Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 100]


After lunch, Yun Hua laid in bed.

Bao Si Qing, on the other hand, was constantly on the phone.

Yun Hua felt a little sorry so she waited for him to finish his call and quickly said, “Go handle your stuff, don’t worry about me. I’m not a child.”

Bao Si Qing pursed his lip and looked her up and down, “You don’t want to be a kid anymore? I’ll get Uncle Song to make some papaya soup next time.

Yun Hua blanked for a moment before realizing the meaning behind this bastard’s words!

Papaya for a well-endowed chest!

Yun Hua gritted her teeth and used her heavily bandaged hands to clamp down on a pillow and threw it at Bao Si Qing.

Bao Si Qing caught the pillow easily and chided her, “Little girl, what man would want you if you’re so aggressive? It’d be domestic violence every day for the man who married you!”

“None of your concern!” Yun Hua glared at him.

Bao Si Qing just blinked, “But… What if it does?”

Yun Hua remained silent.

“Alright, sleep for a bit, get the nurse to turn on the television for you if you’re bored, I’ll be heading out to settle some things. I might be back late.” 

“Go go go go go go go go!” Yun Hua said unceremoniously.

Bao Si Qing chuckled, “So harsh. Ai!”

Yun Hua’s ears were burning!

The night self-study session hard started.

He Yu Xiang said in his seat with a gloomy face.

In front of that guy, he had absolutely no way of resisting!

His opponent had crushed him with a single hand. In front of that guy, he was just like an ant!

His reputation had crashed after being shamed in front of the entire school.

But he would not accept defeat.

But, once he contacted his family again, He Yu Xiang fell into silence again.

The other party would not kill him but… That guy was definitely not someone that he should mess with. So… He had to accept his punishment willingly!

How would the other party punish him though?

He Yu Xiang’s heart raced from nervousness.

It was at this moment when his phone received a message, “I’m waiting for you at the staircase.”

He Yu Xiang’s heart skipped a beat.

It was time.

The other party did not specify which staircase but He Yu Xiang understood. Which other staircase could it be? It had to be the one that he tied Yun Hua up in!

As expected, when He Yu Xiang entered the staircase, the guy was already there.

“What do you want!” He Yu Xiang pressed his lips together and clenched his first. His heart was full of uncontrollable nervousness.

Bao Si Qing looked at He Yu Xiang and smiled lightly, “Don’t be nervous, we’re just playing a punishment game. I have five scratchcards, two says [Good luck to you], one says [Wear sexy clothes and pretend to be a prostitute trying to pick up customers], another one says [Run naked through 10 of the busiest locations in the city] and the last one says [Hit 1000 birds with a slingshot].

Then, Bao Si Qing handed the five scratchcards to He Yu Xiang.

He said lightly, “You have three chances. You’ll do whichever one you get. You can just try once and do the task to end the game. Or you can use all three chances because getting the [Good luck to you] card just once would free you from everything. However, if you did not manage to get it… Then you have to do all the tasks!”

He Yu Xiang had a forced expression.

It was this simple?

There were two “Good luck to you” cards in the five scratchcards and he had three chances. As long as he pulled one of them, he would be fine. How hard could this be?


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