Quick Transmigration: Villain’s Koi Fish Mother [Chapter 7]


Li Xia woke once the alarm on the bed stand rang. She stretched out her hand to turn the alarm off and woke An’an, who was still deep in sleep. “Lazy pig, it’s time to wake up, let’s wear the new clothes today, okay?”

An’an used his tiny hands to cover his eyes as he was still half-asleep. His tiny pinkish lips revealed his teeny-weeny teeth as he spoke in a cutesy tone, “Mummy, can we not go to the kindergarten today?”

“No, today is already Friday. Let’s last for another day alright?”

“Then mummy, bring me to the amusement park tomorrow to play the bumper car.” Li Xia realized that this little fatty was really good at proposing conditions, he was already so adept at “equivalent exchange” at such a young age.

Li Xia did not know whether this was counted as something good or bad, but from Xu Zhiyu’s memories, Xu Zhiyu did not always let An’an have his way.

“I could bring you to play the bumper car, but that will depend on your performance today.”

“An’an will definitely be a good boy today.”

“Then what should you do now?”

Li Xia looked towards the clothes at the side, hinting to An’an to change his clothes but he simply stood on the bed, stretched out his tiny arms, and said, “A morning kiss for mummy.”

In that instant, Li Xia’s heart melted and she experienced the joy of raising a child.

An’an was just too cute.

After bringing An’an to eat breakfast, Li Xia sent him to the kindergarten first.

She was originally worried for An’an’s safety in the kindergarten so she wanted to take a day off to keep An’an close to her.

However, on second thought, she had to go and hire bodyguards and buy a larger house today so that the bodyguards could live in the house. That way, the bodyguards would be able to protect her and An’an 24/7.

An’an was only three years old and would ask to be hugged after walking a few more steps so it would be inconvenient to bring him along to settle those matters. In addition, An’an might not be as safe as he was in the kindergarten if he followed her around before she hired a bodyguard.

Therefore, Li Xia still decided to send An’an to the kindergarten first. She specifically reminded Mrs. Liu, the teacher of the class An’an was in, to not let any strangers beside her come into contact with An’an.

Mrs. Liu felt that Li Xia’s request was strange so she asked Li Xia for the reason.

Li Xia then mentioned how An’an’s father had abandoned them back then and came back now to snatch the child because of infertility problems. Of course, she did not say who An’an’s father was, she had only made the story a few times more tragic than how it originally was, and instantly, Mrs. Liu sympathized with her.

Mrs. Liu scolded An’an’s father for having no conscience and assured Li Xia of An’an’s safety.

After handing An’an to Mrs. Liu, Li Xia hurriedly started to settle the things she had listed out yesterday. She first went to an international bodyguard company that she had made an appointment with yesterday.

Li Xia saw the introduction of that company through its official website. The company’s bodyguards were all retired special troops from the various military commands. Their capabilities were extraordinary and were the first choice for numerous celebrities to ensure their safety.

In the original plot, Xu Zhiyu’s death was the direct reason why Xu Nianhe had become the villain. Therefore, if she wanted to complete the mission, Li Xia had to first ensure her safety so she was extremely cautious in picking her bodyguard.

Li Xia started to carefully pick her bodyguard as she faced the numerous tall and strong burly men in front of her in the bodyguard company.

Meanwhile, on the other side, the employees in Xu Zhiyu’s company were gossiping.

The main character of the gossip was none other than Xu Zhiyu, which was also Li Xia.

“Ke, it was really a shame that you had taken yesterday off.” A female employee started gossiping with the female colleague beside her, temporarily leaving her job at hand behind.

That female colleague named Ke turned around and asked, “Qiqi, why? What happened?”

Qiqi saw that Ke was curious so she could not resist and immediately spilled the happenings yesterday to Ke in detail.

“Yesterday, when Xu Zhiyu walked in, she looked really confident. I heard them say that what she had on her yesterday cost at least this much…”

Qiqi stretched out five fingers and flashed it in front of Ke.

“RMB50,000?”Everyone was working-class that only had a salary that was slightly above RMB10,000, so Ke did not dare to guess too much.

“Add another zero behind.”

“It can’t be, everyone knows about Xu Zhiyu’s situation! She has a child even though she’s unmarried and her parents seemed to have passed away, she doesn’t even have someone to help to take care of her child at home so her life is quite hard.”

“Sigh, don’t you know that there’s a market for single hot mothers now? For someone like Xu Zhiyu, finding a moneybag would be as easy as ABC.”

Qiqi’s tone was filled with disdain but it could be seen from her expression that she was envious.

She took out a small mirror to take a look at her face. She felt that she was quite pretty too, just why didn’t she have such a good life like Xu Zhiyu?

Ke, on the other hand, did not believe what Qiqi had said. Although she was not close to Xu Zhiyu, she felt that Xu Zhiyu was not such a person. If Xu Zhiyu was really willing to do such a thing, why didn’t she do it earlier and still continued coming to work for this hard-earned money?

