Quick Transmigration: Villain’s Koi Fish Mother [Chapter 10]


On the way there, Zhang Xinru kept calling that number that sent her that message, but the call was hung up every time it just got through. 

That made her even more anxious and her whole mind was thinking about the content of that message.

“Mr. He is meeting his old flame, would Mrs. He be interested to come and take a look at the Nan Chuan Club?”

When Zhang Xinru saw the two words “old flame”, Xu Zhiyu’s face instantly appeared in her mind.

She was extremely clear about He Yanxi’s past relationships and the only one who could be called “old flame” was only Xu Zhiyu.

Also, when He Yanxi had called her in the afternoon to tell her that his son had been fetched back, his tone was extremely calm and it seemed like everything went smoothly.

However, she had met Xu Zhiyu before and knew that Xu Zhiyu treasured her son dearly. She would not give up the custody of her son no matter how much money was offered. The reason that He Yanxi could proceed so smoothly must mean that the both of them had come to some kind of agreement.

Xu Zhiyu did not want money, so what other things could make her give her son to the He Family willingly besides Zhang Xinru’s position as Mrs. He?

Zhang Xinru knew too well about Xu Zhiyu’s feelings for He Yanxi back then. When she knew that she was infertile and Xu Zhiyu had given birth to a son for He Yanxi, she had been worried that the two of them would rekindle their love.

Therefore, she kept urging He Yanxi to bring the child back so that she could arrange for people to make Xu Zhiyu disappear after the child was snatched.

Who would have expected that the two of them would get back together so quickly?

It was not as if she did not doubt the truth of the message.

However, Nan Chuan Club was one of the top-grade clubs that He Yanxi would frequent. If the person who sent the message did not see it for himself or herself, that person would not be able to report it so accurately.

Zhang Xinru clenched onto her phone tightly in the taxi, as if she was clenching her heart for it to calm down as much as possible.

No matter what, she still had the Zhang Family behind her so as long as she catches the two of them on the spot and exposes that matter to her in-laws, then tells her family to put pressure on the He Family, she would be able to seek justice. He Yanxi would then need to obediently give up on Xu Zhiyu again like the last time.

As for Xu Zhiyu, her in-laws would not allow her to live even without her making a move.

That was because, if Xu Zhiyu was alive, then it would mean that the He Family’s only grandson would be of illegitimate birth and it would mean that He Yanxi had been irresponsible in the past and played with women. The He Family would never allow such matters that would ruin the reputation of the conglomerate to spread.

Thinking till here, Zhang Xinru gradually calmed down, but the tip of her fingers that had already turned white from clenching too hard exposed the nervousness within her.


The Nan Chuan Club was a famous high-end club and the reason why Li Xia chose this place was that He Yanxi was a frequent customer of this club.

As for why she would know such a thing, she had to thank the system for inputting the plot of the original world for her in detail.

The reason why Xu Zhiyu had been killed was that Zhang Xinru was worried that Xu Zhiyu would get back together with He Yanxi.

Therefore, Xu Zhiyu thought of such a method in a hurry to lure Zhang Xinru out.

As for what she was going to do after she lured Zhang Xinru out, Li Xia thought of her plan and smirked.

He Yanxi, since you snatched my son away, I’ll snatch your wife!

Shen Yuan stopped the car to the side and said, “Ms. Xu, we’ve arrived.

“Okay, all of you will go in with me.”

Ning Meng stood beside Li Xia and helped to carry her bag.

Meanwhile, Shen Yuan and Jiang Che, who were tall and strong, followed behind Li Xia, one on the left and the other on her right. They secretly scanned the surrounding landscape and instinctively started to analyze where would be advantageous to them if they were to be attacked.

The four of them arrived in a threatening manner so the security guards of the club were instantly on guard as they kept a close watch on the four of them.

However, Li Xia ignored those gazes and continued walking forward.

