Quick Transmigration: Villain’s Koi Fish Mother [Chapter 11]


After the police received Li Xia’s phone call, they immediately rushed to Nan Chuan Club.

On the phone, Li Xia said that she had already found the child, and the perpetrator was captured. She told them to hurry and come over to bring the perpetrator in.

It was only a few hours after the case had been reported so the police were still looking at the surveillance video from the kindergarten. They were about to start the investigation from that man who took the child away but Li Xia actually called them to tell them that they had found the child and even captured the perpetrator.

The police officers responsible for this case were in disbelief but at the same time, they suspected that this incident was a farce all along.

If it was really a farce, then they would need to give that mother a warning as fake police reports that abuse police resources were illegal and she must thoroughly reflect.

With such a thought, two police officers arrived at the Nan Chuan Club and entered the private room “Bamboo” smoothly after showing their badges.

Once they pushed open the door, they saw the mother and son playing on the sofa, and beside them were the two men and one woman they had seen back at the kindergarten.

The two men and one woman would not be the perpetrator so the only one remaining was the woman holed up in the corner.

That woman’s hair was in a mess and her cheeks were red, it was obvious she had been slapped.

One of the police officers, Li Xiang, asked, “Ms. Xu, just what had happened? How did you find your child?”

Little fatty, who had slightly gotten better from being comforted by Li Xia, immediately hugged her tightly after seeing two strangers enter. On the sofa, An’an’s tiny chubby hands grabbed onto Li Xia’s arms tightly as if he was afraid of being separated from his mother again.

Li Xia rubbed little fatty’s hair and whispered gently, “An’an, don’t be afraid, they are the police. Didn’t mummy tell you before that the police are good people and would help us?”

Although An’an had the comfort of his mother, he was still unwilling to let down his guard as he had been frightened for the whole day. He buried his head into his mother’s embrace and tightened his grip on Li Xia.

Li Xia didn’t know how else she could comfort a three-year-old child so she just replied to the police’s questions while hugging An’an.

“We’ll need to ask Mrs. Zhang for an answer. I don’t think I’ve ever offended Mrs. Zhang nor do I even know her that well, but she arranged for people to kidnap my child from the kindergarten. I need Mrs. Zhang to give me a reasonable explanation.”

With a child present, Li Xia could not get angry but her tone was overbearing, as if she would never give up until Zhang Xinru accounted for her actions.

The police examined the current situation and realized that this matter could not be solved easily so they brought everyone back to the police station.

After they left, that greenhorn young man in the “Pine” room asked, “Mr. Xiao, it doesn’t make sense, I don’t understand what she just said.”

That man who was called “Mr. Xiao” glanced at that young man, using his gaze to tell that young man just how stupid he was before saying calmly, “Let’s go.”


After the police brought everyone to the police station, they started to question them one by one.

Li Xia told them everything that happened, including how she slapped Zhang Xinru and threatened her with a knife for her to give Li Xia back her son.

After the police heard what she said, he frowned and said, “How do you know that the child was snatched by Zhang Xinru? Also, why does Zhang Xinru want to snatch your child?”

Li Xia did not tell the police these things beforehand because she felt that the police would not investigate He Yanxi and Zhang Xinru without evidence, seeing how influential the He family was.

However, if the child was returned by Zhang Xinru personally, the evidence would be there so she would not be able to deny it. Also, it would be too late for the He Family to cover things up and they would need to account to her.

Not to mention that she would then have a legitimate reason to doubt the He Family in the future if anything were to happen to her child again after she tells the truth to the police.

Li Xia lowered her head and tried her best to pretend to hesitate as though she had some unspeakable secret.

The police comforted Li Xia once they saw how she reacted, “Ms. Xu, please speak without considerations, we’ll bring justice to you as the law will protect each and every citizen.”

Li Xia paused for a moment after hearing their words. Her eyes then turned red with tears as she spoke, “Ac-actually… He Yanxi is the child’s biological father.”

“What? Why didn’t you tell us earlier?”

“It’s not that I don’t want to say it, I’m just afraid that you won’t believe me and the He Family might deny everything.

Li Xia hesitated for a moment before continuing, “Back then, he abandoned me and my son and married Zhang Xinru. He did not take care of the child at all since An’an was born but recently, he suddenly appeared in front of us. He had offered me a cheque worth 5 million previously as he wanted me to give up on the custody of the child using money but I did not agree…”

“I thought that they would not act rashly, but I didn’t expect them to do such a thing in broad daylight.”