However, Ke did not rebut Qiqi, though she did not want to continue conversing about this so she changed the topic and asked, “Why didn’t she come to work today?”

Before Qiqi could speak, Xu Qiang, who sat behind Qiqi, suddenly cut in and asked in astonishment, “You don’t know that she had already resigned?”

“She quit? When?”

Xu Zhiyu still had to raise her child so she desperately needed a source of income. Therefore, she cherished this job dearly, how was it possible that she had resigned?

“Yesterday. Originally, the company was also going to fire her but who would have expected that she would take the initiative and resigned first. She didn’t even take her last month’s salary, most likely she has found a sugar daddy.” Xu Qiang’s tone was that of contempt as he spoke.

“Xu Qiang, you shouldn’t anyhow speak of uncertain things, she has already resigned.”

Ke purely felt that it was not nice to speak about a woman that they would never cross paths with again in the future but Xu Qiang refused to listen and continued speaking.

“What do you mean by anyhow, her relationship with the Planning Department’s manager is already known through the whole company. Even if it’s only rumored, last time when Li Huan and I coincidentally worked overtime with her, she gave me the eye hinting that she wanted us to help her with a big client. It was a good thing that I was a decent person and could hold myself back, if not, my reputation would have been ruined there and then.”

Xu Zhiyu had fallen down the stairs and there were rumors saying it was related to him. Therefore, Xu Qiang was in a hurry to whitewash himself as he was afraid of being in trouble and just threw mud at Xu Zhiyu.

“OMG, such juicy news? Are you serious? Is she really that hungry for men?” Qiqi instantly jumped up from her chair after hearing such exciting gossip.

Ke could hear a sense of superiority from Xu Qiang’s words and could only feel that the man in front of her was disgusting. She then turned her chair back around and did not continue joining the gossip.

Xu Qiang, on the other hand, became even more excited. “Ask Li Huan if you don’t believe me, he was there that day too.”

Just when Xu Qiang was about to call Li Huan to prove his point, he heard a few coughs that attracted his attention. Everyone looked towards the direction of the sound and saw that the department manager Zhou Xiangdong and the Human Resource Department’s manager. 

Zhou Xiangdong had a dark expression while the Human Resource Department’s manager was expressionless.

It was obvious that the two of them had come for the same reason as they appeared at the same time.

As for the reason, it was not difficult to guess. It was definitely related to Xu Zhiyu.

Li Huan, who sat at the furthest end, turned back to exchange a gaze with Xu Qiang. The both of them confirmed their guess and revealed a smile.

Zhou Xiangdong had actually checked the surveillance camera when Xu Zhiyu was working overtime and fell down the staircase, he knew that the fault lay in Xu Qiang and Li Huan.

However, Xu Qiang and Li Huan’s sales results in their department were outstanding. Meanwhile, although Xu Zhiyu’s performance was quite good too, there were bad rumors about her and she had conflicts with Manager Cai. Therefore, after weighing the pros and cons, Manager Zhou decided to keep Xu Qiang and Li Huan.

Currently, Xu Zhiyu had already resigned so most likely, Zhou Xiangdong was planning to scold them a little to spur their style of work. As for the Human Resource Department’s manager, he was probably here to announce the change in the performance ratings of the employees.

Xu Qiang completely set his mind at ease as he thought till here.

However, what he did not expect was that the first sentence Zhou Xiangdong said nearly made him fall off his chair from shock. He could not believe his ears at all.

“The company has decided to fire Xu Qiang and Li Huan! From today onwards, Xu Qiang and Li Huan are no longer Rong Hua’s employees!”

Once this news was announced, the whole department was in a heated discussion.

One had to know that the two of them had the best performance in the whole department, normally even the manager was nice to them, why would he suddenly fire them?

Immediately after, Zhou Xiangdong explained, “After investigations by the company, Xu Zhiyu’s hospitalisation incident was not that she had fallen off the stairs from her own carelessness. Instead, she had missed her step and fell because she was being chased by Xu Qiang and Li Huan. The company is infuriated by their actions and decided to fire Xu Qiang and Li Huan, the company definitely would not allow such scums to stay!”

Zhou Xiangdong’s tone was filled with righteous indignation. Meanwhile, Xu Qiang was dumbfounded and he instinctively tried to justify himself.

Xu Qiang stood up amongst the voices of others and explained, “Manager Zhou, you must be mistaken, how can you blame us for Xu Zhiyu’s fall?

“That’s right, what does it have to do with me?” Li Huan also stood up.

“You’re still not admitting it? Then let everyone see just what you did!” After finishing, Zhou Xiangdong signaled to the employee standing beside the projector.

That employee turned on the projector and plucked in the USB that was prepared beforehand.

Images started appearing on the white projection screen, it was a surveillance video recording.

There was no sound from the surveillance video but the resolution was clear enough. The other employees who did not know the truth looked at the recording without knowing what the video was for.

Xu Qiang and Li Huan’s faces had turned completely pale when they saw the date on the video.

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