Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 124]


Yun Hua was on the verge of lashing out.

She had already predicted what Chen Shi Ying might be facing because these were all things that she had experienced in her previous life!

But when she saw the scene for real, the rush of emotions still got her head spinning! 

School is a palace for learning.

The classroom is a place for students to gain knowledge, philosophy, morals, and values. This should be a nurturing heaven.

But how was the scene in front of her any different from hell?

The students in the classroom, going about their business, pretending to be normal students, can you not see the hell and demons behind you! How could you people sit there so peaceful and pretend that nothing is going on!

Are you guys deaf and blind?

No, these students were neither deaf nor blind. It was their hearts that were deaf and blind!

And those at the back of the classroom who do not belong to society, those scum who only know how to extend their evil towards girls, towards their classmates, you guys are not human! You guys are animals!

No, that would be an insult to the animals!

Yun Hua kicked the backdoor open with a “bang” and rushed in.

There was a swiss knife around Chu Yu’s waist. Yun Hua grabbed it and sprung the blade open!

She rushed over and grabbed the clothes of the girl who was giving commands…


The girl’s clothes were cut into tatters by Yun Hua. Yun Hua then grabbed the tatters and yanked hard. The girl’s blouse split into two, exposing her back!

“Ah! What are you doing!”

Frightened by the sudden ambush, then immediately finding out that her back was exposed, the girl shrieked! When she started to move to hit Yun Hua, she realized that it would cause her to become completely exposed. In the end, she could only stick her back to the wall and press down on her clothes to keep them on!

Yun Hua ignored the girl. She aimed at the crotch of the guy who was grabbing onto Chen Shi Ying’s wrist and kicked mercilessly.

The guy toppled over in pain and curled up into a ball!

The girl who reached inside of Chen Shi Ying’s clothes was shocked to see Yun Hua who was bursting with murderous intent, cause her mind to blank out!

Yun Hua snickered and sliced away at the girl’s hair.

In an instant, a huge lock of the girl’s long black hair fell to the ground.

Yun Hua was not done yet! She went for another cut!

Within moments, the girl’s long black hair had been reduced to a messy bird’s nest.

“My hair, my hair…” The girl stopped paying attention to Chen Shi Ying and started tugging away at what was left of her hair!

Yun Hua ignored Chen Shi Ying and looked at another boy, the one who kicked Chen Shi Ying in the chest!

Yun Hua put on a cute and bright smile, “Would you like to be kicked, or castrated?”

The guy’s expression showed fear but he returned to his previous state after seeing that there were only two opponents, “Where did these maniacs come from? Coming to our school to mess around. Catch them and teach them a lesson!”

The remaining boys were still students in the end. While they seemed strong and mighty when they were bullying Chen Shi Ying, in front of the knife welding Yun Hua, they lost all their swagger!

Furthermore, there was Chu Yu the cheat weapon.

Chu Yu simply crossed the guy’s arms and kicked him in the knee, causing the guy to fall to his knees beside Yun Hua, unable to put up any resistance!


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