Quick Transmigration: Villain’s Koi Fish Mother [Chapter 9]


The kindergarten teacher would meet the children’s parents every day so there were few occasions where they would call. 

This sudden call in the afternoon made Li Xia recall what she had warned the teacher about repeatedly in the morning.

Something must have happened to little fatty, or else the teacher would not have called her.

She immediately answered the call and heard the familiar voice of Mrs. Liu on the phone who asked anxiously, “Is this An’an’s mother?”

“It’s me, what happened, Mrs. Liu?”

“This afternoon, I had something on so I left the kindergarten for a while after I saw the children have their afternoon nap. The life teacher, who takes care of the children’s daily needs, looked after the children. However, when I returned, the life teacher said that An’an was fetched by his father. I remembered what you had told me in the morning so I immediately called you.”

The teacher’s voice on the phone had a sense of self-condemnation. She had guaranteed that she would definitely not let that scum of a father take the child away, but in less than an hour when she was gone, such a thing had happened.

Li Xia was so scared that she could not even hold her phone steadily. She questioned agitatedly, “Mrs. Liu, didn’t I specifically tell you not to let other people besides me come into contact with An’an?”

“I’m so sorry, An’an’s mother, it’s all because I forgot to tell this to the other teachers so they did not know about this,” Mrs. Liu hurriedly apologized guiltily.

“Even if they don’t know about this incident, does the kindergarten allow anyone to take the child away? Have you seen that person before? You would believe that he’s the child’s father if he said that he is? What if he was a human trafficker? Human traffickers are rampant now, does the kindergarten have any sense of responsibility?”

Li Xia was so furious that she lost her rationality and started questioning Mrs. Liu aggressively.

On the other side of the phone, Mrs. Liu knew that this matter was indeed their mistake. An’an had only been sent and fetched by his mother so they have never seen his father before.

However, they allowed a person that they had never seen before to take the child away and did not even do the basics of confirming with the child’s mother. If something were to go wrong, then it would be the kindergarten’s fault.

Mrs. Liu finished listening to Li Xia’s questioning before explaining apologetically, “An’an’s mother, this is indeed our mistake, but our first priority is to find the child. I have already asked the security guard to pull up the surveillance video. Now, I’ll send the picture of that man to you, please confirm if he is the child’s father.”

“Alright, send it to me immediately.”

After the phone call was hung up, the three new bodyguards had already gotten a general idea of the matter so they immediately became on guard, they were ready to listen to their employer’s orders anytime.

Li Xia opened her WeChat and immediately received the surveillance video’s screenshot from the teacher.

An’an’s father, He Yanxi, was Xu Zhiyu’s first love and a man she had loved deeply. Xu Zhiyu loved and hated that man at the same time so even if it was a picture of his back, she would be able to recognize if that man was him or not with just a look.

Li Xia recalled Xu Zhiyu’s memories as she looked at that screenshot.

It was obvious that the man in the suit from the screenshot was not He Yanxi.

However, that did not mean it was not related to He Yanxi.

Li Xia immediately called Mrs. Liu and said, “Mrs. Liu, please call the police immediately. I’ll go to the kindergarten now.”

“What? Could it be that that man was not the child’s father?”

Sweat filled Mrs. Liu’s palms when she heard Li Xia’s words.

If the person who took the child away was the child’s biological father, then at least the child would not be in any danger. The kindergarten would only need to apologize to solve the problem. However, if that person was not the child’s father, then the consequences would be dire.


Li Xia’s affirmative tone made Mrs. Liu panic. Just as she hung up the phone and was about to call the police, she was stopped.

“Don’t call the police first, what did the child’s mother say?”

The person who spoke was Mrs. Li, who had let that stranger take An’an away. Mrs. Li was also the teacher-in-charge of the bottom class and had just joined the kindergarten.

“That person is not the child’s father! I must call the police immediately.”

“What? Impossible!”

Mrs. Liu was also exasperated. She pushed away Mrs. Li who tried to stop her and said angrily, “Mrs. Li, with all due respect, you don’t deserve to be a teacher at all. If anything happens to that child, the whole kindergarten would be done for along with you.”

Mrs. Li was completely stunned when she heard Mrs. Liu’s words.

Mrs. Liu did not bother about Mrs. Li anymore and hurriedly called the police.

Only after Mrs. Liu finished reporting to the police did Mrs. Li regain her consciousness, she hurriedly explained, “Even if that person is not the child’s father, he’s definitely an acquaintance as he has many photos of An’an and his mother. He also knew many things about the both of them, I feel that he has a deep understanding of them.”

“Then why didn’t you call the child’s mother to confirm? You don’t even have basic common sense as a kindergarten teacher?” Mrs. Liu scolded Mrs. Li furiously before she suddenly realized a problem. “An’an knows that man?”

A three-year-old child could already recognize someone so he would not leave with a stranger.

However, Mrs. Li’s words nearly drove Mrs. Liu mad.

“At that time, An’an was still having his afternoon nap and that man said to not disturb the child, so he directly carried An’an away from the napping room.”

