Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 107]


Hold on, why was there a guy in the girl’s toilet!

And one with a crossdressing fetish!

He was a pervert!

“Ahhhh, my first kiss!”

Ji Xiao Liang, who had fallen onto the ground, had her lips sealed. After the initial shock, she pushed side the guy with her thick and powerful arms.

But she was too fat and could not get up.

“Ling Xiao Xiao, what are you looking at, come and help me!” Ji Xiao Liang shouted at Ling Xiao Xiao and a few other girls, “It seems like you people don’t want those perfumes anymore!”


Ling Xiao Xiao stamped her feet but also joined the other girls, quickly running over to help Ji Xiao Liang up.

Turns out, Ji Xiao Liang was too heavy, even the four girls were not enough. In the end, they barely managed to succeed after Ji Xiao Liang also supported herself with her own hands.

Standing up, Ji Xiao Liang rubbed away at her mouth in disgust. She, who was so fat there her eyes had squinted into slits, turned around and mercilessly started stopping on the crazy, perverted, cross-dressing man!

“Filthy pervert, stinky barbarian, how dare you steal my first kiss! You have no idea how precious my first kiss is! My first kiss was reserved for Qi senpai! You pervert, I’m gonna give you a good stomping!”

Ji Xiao Liang’s elephant-like legs stomped mercilessly on the pervert’s body.

“What are you guys freezing up for? Haven’t you realised that this pervert in is the female toilet? Who knows how long he had been here for, who knows what pictures he had taken! Come beat him up!” Ji Xiao Liang roared at the people behind her.

Influenced by Ji Xiao Liang, a bunch of girls gathered around to kick the pervert.

However, the pervert on the ground did not let out any sound. He just remained curled up, both hands guarded his crotch!

Ji Xiao Liang hmphed, “Still covering yourself! Watch me crush your dick!”

As she spoke, Ji Xiao Liang stomped downwards with her leg…


The person on the ground finally screamed.

“Where’s the pervert!” Someone outside shouted, “The security guard is coming!”

The pervert on the ground stiffened and started to squirm. He ignored the pain and was going to try crawling away!

He had already ripped off two pieces of fabric from the red lingerie to cover his face. He covered his face with one hand, and his dick with the other. No matter what, he could not be allowed to get caught by the security guard!

However, his movements only made the girls scream louder!

“You pervert, trying to crawl under our legs!”

“Stop trying to look up my skirt!”

“The pervert touched my leg! He’s so dirty, so disgusting!”

“Kick him!”

“Beat him up!”

“Castrate him! Let’s see him try to be a pervert after that!”

In the end, the security guard did not so much catch the pervert but rather, saved the pervert from the group of girls!

By this point, He Yu Xiang had no strength left.

The security guard ripped off the two pieces of fabric covering He Yu Xiang’s eyes and then peeled off his strengthless arms, exposing his identity!

Even though his face was discolored and swelling.

He was still someone familiar to the students!

Everyone froze.

Ling Xiao Xiao’s face was one of shock, “He… He Yu Xiang?”

Xiao Ru Yue’s eyes also widened in an instant!

Ji Xiao Liang also froze as she looked at He Yu Xiang but she quickly hmphed and said, “If you’re gonna chase after this lady over here, just do it in broad daylight, why resort to these measures? You pervert!”

Everyone was speechless.

Ji Xiao Liang was just as narcissistic as ever! Who would chase after her? What was the difference between kissing her and kissing a pig?

But He Yu Xiang… How did he become such a pervert, even wearing sexy laced lingerie..,

Bleh, it was way too disgusting!


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