Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 121]


After school, Yun Hua followed her original plan and headed to the library with Chu Yu.

Along the way, she called Xiao Ling Ling and then she made a Q account for herself and joined the class chat.

Very quickly, the messages started coming from the group.

Xiao Xiao Yu Xie, “Ming Yue Jiao Jiao, who knows whether you were telling the truth about that thing with Yun Hua? Pics or it didn’t happen.” 

Ming Yue Jiao Jiao replied very quickly.

Ming Yue Jiao Jiao, “I heard this from He Yu Xiang himself. Even though he is a pervert with a damaged head, he would not be able to know that Yun Hua has a red mole on her leg.”

Xiao Xiao Yu Xie, “Don’t take us for idiots. Pics or it didn’t happen!”

The group fell silent for a while before Ming Yue Jiao Jiao sent another message, “I have pictures of her in the hospital, I saw her going to the gynecologist! Let me return home and get on my computer, I’ll send the pictures immediately!”

Xiao Xiao Yu Xie, “We’ll be waiting! Quickly, don’t try fooling us with random photos.”

The group was silent for a moment.

Ming Yue Jiao Jiao quickly returned, “I’m back. I’ve already sent the pictures to the group. In there are pictures of her in the hospital as well as a picture of the lab report! They are all from the gynecologist! If she and He Yu Xiang didn’t… Then why go see the gynecologist?”

No one said anything, everyone had gone to look at the photos.

The group remained completely silent.

Very quickly, Ming Yue Jiao Jiao could no longer remain silent.

Ming Yue Jiao Jiao, “Have you guys seen them? Do you believe me now?”

The group continued in silence.

Ming Yue Jiao Jiao, “Why aren’t you guys speaking?”

Finally, someone started talking.

Xiao Xiao Yu Xie, “Xiao Ru Yue, you’re Ming Yue Jiao Jiao right?”

Ming Yue Jiao Jiao, “What nonsense are you spewing, who is Xiao Ru Yue? I don’t know such a person.”

Xiao Xiao Yu Xie, “Hehe, Xiao Ru Yue, keep on pretending. Why don’t you take a look at the pictures you sent? I would never have imagined the same girl who acts like a well-mannered darling would actually be like this!”

Ming Yue Jiao Jiao, “What do you mean?”

Sweet Oranges are not Oranges, “Xiao Ru Yue, how could you take such photos! My gosh, you are shameless!”

Liu Nian Jia Qi, “Xiao Ru Yue, I can’t believe you’re a person like this. You’re disgusting, I’m so glad that we are splitting classes soon, I refuse to be grouped into the same class as someone like you. Disgusting!”

Sitting in front of the computer, Xiao Ru Yue did not understand a single thing that was happening.

She had placed the photos in a folder and gave it a special label so that she could bring it out as evidence one day.

Those were the pictures that she had sent just now… Just what was going on?

She hurriedly checked the folder that she stored the photos in, but when she clicked the folder open…

She was dumbfounded!

Impossible, how could this be! When she sent the folder just now, the photos were indeed photos of Yun Hua in the hospital.

But now… What were these?

3 point bikinis, sexy lingerie, and even nudes with only her hands covering up her privates…

All the pictures had sexually teasing poses…

Where did the pictures come from!

Just where did they come from!

Why was her face on these obscene pictures!

What made Xiao Ru Yue lose it was that the last few pictures were those of a male and a female entwined together. The female being her and the male being He Yu Xiang!

In that picture, she was wearing laced sexy lingerie and He Yu Xiang… Was also in the same outfit!

Xiao Ru Yue was freaking out!

No no no, these were not her, no way these pictures were hers!

She had never taken any photos like these.


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