Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 126]


Yun Hua brought Chen Shi Ying away.

Chen Shi Ying did not dare to go home as she did not want her mother to know that she was bullied in school.

Yun Hua took off the outerwear of her uniform for Chen Shi Ying to use. Yun Hua also did up Chen Shi Ying’s hair before they headed to Yun Hua’s house on a tricycle.

Jiang Huan Qing was at home, Yun Hua summarised the events of Chen Shi Ying getting bullied. By the end, Jiang Huan Qing both felt enraged at the bullies and empathy for Chen Shi Ying, quickly send her to take a hot shower and then ordered Yun Hua to find some clothes for Chen Shi Ying.

Then she realized that Yun Hua was only 150cm tall, so her clothes would no fit the 16 year old Chen Shi Ying who was 165cm tall. Rather, Jiang Huan Qing was closer to Chen Shi Ying’s physique.

Chen Shi Ying cleaned up quickly.

She put on a clean dress and let her hair loose. Her cheeks were red and rosy from the hot shower.

As of that moment, Chen Shi Ying was just like a blooming lotus, stunningly pure and exquisite!

“It’s already half-past two, don’t you two have to go to school?” Chen Shi Ying was feeling guilty, “I’m sorry, it’s all my fault…”

“Don’t say that.” Yun Hua smiled, “I am actually glad!”

Chen Shi Ying paused.

Yun Hua moved close to her and said with a low voice, “I’m really happy that you are still able to fight back, I’m very happy to see that bright and brave look of yours just now! It’s amazing! Like… A queen!!!”

Chen Shi Ying’s face reddened even more as she bit down on her lips before speaking softly, “I used to fight back in the past but fighting back would only making the bullying worse so I stopped fighting. Before you talked to me about my father, I even thought, ‘If they were to beat me to death, wouldn’t they also become criminals?’”

Yun Hua’s eyes widened, “You mustn’t think that way! We are minors but so are they! Sometimes, the Minor Protection Act isn’t protecting kids who have lost their way but hiding demons away from view!”

Chen Shi Ying smiled and nodded, “Mm. I know. After you talked to me about my dad, my mind became clear. I’m not going to die, what would happen to mom if I died? If I died… What if… What if my dad came back? I am angry that he left me and my mother but if I died, I’m sure he would feel extremely guilty and constantly fault himself and I don’t want that…”

Yun Hua held onto Chen Shi Ying’s hand tightly.

Chen Shi Ying smiled a little, “It’s not that I don’t want to fight back, it’s just that there’s no one to help me and I alone cannot do anything to threaten them. You have no idea how much I hoped for someone to stand up for me when I being bullied, even if it were just a few words… I would have gotten the courage to fight back! But in the entire class, in the entire school, there was no one who stood up for me! They all treated me like the plague, staying far far away…”

Yun Hua embraced Chen Shi Ying.

“I know, I know this feeling. Alone in the world, abandoned… I really do understand!” Yun Hua hugged Chen Shi Ying tightly, “From now on, I will be there, I will be your friend! I will fight all the darkness in the world with you. If there’s a gloomy cloud above you, I’ll rip it apart and search for sunshine!!!”

Jiang Huan Qing came over with freshly made dishes. She was a little surprised to see Yun Hua and Chen Shi Ying in each others’ arms but she did not say anything, inviting Chu Yu to come over and join them for lunch, after all, all three of the kids have yet to have lunch yet!

In the afternoon, all three of them skipped school.

Jiang Huan Qing did not say anything. Since they had already skipped school, they might as well commit to it, there was no need to rush.

Jiang Huan Qing left to get groceries. Chen Shi Ying was a little worried as she looked at Yun Hua, “Don’t come to my school anymore. The two girls, one of whom whose shirt you sliced apart and the other whose hair you cut off, both come from powerful families and I’m afraid that they’ll target you. It’s my problem, I’ll carry it alone! Don’t worry, I’m used to it!”

Yun Hua just took a deep breath and smiled, “Don’t worry, I was very impulsive today but I have a solution!”


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