Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 101]


Bao Si Qing’s gaze was indifferent as he casually said, “How’s that, it’s nothing tough.”

He Yu Xiang pursed his lips and stared at Bao Si Qing for a few seconds before asking cautiously, “Are you sure that there are two lucky cards in here? As long as I draw one of them in my three draws then everything ends?”

“Yep.” Bao Si Qing nodded without any hesitation.

He Yu Xiang took a deep breath but still did not believe him, “How do I know that you aren’t tricking me? What if there isn’t a single lucky card in these 5 scratchcards?”

Bao Si Qing smiled lightly, “How about this, I’ll take the remaining two cards. I’ll do whatever is on the two cards. I’ll play this game with you, how about that, do you dare to?”

He Yu Xiang’s expression started fluctuating.

Even though he was influenced by his grandfather and dad from a young age and was used to interacting with all sorts of businessmen, He Yu Xiang was still young and could not fully control his expression.

“For real?” He Yu Xiang snorted, “Don’t go back on your words later!”

“You can listen around. I, the second son of the Bao family, am a man of my words!” Bao Si Qing’s eyes narrowed in an instant.

The second son of the Bao family?

He Yu Xiang’s heart skipped a beat, “You’re… the second son… of the Bao family from the capital city?”

“You’ve heard of me?” Bao Si Qing raised an eyebrow.

He Yu Xiang’s expression had completely changed!

Of course he had heard of him!

And he finally understood why his father was so afraid of him!

This was the second son of the Bao family.

He was one of the Party’s Crown Princes from a family of military commanders.

He Yu Xiang’s aunt had married into the Jun family and given birth to the heir of the Jun family, Jun Yi Mo, who would be He Yu Xiang’s cousin.

The friends of this cousin all had impressive family backgrounds and many of them were the children of various high ranking officials.

When He Yu Xiang went to the capital, his cousin had brought him around to play and the identities of his friends were enough to thoroughly frighten him when revealed.

But, when these normally pompous princelings heard of Bao Si Qing, they would all become humble.

At that time, he had taken the chance to quietly ask his cousin about it.

His cousin told him, Bao Si Qing was the second master of the Bao family and that he was truly the top princeling in the capital.

The family of those princelings could settle anything else, even if it was murder or arson, but if they angered Bao Si Qing, then whether they lived or died would all depend on his mood!

Jun Yi Mo had even said that the peaceful days that these princelings enjoyed were all due to Bao Si Qing deciding to enlist as a soldier.

In their circle, everyone would greet him when they met him! There were no exceptions!

Even if he beats them up, they had nowhere to go to complain!

His cousin had even told him that if he was to actually meet Bao Si Qing, he should just listen to his orders. 

His cousin also said that Bao Si Qing was definitely someone to be feared, but as long as one follows his orders, he would be a man of his word!

He Yu Xiang had heard too many stories about Bao Si Qing from his cousin. His cousin was someone who disdained people but his treatment of Bao Si Qing was different. Even behind his back, his cousin could not hide his deep worship of Bao Si Qing and only had praise and respect for him.

Due to his cousin’s influence, He Yu Xiang had always been nice to Bao Si Qing.

But now, he could have never imagined that he would meet Bao Si Qing under such circumstances!

He Yu Xiang gritted his teeth. Who knew that the second master of the Bao family would show up in a inconspicuous place like Jiang Xi city? Why does he know Yun Hua the rural girl?

However, according to what he had heard, Bao Si Qing had always been a man of his words.

Then… He might really have a chance to win this game.

He Yu Xiang took a deep breath and said, “Of course I’ve heard of you and believe that you’re a man of your words. I was in the wrong for messing with one of your people. I willingly accept my punishment! Draw three cards right? Alright, I’ll play this game with the second master!”


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