Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 122]


The hand Xiao Ru Yue was using to hold the mouse started shaking!

Her heart was filled with despair.

She finally understood what the group was talking about!

The pictures that she sent were not Yun Hua’s but hers!

But these pictures were not hers.

What should she do now?

Xiao Ru Yue was on the verge of crying.

She clung on to the last bit of hope and checked the group album…

But in the group album, her face was really on each of the disgraceful pictures…

Ming Yue Jiao Jiao, “Delete them! Where’s the admin, delete the pictures!”

Xiao Xiao Yu Xie, “Didn’t you say that you don’t know Xiao Ru Yue? Then why delete her pictures? Even though it’s disgusting, but it’s pretty erotic.”

Ming Yue Jiao Jiao, “That’s not me! The person in the pictures is not me!”

Sweet Oranges are not oranges, “Really? But that’s clearly you! Now you’re admitting that you’re Xiao Ru Yue? Hmph! You liar!”

Liu Nian Jia Qi, “Keep on acting. You tried to slander Yun Hua but you were just talking about yourself. Disgusting, absolutely disgusting! He Yu Xiang is a pervert and you’re just the same!”

Ming Yue Jiao jiao, “It really isn’t me, it really isn’t!”

Xiao Xiao Yu Xie, “Stop joking around Xiao Ru Yue. Look at the collarbone in the pictures. There is a small scar in the shape of a plum flower that you said you got from burning yourself when you were young. If this isn’t you, who is it! Still trying to fool us! You’re the worst.”

Sweet oranges are not oranges, “Yeah, it’s clearly you. Own up already.”

Liu Nian Jia Qi, “Clearly you’re the one who did it with He Yu Xiang… What was He Yu Xiang doing that day he went to the toilet in sexy lingerie? Surely you must know! Standing by while He Yu Xiang was beaten up for being a pervert… How cold-blooded.”

Sweet oranges are not oranges, “That’s right. The recording of Han Luo Luo’s dad must have been sent in by you!”

Xiao Xiao Yu Xie, “Right right right, those pictures of Yun Hua and He Yu Xiang were also taken by her and she was the one who gave it to Han Luo Luo! Han Luo Luo only brought those thugs to mess with Yun Hua after she was fooled by her!”

Sweet oranges are not oranges, “My god, Xiao Ru Yue was a person like this all along…”

Liu Nian Jia Qi, “She isn’t human!”

Ming Yue Jiao Jiao, “It’s not me, it really isn’t… The person in the pictures really isn’t me…”

Yun Hua shut down Q and left the chat.

She blinked at Chu Yu, “Excellent job.”

Chu Yu face had turned red as a tomato.

“The details were well done. Not only were the faces swapped, but the body shapes were also similar to Xiao Ru Yue’s as well, and the processing on the scar cropped from the picture of Xiao Ru Yue winning a prize was perfect too!” Yun Hua gave him a raving review, “You’re skilled!”

Chu Yu looked the other way and kept silent.

Yun Hua was feeling great, “Oh yeah, I need a bit more help. I trust that you’ve visited that kind of websites?”

Chu Yu blinked, “What kind?”

Yun Hua coughed lightly, “Um… That kind… The kind that boys like to visit…”

A second later, Chu Yu’s face turned red again, “Can’t you just say porn sites!”

Yun Hua’s expression was one of innocence, “Oh, alright, I’ll be more direct next time, I was just afraid you were thin-skinned…”

Chu Yu did not want to speak anymore and said moodily, “What else do you want?”

Yun Hua smiled light and gaze revealing a hint of slyness, “I believe there are advertisements on those sites. Swap the faces of promotional girls with that of Xiao Ru Yue’s… Oh yeah, please also go to the forums and send some friend requests. 50 dollars an hour, 200 for the whole night, I don’t think that’s too expensive…”

Chu Yu felt a shiver run down his spine.

Ruthless, absolutely ruthless!

She could give his boss a run for his money!!!


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