A woman wearing a suit with a “manager” nameplate pinned on her chest walked up to Li Xia elegantly. She revealed a gentle smile and said, “Miss, is this your first time here in Nan Chuan Club? The Nan Chuan Club is only open to VIP customers. If you would like to spend money in this club, you would have to become our VIP customer.”

“How do I become a VIP?”

“Normal VIP customers would need to pre-store $880,000 in the membership card. As for first-class VIP customers, they would need to pre-store $3,880,000.”

As expected, a venue for the rich was really cash-burning!

Li Xia exclaimed to herself but she did not hesitate in taking out her bank card. “I’ll become a first-class VIP.”

The procedures for signing up to become a VIP were extremely fast. In less than five minutes after she swiped her card, the manager passed her ID and bank card back to her, saying, “Ms. Xu, we are extremely grateful that you have chosen Nan Chuan Club.”

Afterward, the manager called someone over to bring them in.

Li Xia then chose the innermost private room. She rose her head to look at the name of the private room, it had an elegant name of “Bamboo”. She then looked around and there were other private rooms names “Pine”, “Plum”, “Snow” and so on.

Li Xia borrowed Jiang Che’s phone again and this time, she only sent one word, “Bamboo”.


Zhang Xinru saw that single word “Bamboo” after she opened the message she received.

As He Yanxi’s wife, she had frequently gone to various high-end clubs with He Yanxi. Naturally, she had been to Nan Chuan Club before. Therefore, she knew just what “Bamboo” represented.

Zhang Xinru clenched her hand, she was even more certain that the previous message was real. She hastily rushed into the club once she left the taxi.

The employees of Nan Chuan Club recognized her and hurriedly went to serve her. “Mrs. He, why are you in such a hurry? Is there anything you need help with?”

Zhang Xinru was only thinking about that message so she just blurted out, “I’m looking for He Yanxi.”

“Mr. He? He has not come to the club today and did not book any private rooms in advance either.” The receptionist checked the system but did not see He Yanxi’s name anywhere.

“He did not come? Impossible.”

“Mr. He’s name cannot be found in the system.”

The receptionist looked sincere but Zhang Xinru did not believe her. Then on second thought, Zhang Xinru said Xu Zhiyu’s name.

The club could not reveal the private information of other customers but the receptionist did not dare to lie to Zhang Xinru, so she could only answer, “My apologies, Mrs. He, we cannot reveal information about other customers.”

If her name was not there, then the receptionist would directly reply no, didn’t it mean that there was her name if the receptionist replied that she was unable to reveal the information?

Zhang Xinru dashed inside. She was already enraged and all her rationality had already been lost when she was in the taxi.

She should have noticed earlier that without He Yanxi, Xu Zhiyu would never have been able to go to such a high-end breakfast restaurant with just her pitiful salary when she still had a child to raise. Not to mention that Xu Zhiyu even flaunted her wealth in front of Zhang Xinru by treating everyone in the restaurant, making Zhang Xinru lose face.

Now, she was going to catch them having an affair and make He Yanxi explain it to her.

Zhang Xinru, who was familiar with the place, arrived in front of the private room “Bamboo” smoothly. She took a deep breath to calm herself down as much as possible before she knocked on the door with all her might. However, she had never expected the door to be open so she directly fell inside.

However, once she entered the room, she was given two slaps on her face.

Li Xia had used all her might and vented all the hatred of Xu Zhiyu being killed and her son being snatched with those two slaps, her hand was numb after slapping Zhang Xinru.

Meanwhile, Zhang Xinru was dumbfounded from being slapped. She held her face in pain as she looked inside the private room with only Li Xia and a few strangers she did not know at all. She could not understand just what was going on at all!

After regaining her consciousness, her first thought was to escape this private room, but once she turned towards the door, there was already a burly man standing in front of the door.

She realized that the situation was not right so she glared at Li Xia and questioned her, “Xu Zhiyu, what do you want to do?”

Li Xia sat on the sofa with a smile. “Aren’t you very clear of what I want? Stop speaking nonsense and return my son to me.”

