Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 105]


He Yu Xiang gritted his teeth.

When he kidnapped Yun Hua…

If he knew that Yun Hua was Bao Si Qing’s, he would never have touched her!

But now, it was too late to say anything!

He Yu Xiang picked up the rope…

“Hold on, get yourself changed, I’m afraid that you’d be too tired and can’t change your clothes. I have no interest in helping you change your clothes.” Bao Si Qing said.

He Yu Xiang turned pale.


That pink laced lingerie, black fishnet stockings and bunny tail…

When He Yu Xiang finished changing, Bao Si Qing snorted and comment, “That’s an unpleasant sight.”

He Yu Xiang wanted to vomit blood. Of course he knew that it was an unpleasant sight!!!

“Ok, now tie yourself up.” Bao Si Qing said lightly.

He Yu Xiang sat on the chair and opened his legs then tied each leg to one of the chair legs. How was he going to tie his hands?

“Oh, you don’t have to tie your hands for now, you’ll be needing them.” Bao Si Qing said with a smile, “Oh yeah, I forgot to ask you, do you want to be the slingshot or the bird?”

He Yu Xiang was confused. Slingshot? Bird?

“What happens if I choose to be the slingshot? What happens if I choose to be the bird?” He Yu Xiang asked.

Bao Si Qing blinked, “You’ll find out after you pick. Come on, faster pick or you’ll be both!”

“I’ll be the slingshot!” He Yu Xiang said through gritted teeth.

A minute later, he regretted.

Being the slingshot…

One end of the rubber band was strung around his ankle, the other end… On his dick!

Attached to the rubber band was the piece of leather from a slingshot. Bao Si Qing threw a box of coins to him, “1000 ten cents coins. I went to the bank to exchange it, cost me a hundred dollars. This task is over after you finish shooting them!”

So this was what it meant to be the slingshot…

Bao Si Qing the devil even wanted He Yu Xiang to ready and shoot the slingshot by himself…

Within a few shoots, He Yu Xiang was on the verge of going crazy!

He was going to break!!!

Even though the penis is made of tissue it can still get fractured!

Furthermore, with time, the blood flow would be cut off by the rubber band and he might suffer permanent damage!

“I want to be the bird!” He Yu Xiang said hurriedly.

Bao Si Qing, “Be the bird, you sure? No changing.”

“No changes, I won’t change!” He Yu Xiang had never been in such agony before. If he was going to continue being the slingshot, he was sure that he would not need to shoot a thousand coins, a mere fifty coins would be enough to cripple him!”

If he was to be the bird, as most he would just be hit with the slingshot, at most there would be some pain but nothing more!

Or so the naive He Yu Xiang thought.

Bao Si Qing tied a long rubber band onto a hook on the roof. The stairwell had a low ceiling that Bao Si Qing could touch just by reaching up.

He Yu Xiang did not understand what Bao Si Qing was trying to do.

As he pulled the rubber band down, he thought in his mind. Would the coin not hit the ceiling? Even if it bounces back… At most it would land on his body! Or it might even miss completely!

It was just a bit of pain, no big deal!

But very quickly, He Yu Xiang was on the verge of collapse. He had no idea how Bao Si Qing designed it but the all the coins came back to strike his body no matter how he tried to change the direction of the rubber band.

It would land on his head, his chest or his leg and even… Even on his most vulnerable place!

There were so many times that the coin would brush pass and end up strike the soft flesh on his thigh!

It hurts!

It really hurts!

However, the scariest thing was not the pain but fear.

What if the next coin landed directly on his precious?


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