Quick Transmigration: Villain’s Koi Fish Mother [Chapter 8]


The international bodyguard company that Li Xia chose introduced itself as the first special forces bodyguard company and the profile written on the official website seemed to be an overstatement.

Before seeing those bodyguards with her own eyes, she thought that the official website had overexaggerated. It was a pity that the job of a bodyguard was not popularized so she was unable to search for ratings of the company.

However, once she really entered the bodyguard company and saw those tough and burly men, her eyes nearly popped out of her head.

Li Xia estimated that those bodyguards were at least above 180cm and their perfect figure was wrapped in a camouflage vest, the close-fitting fabric completely displayed how ripped they were.

Li Xia secretly counted, each and every one of them had all eight abs.

Meanwhile, they wore loose camouflage pants for their bottom, and even though those pants would not make their legs look long, they could not conceal how long their legs were.

Those loose trousers were stuffed into their boots and when they walked, the sound of their boots coming in contact with the ground was simply too cool!

As their figure was just too outstanding, Li Xia had only just noticed their faces. In the end, their faces had completely overturned her image of bodyguards.

In the past, most celebrities’ bodyguards she had seen in news reports wore black suits with black sunglasses and they looked like the head of a mafia. Three words “don’t provoke me” were written all over their faces.  

However, the bodyguards standing in front of her were like male models from magazine covers, they were definitely stylish men.

If they changed a set of clothes and posed in the airport, others would definitely have mistaken them for a celebrity.

The female advisor that was responsible for receiving and introducing Li Xia saw that Li Xia was still deep in thoughts after sizing up those bodyguards a few times, so she said, “Ms. Xu, the 10 bodyguards standing in front of you are the most outstanding bodyguards in our company be it in professionalism or capability. There is no need to worry at all.”

That female advisor took out the company’s handbook as she spoke. The handbook was an introduction to the bodyguards’ abilities and their past achievements.

Li Xia scanned through casually and saw that one of them had risked their lives to protect their employers by receiving two slashes before, it could be said that he was really using his life to protect his employer.

That’s great, this was the kind of bodyguard that she needed!

However, every bodyguard present was all extremely professional and had been injured in place of their employers before, which made it difficult for Li Xia to choose.

How about just hiring all 10 of them, letting the house be the gathering of stylish men so I can admire those perfect figures every day?

That would be awesome!

Just as Li Xia started to become delirious in delight, the system’s voice suddenly sounded in her head, “Ms. Koi Fish, stop letting your imagination run wild! Please be more rational and don’t be tempted by their figures, alright?”

Li Xia smiled awkwardly and recovered her rationality.

She had only dared to imagine such a thing. However, in reality, there were only the two of them, her and little fatty, so even if there was a change in shift every 24 hours, there was no need for 10 people. It would really be too conspicuous with so many people and sometimes, being too eye-catching was not a good thing.

Therefore, Li Xia passed this difficult choice to the female advisor. “What I need is someone who can protect me and my son, could you help me arrange it according to your experience?”

“Of course, please wait a moment.”

The female advisor left temporarily so Li Xia picked up the handbook on the table and started flipping through it again out of boredom.

Just now, she had only flipped through the first half and did not notice that the second half was basically the profiles of female bodyguards.

The female bodyguards in the photos all had long legs, thin waists, and were good-looking. They did not lose to those male bodyguards in terms of their capabilities written in their profiles, and they could even assist in one’s daily life and take care of domestic affairs.

They were more suitable for her as she was a woman with a child so it would not be convenient for a group of male bodyguards to live under the same roof.

Therefore, Li Xia immediately told the female advisor about her thoughts after the female advisor returned.

Li Xia’s thinking was the same as the plan the female advisor had made for Li Xia. “Considering your situation, I suggest you hire three bodyguards, two male, and one female. The female bodyguard can help to take care of your daily lives while the male bodyguards can protect you and your son when going out.”

Three people, the number was quite suitable.

As for how those three were to be chosen, the female advisor saw that Li Xia could not decide so she recommended a few to Li Xia. However, Li Xia kept on asking if those few were the best out of everyone, and even if the female advisor said she could guarantee the capabilities of those bodyguards and that Li Xia could rest assured, Li Xia still felt uneasy.

The female advisor then proposed, “Ms. Xu, we can organize a battle between the bodyguards, then we’ll choose the top three so that you can completely erase your worries, would such a method be plausible?”

Li Xia’s eyes lit up after hearing the female advisor’s words. “Great idea!”

Li Xia felt as if it was a contest for her groom like in ancient times as she viewed the battle from outside the training grounds.

After an hour of battling, the three bodyguards were chosen.

The male bodyguards all had similar figures so Li Xia did not feel anything regardless of who won or lost, what made her surprised was the female bodyguard that had won in the end.

The figures of most women that could become bodyguards could be imagined, they were all tall with long legs and although their muscles were not as obvious as those male bodyguards, it was obvious that they gave off a feeling of power.

However, that female bodyguard that won the battle had a large chest, thin waist, and fair skin, her face was as small as a person’s hand and she had bright eyes. Her figure was also thin and slender, she did not look muscular at all.

However, in the battle, she had thrown another female bodyguard that was twice her size over her shoulder, her actions were so clean and precise others would exclaim in awe about how cool she was. If it was not for the fact that Li Xia had seen what that female bodyguard could do with her own eyes, she definitely would not have believed that such a pretty girl who would arouse the other’s desire to protect her was actually so skilled.