Li Xia was choking with sobs as she spoke. The two police officers hurriedly comforted her, “Ms. Xu, please don’t worry. You’re the only guardian of the child now and even He Yanxi who is the biological father of the child does not have the right to take the child away without your consent. That is because legally, he is not related to your son at all.”

Li Xia lifted her head and asked sorrowfully, “Does that mean that what He Yanxi did was breaking the law?”

“That’s right. Ms. Xu, don’t worry as everyone is equal in front of the law.”

Because the He Family had kidnapped the child in the first place, Li Xia’s actions of threatening Zhang Xinru could be understood as she was a mother that was worried for her child’s safety and had no other choice but to use such a method. Also, she had taken the initiative to be honest with the police and had a good attitude. Therefore, the police only warned her not to do such a thing again before letting Li Xia bring the child back.

As for Zhang Xinru, it was known after the investigation that she was just an insider and not the mastermind, the true mastermind was He Yanxi.

The next day when Li Xia login to Weibo, the first notification she saw was #He Conglomerate’s President He Yanxi detained#. However, in the next second, after she clicked into that notification, the page displayed that “this page no longer exists or has been deleted.”

Li Xia had already expected such a situation.

This incident was just a small matter for the He Family and the news was instantly taken down. As for He Yanxi being detained, it was impossible and he would at most stay in the police station for 15 minutes before returning.

Indeed, in the afternoon, the official account of the He Conglomerate sent a post to clarify the matter. At the same time, they even sent the picture of a lawyer’s letter saying that they would sue all the media that had spread such fake news and caused the He Conglomerate’s reputation to be damaged. 

The comments below the post were all supporting the He Conglomerate of protecting their rights.

Li Xia could not help but shake her head after reading the post.

The boss decides how the company would be, it’s no wonder they could be this bold to turn black into white.

After scrolling through Weibo, Li Xia put down her phone and covered An’an, who had already fallen asleep, with his small blanket. She wanted to get up to pour a cup of water but just as she moved, An’an woke up.

“Mummy, where are you going?”

“Mummy is thirsty so mummy is going to pour a cup of water,” Li Xia explained but An’an still grabbed onto the edge of her clothes tightly.

Since An’an returned home yesterday, he refused to leave Li Xia for even a moment. He did not even go to the playroom or watch his cartoon anymore. He just stuck close to Li Xia. Even when Li Xia was bathing, he had to stand in front of the bathroom and call out to her every few seconds to confirm that she was there.

In the few hours that An’an had been taken away by a stranger, he had been deeply frightened.

Although a mere few hours should not be enough for An’an to turn bad, nothing was absolute. What if it left a mental scar on him? Also, Li Xia’s heart truly ached when she saw how pitiful An’an was so she tried her best to comfort An’an and also agreed to all of his requests.

Ning Meng passed a cup of water to Li Xia once she saw such a situation.

Because of that incident, Li Xia did not have time to buy a house so her three bodyguards just made do in the living room yesterday night.

Li Xia originally wanted the two male bodyguards to return home first and just leave Ning Meng at home since they had just returned from the police station in the day, so nothing should happen at night. However, Jiang Che and Shen Yuan were worried so they insisted on staying.

Even though the three of them did not say anything, they all found it weird that someone like her, who would throw her money without a thought, did not even have a car. Not to mention that her house was small, covering 70-80m² at most, and the kindergarten her son was in was also of normal standards.

Could this be the humbleness of the wealthy?

However, they felt that Li Xia was not humble at all, instead, she would spend money as conspicuously as possible.

Even if they did not mention it, Li Xia also knew that she had to change to a bigger house.

So on the same day, Li Xia brought An’an to the sales department of the Gu Family’s Real Estate that she had already made an appointment with.

An’an was not in a good mood so Li Xia specially dressed him up and even hung a pair of tiny sunglasses on his neck. Then the three bodyguards and her all praised him for how handsome, cute and cool he was one after the other. Finally, An’an smiled.

After getting out of the car, both Li Xia and An’an wore sunglasses. The fashionable parent-child outfit was originally eye-catching enough, but with the addition of the incredibly good-looking bodyguards following behind them, they attracted the attention of the people surrounding them and the passersby frequently turned their heads to look at them.

