Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 102]


“How do I draw?”

He Yu Xiang clenched his fist and looked at Bao Si Qing.

Born to a family of political entrepreneurs, his mindset had been trained from young and he knew more than the average person about the importance of familial status.

It was because of the He family that He Yu Xiang could enjoy his current life.  If the He family fell, he would lose his current status and be avoided by everyone.

“Let’s do it one card at a time. You can stop at any time.” Bao Si Qing said lightly.

He Yu Xiang nodded, rubbed his hand and picked a card after looking at each of the cards in detail.

Bao Si Qing jutted his chin at him and said, “Open it.”

He Yu Xiang pursed his lips and scratched the card nervously.

He kept chanting in his heart, praying that he would draw a good luck card. There were two good luck cards in the set so he had 40% chance of picking a lucky card on his first try!

But when the first word appeared, He Yu Xiang’s expression changed.

[Wear sexual clothes and pretend to be a prostitute trying to pick up customers]


He drew this one the first try!

Bao Si Qing pointed at a bag on the floor, “The clothes are in there. The punishment and game end after you wear it and complete the task.”

He Yu Xiang opened the bag and looked into it.

Fuck, what kind of clothes are those!

There was a red see-through lingerie, black fishnet stockings, a bunny tail and a pair of high heels!

He Yu Xiang shivered in disgust on the mere thought of him wearing the clothes!

Apart from wearing the clothes, he still had to pretend to be a prostitute trying to get customers…

He could not afford the shame!

His family could not afford the shame!

He bit on his lips and looked towards Bao Si Qing, “Master Bao, I can continue drawing, right?”

Bao Si Qing nodded, “Yep, you can continue drawing, as long as you draw a good luck card, you can write off everything. But if you draw other cards… Then you have to complete those missions too!”

Bao Si Qing gritted his teeth and nodded, “Alright!”

He refused to believe that he had such bad luck!

There were two good luck cards in the remaining four cards which meant that he had a 50% chance! He refused to believe that he would not draw the lucky card!

He Yu Xiang took a look at those few cards again and finally decided on a card.

He shut his eyes to pray. A few seconds later, he opened his eyes and scratched the card.

However, He Yu Xiang lost hope after the first word revealed itself!

[Run naked through 10 of the busiest locations in the city]!

He Yu Xiang kept shaking his head.

No, he could not do this, he could not accept this card, because accepting this card meant he also had to accept the other card!

If he really went and pretended to be a prostitute and then went streaking, the reputation of the He family would be over! His grandfather and dad would lose all the respect the political world has for them!

The He family would become the laughing stock of Jiang Xi city!

He still had a chance!

He Yu Xiang suddenly raised his head and looked at Bao Si Qing, “In these 3 cards, two of them are lucky cards, right?!”

“Yes.” Bao Si Qing nodded his head lightly, “As long as you draw a lucky card, everything would be written off. This is your last chance… But you have to complete all the tasks cards you have if you don’t pick a card! If you don’t complete them, I’ll have your dad, your grandfather and your family complete them on your behalf!”

“One must always honor a bet. I will complete them!”

He Yu Xiang gritted his teeth, “The last card… I will draw a lucky card!”

He remembered that Bao Si Qing said the last task card was to [Hit 1000 birds with a slingshot]. A punishment like that did not matter at all!

He had nothing left to lose!


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1 thought on “Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 102]

  1. “The last card… I will draw a lucky card!”
    Dude, stop acting like a shonen protagonist, we all know you’re nothing like that. If anything, you’d be one of the first villains the protagonist has to take down…


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