beautiful at Chen Shi Ying!

“Did you feel good kicking my chest just now?” Chen Shi Ying asked with a smile.

The gaze of the boy was filled with hatred.

Chen Shi Ying smiled warmly at him, her smile bright and cheerful.

Then she aimed at the guy’s crotch and gave it a hard kick!

“Ah–” The guy’s shriek rang out through the classroom.

Everyone present could not help but shiver upon hearing that agony filled shriek!

But before the boy could recover, Chen Shi Ying raised her foot again with a blank expression…

After three consecutive kicks, Chen Shi Ying finally turned around and looked at the surrounding students who were bullying her before.

Once again, a brilliant smile appeared on her face as she spoke, “Did you guys forget? I’m the daughter of a criminal. You guys were the ones that said that the daughter of a criminal must be a criminal as well. If I didn’t do some bad things, I would be a disgrace to this identity of mine!”

Yun Hua wanted to leap up and applaud her!

Way to go!

That’s the way to go!

Weakness is a definite no!

Yun Hua also smiled, “Right, I’m only 13, Chen Shi Ying is only 16. We’re both minors so at the very most, we’ll just get a few years in labor camp even if we killed someone…”


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