Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 123]


After focusing all the attention on Xiao Ru Yue, she was now the subject of all the rumors!

As for the rumors about Yun Hua, no one would believe them anymore!

As of now, there were few people that understood photoshopping techniques, let alone these skillful creations by Chu Yu.

Of course, if an expert was to take a look, they would still be able to determine that it was photoshopped but it was enough to fool the average person.

Thinking about how much of a bind Xiao Ru Yue was in, Yun Hua’s mood had improved considerably.

She wanted to see how Xiao Ru Yue would get herself out of this mess!

Arriving at the library by bus, Chen Shi Ying was nowhere to be found.

Yun Hua pursed her lips. Could it be that Chen Shi Ying had started coming to the library less?

After thinking a little, Yun Hua still decided on bringing Chu Yu to Middle School Number 5. Without seeing Chen Shi Ying, she just could not rest at ease.

At such an era, school violence was not a topic that was given much spotlight.

Schools would often downplay the conflict between students but there was no way to compensate the victims for the harm that they suffer due to bullying!

10 years later, blogs became popular and social media began to advance. When everyone and anyone was able to record videos, all sorts of bullying in schools were exposed, giving society a big shock.

As for now, it was not that bullying did not happen but that there was no way to expose them to the public.

The introverted and shy students were often the targets of bullying. Sometimes, the entire school would know about it but not a single soul would step up to help them!

Chen Shi Ying’s identity of “daughter of a criminal” gave these bullies an extra excuse to say that they were simply meting out punishment. 

Furthermore, Chen Shi Ying was so pretty! There were definitely those that were jealous and would bully her whenever an opportunity presents itself.

Yun Hua felt more and more uneasy and rushed off with Chu Yu to board the bus for the Middle School Number 5.

Middle School Number 5 was not far, just 4 bus stops away.

Yun Hua did not know which class Chen Shi Ying was in, only that she was sophomore. After asking for directions, she went to the teaching block to search for her.

By this point, it was already 1pm. The students who returned home for lunch would typically only be back by 2pm and those who choose to have lunch in school would already have returned to class by now.

Sophomores were not strictly monitored so the students returning to the classrooms were chit-chatting.

When Yun Hua found Chen Shi Ying’s class, the scene before her eyes turned her blood cold!

In the classroom of sophomore year class 5.

Around twenty students were seated in their seats, some joking around, some reading books and doing homework while a few even had earpieces on and were listening to music!

But at the back of the classroom…

Seven or eight boys and girls stood there, surrounding a disheveled girl who had curled up into a ball and was squatting on the ground. If that was not Chen Shi Ying, who else could it be?

One of the girls poured yogurt on Chen Shi Ying’s head while laughing away. Another girl forced Chen Shi Ying to look up by yanking on her hair…

One of the boys kicked Chen Shi Ying’s chest while another took photos with his phone…

The girl yanking on Chen Shi Ying’s hair even reached into her clothes, “What are you wearing so much for? Aren’t you hot? I’m kindly helping you cool down by removing your underwear. Do appreciate how much I am caring for you.”

Chen Shi Ying kept struggling but the boys around her had grabbed onto her wrist, rendering her struggles futile!

She did not cry!

Chen Shi Ying refused to cry!

As for Yun Hua, she was already shaking with anger!

This entire scene reminded her of herself!


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5 thoughts on “Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 123]

  1. Thanks for the chapters!

    Honestly, I don’t agree with YH’s actions of photo-shopping the pictures. Even though she was not the one who started it first, she’s still descending to such a level… And CSY being bullied! Terrible.

    Anyway, stay safe!


    • Descend to what level? Did you already forget what Xiao Ru Yue did to her and her mother in her past life? Don’t forget that what YH did to XRY is exactly what XRY was trying to do to YH. All YH did was reverse the situation to get her off her back and buy herself some breathing space. Moreover, I wonder how anyone can be “above” what YH did there after everything she’s already been through because of XRY and her mother…

      Here’s a little advice about psychology to anyone who reads this: Don’t go preaching about morals and ethics to a broken person, who doesn’t want to go through hell a second time, you’d only be wasting your breath and both your and their time…


      • I can’t really remember the exact context of this? Was she photoshopping XRY’s face into pornography? I still agree with what I said before: an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. I don’t expect YH to forgive her enemies, I don’t even expect her to not exact her vengeance, but I do hope for her to exact her revenge in a upright manner. We do not execute murderers, do not stab people who stabbed others… you can execute revenge without going to such extremes.

        I get your last point, that she is a broken person who doesn’t want to “go through hell twice” but you can’t have your cake and eat it: very rarely in these novels do characters grow and change, and yet authors’ want to have their characters be hell-bent on revenge while exhibiting no signs of violence/trauma in any other aspects of their lives. Usually they become the pampered love of the MLs life with their violent and cruel behaviours glorified as “cute”. If the author wants the FL to act without morals and ethics then there needs to be consequences in other areas of her life; if they want the FL to have a romance then the FL either needs to grow or follow morals/ethics from the beginning. What I don’t agree with is holding up the FL’s actions as beyond reproach, correct even, and her also getting the wonderful life and dreamy ML and whatever.
        At the end of the day it’s just a story, but even stories have consequences, and if I could chose, I would rather have a FL who had *some* semblance of morality and ethics.


        • I’ll be honest with you, I too would like some character growth, MC becoming more mature about her take on life, but tell me this: How else is she supposed to make XRY back off? She had everyone wrapped around her little finger, even if caught in the act, just a single tear and a random excuse from her is enough to convince everyone that she’s innocent and can also easily start any number of dark rumors about her target. On top of that, she clearly doesn’t know when to stop, nor is there a bottom line to how far down she would stoop just to harm someone. When up against someone like this, how do you “morally” and get them to stop, how do you “ethically” convince others that you’re innocent and they’re not?
          What YH did here, as despicable as it may have been, got her some time to breathe and focus on other, more productive things, and simultaneously put XRY in a position from which she can no longer use this method against her again, as well as take away XRY’s ability to “white lotus” her way out of trouble.
          What about you? How would you have handled it, if you were in YH’s position? Mind you, do include everything she had been through in her past life as well, by that I don’t mean just the asylum, but EVERYTHING she had been through because of XRY…


          • Okay, so I honestly can’t remember what was going on at this point in the story, but even if I could, it’s unlikely I would be able to come up with something to make XRY back off (because she and her mother have the life vitality of cockroaches -_-)
            Side note (not confined to this novel alone): whenever things happen to the villains they managed to shake off the consequences and move on, but whenever something happens to the FL/ML it’s always incredibly hard for them to overcome it – novel logic, go figure o.O
            It still makes me sad though that YH felt forced to do this 😦


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