An’an noticed everyone’s gazes so he lifted his head and whispered, “Mummy, they’re all looking at us.”

“That’s because An’an is just too cute so they can’t help but look at you.”

“No, it’s because mummy is too beautiful.” An’an smiled brightly, then continued praising Ning Meng and Jiang Che after praising his mother. “Also, Sister Meng is too cute and Brother Jiang is too cool.”

Cute children could really melt others’ hearts if they were good at sweet-talking too.

Ning Meng and Jiang Che could not help but smile after hearing An’an’s words.

Li Xia exclaimed, Xu Zhiyu’s son is really good at being sociable, he’s even better at speaking than I am.

They entered the sales department and immediately after, a property consultant went up to them. Li Xia told the property consultant that she had already made an appointment with Consultant Wang. She had already had a brief conversation with Consultant Wang so he basically knew about Li Xia’s needs.

Therefore, that property consultant called Consultant Wang over.

After Consultant Wang met Li Xia, he secretly observed Li Xia before politely giving her his business card. “Ms. Xu, we have conversed in the Gu Real Estate App previously, you mentioned that the price did not matter and the most important thing was the safety of the environment, right?”

“That’s right, as long as there’s high security and the size is big enough, it’s fine.”

“Coincidentally, we have a villa that is being auctioned off now. The highest bidder gets it. Ms. Xu, are you interested in participating in it?”

It was the first time that Li Xia had heard of a villa being auctioned, she only knew that items such as antiques and cultural relics with room for appreciation would be auctioned.

Could it be a villa with excellent geometry quality?

“Even a villa can be auctioned?”

“It’s normal that Ms. Xu does not know about this. The Gu Real Estate chooses a newly built villa with the best geomantic omen, environment, field of vision and location to be auctioned off every year. All proceeds from the auction would be donated to charity organizations so there’s always quite a number of customers joining the auction.”

After finishing, Consultant Wang unlocked the iPad and explained the real situation of the villa to Li Xia.

The villa was built near the lake and there was plenty of greenery around it. The garden design was high-class and the outer appearance and the interior decoration of the villa were both stylish, it was the type that Li Xia liked.

The villa had a private swimming pool, hot spring, and the whole Han Yang Villa Area also provided recreation areas like the top-grade golf course, gym, cafe, and racecourse for free.

Consultant Wang also told her that besides the high quality of the villa, the reason why the villas in the Han Yang Villa Area were so valuable was that the public recreational area was well built and everyone could expand their networks while relaxing there since the owners of the villas in Han Yang Villa Area were all top entrepreneurs in the industry.

Li Xia was tempted by all the merits.

She did not hesitate and said, “I’ll participate in the auction!”

“Understood, Ms. Xu, let me bring you to the auction hall on the second floor. The auction has already begun for quite a while but there’s no need to worry.”

Li Xia passed An’an to Ning Meng while she followed Consultant Wang into the auction hall.

After registering in front of the auction hall, she took her number plate and entered. She heard the auctioneer announce, “No. 12, Mr. Xiao Fan adds another 10 million, the current price of the villa is 180 million!”

It was the first time Li Xia participated in an auction so she was slightly nervous. She thought that the auctioneer was about to announce that it was sold so she hurriedly raised her number plate.

“No. 21, the miss who has just entered adds 10 million, the total is now 190 million!”

The auctioneer did not know Li Xia’s name as she just entered so the auctioneer could only call her number. Such a form of address made all the bidders turn to look back at her.

Xiao Fan smiled as he saw a familiar face and continued raising his number plate.

“Wow, looks like Mr. Xiao Fan really likes this mansion, another 10 million is added, the total is now at 200 million.”

Li Xia did not back down, anyway, she had money and could not lose in terms of flaunting one’s wealth.

“No. 21, Ms. Xu Zhiyu adds 10 million again, looks like Ms. Xu has also taken a liking to this mansion, the total is now at 210 million!”

Xiao Fan’s smile widened and he raised his number plate without hesitation.


Author’s notes:

Li Xia. “Why are you competing with me?”

Xiao Fan. “I’m not, I’m just rich.”

Li Xia. “No matter how rich you are, you can’t be as rich as me.”

Xiao Fan. “Look at the remaining balance in my card and count how many zeros there are.

Li Xia. “Tsk, so little… this is hard-earned money from rising early and sleeping late, use it sparingly and don’t try showing off anymore.”

Xiao Fan. “… Speak properly.”


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