Mrs. Li smacked her head in regret as she recalled the scene back then.

At that time, that man was wearing an expensive suit and holding a briefcase in his hands. He looked just like a successful business elite so she did not doubt that the man was up to no good.

In addition, that man was smooth-tongued and had unintentionally revealed that he knew An’an and his mother, which made her let her guard down. She trusted every word he said and even neglected the basic act of calling An’an’s mother.

Just as the police reached the kindergarten, Li Xia also arrived. With the police’s investigation, Li Xia quickly understood the details of this incident.

Li Xia suddenly remembered something, she opened the QQ app and clicked the photo album within. She then showed those pictures to Mrs. Li. “Did you see these pictures?”

Mrs. Li nodded her head vigorously as she looked at the pictures. “Yes, yes, yes, that’s right, it’s these pictures!”

After hearing her answer, Li Xia could almost confirm that little fatty had been definitely taken away by He Yanxi.

Xu Zhiqi loved taking photos to record every moment of her child’s growth but she had never posted such photos on social media before. She would only upload the pictures into her QQ space photo album that was locked with a password.

Also, there were hundreds of photos of Xu Zhiqi and He Yanxi in the past so He Yanxi knew the existence of such a photo album.

Although Xu Zhiyu had deleted He Yanxi’s QQ account, He Yanxi might have taken all possible measures when asking one to investigate Xu Zhiyu.

She did not believe that normal human traffickers would go through all the trouble to hack her QQ photo album.

Li Xia did not reveal this to the police. A conglomerate as powerful and as influential as the He Family would ensure that the police only ask a few questions out of formality and stop investigating as long as the He Family denied all accusations.

Also, she did not have any substantial evidence so if the He Family retaliated and said that she had framed them, she would be done for. 

Sometimes, not only would the law be useless, it might even cause trouble.

The police finished recording their statements and brought the surveillance video back with them to immediately start the investigation. They assured Li Xia that they would try their best to find her child as soon as possible.

Li Xia reacted excessively, like how a mother would, and pleaded with the police to save her child repeatedly, but she did not place any hope in the police. 

Informing the police was just for an official justification when she found the child back with other means.

Once she left the kindergarten, Li Xia wiped her tears clean and instantly returned to normal.

Ning Meng was shocked at her employer’s strong expression management ability as she saw that Li Xia, who was weeping a second ago, had already turned expressionless. She could not red any expression from her employer’s face so she asked, “Ms. Xu, your son has been abducted, is there anything you need us to do?”

“Follow me to the He Family conglomerate.”


When she hired the bodyguards, Li Xia had already told the bodyguard company that her child’s father wanted to snatch her child away and make her disappear from this world, so currently, the three bodyguards understood what Li Xia wanted to do.

As a bodyguard, their duty was to protect their employer, and now that their employer had met with a mishap, they had the responsibility to save their employer.

Li Xia pondered for a moment while she was in the front passenger seat, then she took out her phone and quickly flipped through her call history.

However, she did not see the number she wanted to find even if she scrolled through the whole history. She threw her phone back into her bag in disappointment, but she suddenly recalled something at that moment so she took her phone out again and quickly clicked into the blacklist.

Indeed, she saw a number on the blacklist.

“Jiang Che, I want to borrow your phone for a bit.

Li Xia entered the phone number into Jiang Che’s phone and sent a message to that number. After she saw that the message had been successfully sent, she immediately called that number but instantly hung up right after it rang twice.

She returned the phone to Jiang Che and told him, “If that number calls you, just hang up and don’t answer it.”

Li Xia did not delete the message so, with one glance at the content, Jiang Che instantly understood his employer’s intentions and could not help but start admiring his employer.

“Change of plans, go to Nan Chuan Club.”


Two hours ago, He Yanxi told Zhang Xinru that he had already fetched his son back so Zhang Xinru heaved a sigh of relief. She then asked her best friend to go for a massage with her, she would now be able to relax and celebrate properly.

Zhang Xinru wanted to close her eyes and enjoy the massage so she put her phone to one side.

However, before the massage even started, her phone rang as she just laid down. The ringing stopped just as she was about to get up to answer her phone.

Zhang Xinru wanted to just ignore the phone call as she thought it might just be some advertisement calls, but her best friend suggested, “How about you go and take a look? It might disturb us after the massage starts.”

“You’re right.” Zhang Xinru then told the massager to pass her phone to her.

The instant she unlocked her phone using her fingerprint, a prompt message popped up on her screen.

She clicked open that message.

However, the instant that Zhang Xinru saw the contents of the message, her chest tightened.

She had never expected the matter that she was worrying over the past few days to happen so quickly.

Recalling He Yanxi’s call of good news two hours ago, Zhang Xinru clenched her phone tightly. She then grabbed her bag and ran outside hastily in panic.

Currently, Zhang Xinru’s mind was completely blank as her heart thumped vigorously. She did not even go to the carpark and directly hailed a taxi on the road.

“To Nan Chuan Club, hurry!”

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