Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 106]


“Sigh, can’t you be more accurate? I asked you to hit the bird and the target is right in front of you but you’re still missing.”

“That was good, you’re off just by a little, continue working hard, you’ll hit it next time.”

“Tsk, just a little bit more…”

“That was good, bullseye! Keep it up!”

Bao Si Qing stood at the side smiling lightly.

He Yu Xiang was losing it.

It hurts!

He was going to die!

What he hit was not the bird but the eggs!

Any guy would know how much that hurts, so much that it feels like one’s soul might leave their body!

“Do continue, let’s see if you can replicate that shot.” Bao Si Qing’s smile became brighter and brighter.

He Yu Xiang on the other hand was going crazy.

The pain made him agitated but the most important thing was the fear that the next shot might hit!

What if his precious got wasted?

Looking at the fainted He Yu Xiang, Bao Si Qing opened a bottle of water and splashed it on his face to wake him up.

“Fainting so fast, I’m not done playing with you.”

Bao Si Qing looked at him, “And, fainting won’t solve the problem. The deal was a thousand shots, they will be no bargains!”

He Yu Xiang had long lost it already, “Kill me, why don’t you just kill me!”

“Wouldn’t it be too much of a bargain for you if I were to just kill you?”

Fast forward to the morning of the next day.

After the end of the second lesson, the students went to the toilets in groups.

“Move aside, this skirt of mine was brought from Japan by my aunt, it’s the latest in Japanese fashion. Hmph, I bet you guys have never seen something like this before. Stop squeezing me, this lace is very expensive, you guys can’t even afford to compensate me if you guys dirtied or spoilt it!” Ji Xiao Liang pushed Ling Xiao Xiao aside and entered the toilet.

Ling Xiao stamped her foot in anger, mumbling, “What’s so special about it! Isn’t she just a girl from a family of new money? Hmph, a body that’s fat like a pig. No matter what a pig wears, it is still a pig!”

Ji Xiao Liang hmphed, “Continue you jealousy, no matter how jealous you are, you can only pick up trash, who doesn’t know that you’ve been picking up and then treasuring the presents that Yun Hua threw into the bin. Hmph!”

Xiao Ling Ling’s face was red from anger but she could not say anything in return.

Ji Xiao Liang turned her head away proudly and headed towards the end of the toilet, her clothes pressing against her body to form bulges, the originally beautiful lace being stretched beyond recognition.

Her skin was very white. Even though it is said that having a white complexion could cover all other flaws but this was too much! She was too fat and her facial features were squished together while the fats had formed rings from her chin down to her neck…

The students called her the narcissistic pig behind her back. Even though she was extremely fat and narcissistic, there were still many students who envied her. Ji Xiao Liang’s dad was the boss of a coal mine and was extremely rich. He would buy clothes that were worth thousands and tens of thousands of dollars for her. She would also have the latest phone and computer so it was natural to be envious of her!

The toilet cubicles were small but the last one with a window was slightly larger. Because it had a window, it was typically unused but Ji Xiao Liang had to use this one because the other ones were not big enough!

Ji Xiao Liang walked to the last cubicle and opened the door.

A few seconds later…


Ji Xiao Liang stepped back and fell onto the ground.

Someone… Was on top of her!

All the students queuing outside blanked out…

What was this situation?

Someone managed to squash her?

Looking at the person crushing Ji Xiao Liang…

Oh gosh!

That was clearly a guy!

A guy wearing red lace lingerie and a sexy thong! He even had fishnet stockings on his leg!

He was tall and muscular!

Missing two mounds up there and had one down there…

There was no mistake that that was a boy…


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