Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 103]


He Yu Xiang was very clear on this.

It did not matter whether he got a lucky card or not, he already had the two cards [Wear sexy clothes and pretend to be a prostitute trying to pick up customers] and [Run naked through 10 of the busiest locations in the city].

In the remaining three cards, two were good luck cards. A long as he got one of them, everything would be written off!

In other words, even if he was unlucky and end up missing the good luck cards on his last chance, he would only be adding on the [Hit a 1000 birds with a slingshot] card. At most, his hand would be a little tired but it would not be any worse!

Hence, no matter how he looked at it, he could not give up on his last chance!

“I still want to continue drawing!” He Yu Xiang said through clenched teeth.

Bao Si Qing raised his eyebrow, “Are you sure? If you don’t pull a lucky card on your last try…”

“I understand. If I don’t pull a lucky card, I’ll do all the tasks! It doesn’t matter, it’s just using a slingshot. That’s nothing compared to wearing lingerie or streaking!” He Yu Xiang said.

Bao Si Qing smiled.

If a member from the Divine Dragon Squad was present, they would definitely look at He Yu Xiang unsympathetically. Bao Si Qing was never one to follow common logic! Did he really think that the task would be as simple as he thought?

Unfortunately, He Yu Xiang did not understand Bao Si Qing’s character well enough and there was no one to remind him that he might as well kill himself than to play games with Bao Si Qing, much less bet against him!

After all, one of Bao Si Qing’s fake identities had been blacklisted by various casinos in Las Vegas, Macau and Singapore.

He Yu Xiang, who had no clue to all of these, was betting with the last of his luck.

He looked between each card, touched them before pulling back to think again, the cards almost soaked from the sweat on his hand!

Bao Si Qing did not rush him but just watched him pick.

Finally, He Yu Xiang picked a card.

“This one!” He Yu Xiang passed the remaining two cards to Bao Si Qing.

Bao Si QIng raised his eyebrow and nodded, “Don’t regret.”

He Yu Xiang gritted his teeth and was about to start scratching the card but his hand stopped. He raised his head and looked at Bao Si Qing once again, “Can I pick another card?”

Bao Si Qing frowned and looked at him but he chuckled lightly and said, “Go ahead.”

The hand that He Yu Xiang was holding the card with was trembling!

In the end, he decided to switch!

But, once again, he could not commit when he was going to scratch the card!

What if… What if the previous card was the lucky card?

“I… I want to switch again!” He Yu Xiang said.

Bao Si Qing smiled again, “Sure, but this is the last time. Think carefully about which card you want. I don’t have time to play with you!”

He Yu Xiang gritted his teeth and took back the card that he had originally picked, “This one, no more changing!”

Bao Si Qing nodded, “Alright, then the remaining two cards are mine. I’ll scratch one first, no matter what, I’ll play along with you. Don’t worry, I’ve never been the type to go back on my words.”

Bao Si Qing then randomly picked a card with a smile. It happened to be the one that He Yu Xiang had exchanged with. He then scratched it casually.

After seeing the content of the card, Bao Si Qing’s eyebrows rose.

He Yu Xiang felt a little bit of hope. Could it be that Bao Si Qing had gotten a task card? That would mean that the other two cards were both good luck cards and of course, that means the card in his hand was a lucky card!

But before He Yu Xiang could become excited, Bao Si Qing revealed his card to He Yu Xiang.

“Heh, [Good luck to you], wasn’t this the one that you exchanged for at first then returned to me? If you had kept this card… The game would have ended!” Bao Si Qing smiled lightly.


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  1. “After all, one of Bao Si Qing’s fake identities had been blacklisted by various casinos in Las Vegas, Macau and Singapore.”
    … I’m sorry, what?
    This guy’s 18, right?


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