Zhang Xinru only understood then that she had fallen into Li Xia’s trap. She retreated in horror.

“Th-that message… was sent by you?”

“That’s right. Didn’t I hit your sore spot perfectly?”

“Xu Zhiyu, you-you… hurry and let me out! Don’t you know that what you’re doing now is illegal? I’m going to call the police! I will call the police!”

Zhang Xinru took out her phone in a panic to make the call, but in the next second, her phone was snatched away by Jiang Che easily. Jiang Che clicked the factory reset mode of the phone and completely deleted all information on them.

“Illegal? Xu Nianhe is my son and has nothing to do with the He Family at all. Isn’t it illegal for you to take him away without consent? Or should I say that the He Family has so much power that you even have a say in the law?”

“What nonsense are you spouting? When did the He Family take your son away? You’re framing us!”

Li Xia did not plan to continue this rubbish conversation as she saw that Zhang Xinru did not admit it. As long as little fatty was not safely beside her, she felt anxious.

She glanced at Ning Meng and in the blink of an eye, a combat knife that was completely incompatible with her cute image appeared.

Ning Meng approached Zhang Xinru step-by-step. Zhang Xinru stepped back with her legs trembling until her back was right against the wall.

Ning Meng used the back of her hand to gently stroke Zhang Xinru’s face. She smiled faintly, which was terrifying in Zhang Xinru’s eyes. Zhang Xinru was so frightened that her legs went soft and she just slid down the wall and sat on the ground. She was so scared for her life but she still mustered the courage to say, “Just how much money did that woman give you? I’ll give you double!”

The knife closed in on her face.

“10 times!”

The knife still did not stop.

“20 times, 5-50 times!”

Zhang Xinru was already on the verge of tears as she saw the knife nearing her face, she was already quivering and breaking down completely.

“I-I… I’ll return your son to you.”

Why are there so many incidents of violence, fighting, and murder every year? Doesn’t everyone know that it’s illegal?

Of course not, it’s just sometimes violence was the most direct and efficient method.

However, when using the option of violence, the perpetrator should be prepared to be punished by law.

Therefore, Li Xia had a good sense of propriety and did not really harm Zhang Xinru besides those two slaps to teach Zhang Xinru a lesson.

Zhang Xinru called the housekeeper at home, then Li Xia arranged for Ning Meng and Shen Yuan to fetch An’an from the He Residence. Meanwhile, Li Xia and Jiang Che stayed in the private room to keep watch over Zhang Xinru.

To little fatty, Ning Meng and Shen Yuan were both strangers to him so he was extremely reluctant and kept on wailing so Li Xia could only comfort him through the video call.

The reason why Li Xia did not choose to personally go and fetch little fatty was that she had heard that Zhang Xinru was willing to pay her bodyguards 50 times their pay. She was worried that if she was not around, her bodyguards might really be bought.

In the end, it was still best for her to personally keep an eye on Zhang Xinru as if there were any mishaps, at least Zhang Xinru would be useful.

However, Li Xia’s worries were entirely redundant. Each and every bodyguard in the international bodyguard company would need to sign an agreement to be completely loyal to their employers. If they were to betray their employers, the bodyguard company would hold the bodyguards accountable according to the agreement. By then, they might not even be alive to spend the money.

After Ning Meng and Shen Yuan brought little fatty back, Zhang Xinru immediately told Li Xia to let her go. However, no one expected Li Xia to actually call the police.

Li Xia comforted little fatty, who had cried until his throat was hoarse. Meanwhile, the others were all sitting there silently for the police to arrive.

No one had ever expected for the sound insulation of the walls in such a high-end club to be nothing remarkable.

In the private room “Pine” that was beside “Bamboo”, the two who had heard everything in Li Xia’s room exchanged looks. Among those two, the slightly younger man asked in curiosity, “Mr. Xiao, why did she call the police?”

The man who was called Mr. Xiao smiled and gestured for that younger man to continue listening.

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