Indeed, one should not judge the book by its cover!

Li Xia chose her bodyguards through the battles so the female advisor called the three of them to sign the contract.

Li Xia chose the top level of bodyguard service so the fees were extremely expensive, the employment fees were 3 million per month and Li Xia signed the contract for half a month of employment, so she had to pay 18 million in one go.

After the money was deducted from the card, Li Xia suddenly understood why Wang Jianlin had said those words.

“Let’s set a small goal first, such as earning 100 million.”

That sentence was once ridiculed by the netizens saying that what Wang Jianlin said was easier said than done.

However, Li Xia now understood that 100 million was really nothing to the rich, they could spend dozens of millions easily, and currently, she had yet to buy her house and cars.

After the contract was signed, the three bodyguards changed into their casual wear and left the company with Li Xia.

When the four of them walked out of the bodyguard company, a voice could suddenly be heard in Li Xia’s mind.

“Ding—Main Mission’s progress increased by 5%, current progress is 5%”

After hearing those words, Li Xia immediately opened the system screen and looked at that progress bar which was no longer empty. She could not help but be excited.

The main mission’s progress had finally increased after so long, it looks like her choice of hiring bodyguards was correct.

Li Xia was in a great mood. She turned back to see Jiang Che, who had a cheerful puppy face, Shen Yuan, who had the looks of a supermodel, and Ning Meng, who had a fair complexion and gorgeous looks. She could not help but exclaim, they’re not bodyguards, they’re a feast for the eyes.

Ning Meng felt embarrassed from being stared at so intensively by Li Xia so she asked politely, “Ms. Xu, do you have any plans next?”

“All of you brought your drivers’ license right?”

The three of them nodded.

“Then let’s go buy cars first, one for each of you!”

Once she finished, the three of them exchanged gazes as they were shocked.


Li Xia sat in the front passenger seat so she did not see their expressions, she only heard a cold prompt voice in her head, “Ding—Wealth Flaunting Bar increased by 1%, the current progress of the Wealth Flaunting Bar is 14%.”

Previously, when she spent a large sum of money buying luxury brand clothes and bags, the Wealth Flaunting Bar did not increase at all, but now, it actually increased by 1% just from her speaking.

She seemed to have understood the meaning of “flaunt” that the system had mentioned.

Li Xia continued asking, “What brand do you like? Ferrari, Bentley, or Porsche? I’m not very well-versed in cars so just tell me directly if you have a preference.”

At first, the three of them were only slightly shocked, but now that they heard Li Xia’s words, they were completely dumbstruck.

One had to know that those cars were not cheap. Even though they had been employed by numerous employers, even the wealthiest billionaires had only let them drive the luxury cars in their homes, they were only the drivers. Li Xia, on the other hand, wanted to buy them luxury cars according to their preference on the first day!

Li Xia turned around and noticed their expressions. Then, she heard another prompt message in her head. The Wealth Flaunting Bar had increased by another 1%.

There were no men who did not love cars. Although they were tempted, the bodyguard companies had their own regulations so Jiang Che replied, “Ms. Xu, thank you for your kindness but there is no need to buy cars for us.”

“No worries, I also want to buy cars. Also, it’s necessary for each of you to have a good car as if something happens to me, you would be able to get there as fast as possible.”

Seeing that their employer had said so, the three of them could only nod their heads.

Li Xia was afraid that the three of them would want to save money for her so she emphasized, “There’s no need to think about the price, any car is okay as long as it can be bought.”

Li Xia and Xu Zhiyu both had drivers’ licenses but both of them had basically not driven after getting their license. Thus, it resulted in Li Xia having no courage to drive the cars despite having enough money to buy them now.

However, most of the time, it would be inconvenient going out without cars so she thought of giving each of them a car, it would then be convenient when she wanted to go outside.

Li Xia was clueless about cars but her three bodyguards who earned high salaries were knowledgeable about them since they would normally drive luxury cars that cost a few million dollars. Therefore, they had quite a few acquaintances in the car industry. After obtaining Li Xia’s permission, they directly brought Li Xia to the capital’s luxury car dealer.

The boss of the luxury car dealer was Shen Yuan’s friend and when he first heard Shen Yuan saying that his current employer wanted to buy three luxury cars in one go, he did not believe him.

He had been a luxury car dealer for a long time but he had never seen any tycoon buying three cars at once before, Shen Yuan employer most likely just wanted to take a look at the cars, it would be quite a good deal if Shen Yuan’s employer could buy one in the end.

However, he never expected that Li Xia would have already spent 30 million in less than an hour after she reached the shop, she had bought three luxury cars that cost almost 10 million each.

It opened everyone’s eyes to what was called ‘spending without batting an eye’.

At the same time, Li Xia clearly heard the mechanical prompt message, “Ding—Wealth Flaunting Bar increased by 8%, the current progress of the Wealth Flaunting Bar is 22%.”

Originally, spending money was something that would improve one’s mood, not to mention that both her mission’s progress had increased.

Therefore, Li Xia was in a good mood. She took a look at the time and noticed it was already two o’clock in the afternoon but they had yet to have lunch.

Therefore, she decided to first treat her new bodyguards to lunch before going to buy the house.

She was full of motivation and decided to spend the whole day solving all the problems they faced. She could only be at ease the faster those problems were solved.

However, right at that moment, her phone rang.

Li Xia took out her phone to see who it was.

It was actually the kindergarten teacher.

She instantly had a bad premonition.

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