Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 104]


He Yu Xiang’s expression turned ghastly!

Yes, that was the card that he had swapped for at first but decided to give up on when he was about to scratch it open!

If he had just scratched it open, the game would already be over!

Unfortunately… He did not do that!

There was no use regretting now.

Now they each had a card in their hands and all there was to see who held the last good luck card!

He Yu Xiang refused to believe that he would be so unlucky that he could not even pull a single good luck card!

He repeatedly clenched and relaxed his fist, trying to give his pressure and stress an outlet.

At last, he still had to scratch his card.

His hands were shaking!

But a second later…

Any hope he had came crashing down!

He Yu Xiang’s entire body lost its strength and he collapsed on a chair.

The hand in his hand was the task card!

Why was he so unlucky!

Why could he not pull a single lucky card in his any of his three pulls!

He Yu Xiang’s face turned pale.

Did he really have to wear those sexy clothes and attract customers at a brothel? 

Did he really have to streak across 10 of the busiest places in Jiang Xi city?

As for the last task, he had already forgotten about it.

If the opponent was not Bao Si Qing, he could just go back on his words or let his family bribe the other party!

But his opponent happened to be Bao Si Qing!

He Yu Xiang knew very clearly that the He family had nothing that allowed them to negotiate with Bao Si Qing.

The other families that were on good terms with the He family, like the Chi and Leng families in the capital city would definitely not dare to offend Bao Si Qing for their sake!

He Yu Xiang lost all hope.

No one could save him.

If he did not follow through, it would be the end of the He family!

Bao Si Qing shrugged and scratched open the last card, “Another [Good luck to you] card. I’m really sorry. Master He!”

He Yu Xiang had hit rock bottom.

There really were two good luck cards. Bao Si Qing had not done anything to try and trip him up but he still did not manage to pick a good luck card!

Who could he blame?

This was probably fate!

He Yu Xiang raised his head to look at Bao Si Qing, “Master Bao, I have a question. Are you really doing all these just for Yun Hua?”

Bao Si Qing’s eyes narrowed into two slits, “You have no right to mention her. A big boy bullying a girl… Have you got no shame? Oh right, you aren’t going to remain as a man for long. Heh!”

If he knew that messing with Yun Hua would mean messing with such a god then he would not have dared to touch Yun Hua in the slightest!

However, it was too late to say anything!

“Master Bao, if I do everything, would you really let our He family go?” At this time, He Yu Xiang could only think for his family.

Wearing sexy clothes or streaking were embarrassing but there was always hope as long as his family does not end.

If Bao Si Qing was to target the He family… Then it would not be a simple matter of being shamed!

Bao Si Qing looked at He Yu Xiang lightly, “I think I, the second son of the Bao family, am a pretty honest man!”

“Alright!” He Yu Xiang gritted his teeth, “I’ll immediately do whatever you order me to do!”

Bao Si Qing smiled, “At such a late time, no one can see you if you wear to wear lingerie or to go streaking. Let’s start with hitting birds with a slingshot. Tie yourself on this chair the way you tied up Yun Hua! Don’t wait for me to do it! Else… You definitely wouldn’t want to know the results…”


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1 thought on “Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 104]

  1. “Why could he not pull a single lucky card in his any of his three pulls!”
    After the things you’ve done, I’d be surprised if karma allowed you to have that much luck…


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