Quick Transmigration: Villain’s Koi Fish Mother [Chapter 3]


“5 million, return the child to the He Family.”

Zhang Xinru’s tone was not like that of someone discussing something with another person but like that of how wealthy people were used to ordering others.

Li Xia was displeased with such a condescending attitude so she did not stretch out her hand to take the cheque but instead, she protected this child who was hugging her leg and slightly frightened of that stranger.

“Mdm He, I’ve already said it clear enough, An’an isn’t He Yanxi’s child.”

An’an was Xu Nianhe’s pet name. Xu Zhiyu gave him that name because she hoped for him to be able to grow up safe and sound.

Zhang Xinru scoffed after she heard Li Xia’s words and placed the cheque on the bed stand. She then took out another empty one and said, “Too little? Name a price, the He Family would be able to satisfy you.”

It was the tone of a typical rich man, they think that everything could be solved with money, if it could not be solved, then it must be that the money was not enough.

Although Li Xia, who had terminal poverty cancer, also thought that way most of the time, she knew that there were some things that could not be bought no matter how much money was spent, things such as family and relationships.

Li Xia looked straight into Zhang Xinru’s eyes and felt that this woman who was dressed up gorgeously had an extremely ugly heart, it made her think of the saying, beast in human clothes. [A Chinese idiom that means A person with extremely bad moral character and despicable behavior like an animal.]

Li Xia’s hand could just nicely hold onto the little fatty’s shoulders and she realized that his tiny shoulders were actually trembling slightly.

She lowered her head and the little fatty also raised his head to look at her. His bright and clear eyes were filled with pitiful begging, his tiny hands hugged her leg tightly, and his fingers grasped her trousers as if he was afraid that he would be separated from her.

Although a three years old child would not be able to understand much, he could understand the literal meaning of some words.

His gaze and actions obviously showed that he was scared that she would give him to this stranger in front of him.

What was rare was that if it was normal children, they would have already started howling and making a big fuss, but this little fatty did not say anything, he was obviously more intelligent as compared to normal children.

However, it made sense as he was the future villain, of course he would be different from ordinary children.

System-kun in Li Xia’s mind reminded her, “Ms. Koi Fish, a friendly reminder that your main and side missions’ progress bar has been activated, you can start completing your mission.” 

After hearing such words, Li Xia smiled and realized that this was an opportunity.

She gently patted that tiny shoulder twice to comfort the little fatty. Then, she took that cheque on the table and carefully looked at the value written on it. She flicked the cheque in her hand twice and at the same time, she emitted a sound of “tsk tsk”.

Zhang Xinru blatantly revealed the disdain on her face.

She wondered how lofty this Xu Zhiyu would be but as expected, Xu Zhiyu was a typical poor person once she saw money.

However, contrary to Zhang Xinru’s expectation, Xu Zhiyu tore the cheque into pieces in the next moment.

Li Xia threw the shreds of paper at Zhang Xinru’s face mercilessly. “Mdm He, you can leave with your 5 million.”

As the daughter of a rich and influential family, Zhang Xinru had been pampered since young so she had never been treated this way before. In an instant, she flared into a rage and pointed at Li Xia. “You…”

Li Xia dusted off the scraps of paper on her palms and said nonchalantly, “Since Mdm He likes using money to solve problems so much, then I’ll give you 10 times that cheque to buy a peaceful and quiet life. Please, all of you from the He Family, stop disturbing our lives.”

Just as Li Xia finished speaking, a mechanical prompt message could be heard in her mind.

“Ding—Wealth Flaunting Bar increases by 1%.”

That sudden prompt message surprised Li Xia, she had never expected that the Wealth Flaunting Bar could be increased with such a method, as expected of the name of the system, “Wealth Flaunting Futuristic Tech”. She knew that the system could not be that high-end.

Zhang Xinru widened her eyes in disbelief. Xu Zhiyu seemed to have completely changed, she was totally different from how she recalled her to be.

She said angrily, “Very good, Xu Zhiyu, wait and see.”

She then hurriedly turned and left this place which made her lose her face completely.

Li Xia heaved a sigh of relief once she saw Zhang Xinru leave.

Actually, earlier, she was worried that Zhang Xinru would instantly call a few burly men to use force. That way, she would have had no way to fight back since she was completely unprepared.

Even after Zhang Xinru left, little fatty still hugged Li Xia tightly.

He whispered, “Mummy.” His voice was no longer as lively as before, it was husky like he had been wronged and in that instant that Li Xia lowered her head, he started crying.

Li Xia hurriedly squatted down and helped little fatty wipe his eyes, she gently coaxed, “An’an, what’s wrong? Mummy is here, don’t cry anymore, alright?”

That little fatty’s thick eyelashes were now filled with tears and once he heard his mother’s words, he started pouting and tried his best to stop crying, he looked pitiful and cute at the same time.

“A man shouldn’t cry so easily, mummy will hug you so stop crying, alright?” Li Xia started comforting her “son” as she copied the scenes from some dramas that she had seen before.

An’an was really not called little fatty for nothing, he felt even softer than a soft toy when she hugged him and there was even the fragrant scent of milk coming from him.

After hugging An’an, Li Xia helped him wipe his tears and snot. Recalling what happened just now might have had a bad influence on a young child so Li Xia pulled An’an’s tiny hands and said, “An’an, that bad aunty from earlier has been chased away by mummy. Don’t worry, mummy won’t give you to anyone because mummy loves you very, very much.”

Xu Zhiyu really loved her son. If not, why would she still ask the Wealth Flaunting System to arrange for Li Xia to change her son’s fate once she discovered that her son had a bad ending, even though she had already died for so many years?

An’an looked at Li Xia with his big round eyes that were filled with the seriousness that few kids his age would have once heard Li Xia’s words. “Really? Mummy is not lying to An’an?”

Li Xia nodded. “Mummy is not lying to An’an.”

“Then pinky swear.”

“Okay, pinky swear and a thumb stamp.”

After they finished stamping, the little fatty’s mood started to turn better and after a short while, he started smiling again.

Meanwhile, it was only then that Li Xia had the time to sort out the situation she was in currently.

She looked into the mirror in the toilet, she wanted to familiarise herself with her “own” looks. Although she had the memories, it was, in the end, merely memories, so it was not vivid enough.

To be able to receive affection from He Yanxi, who was from a rich family, Li Xia was clear that it was impossible for Yu Zhiyu to not be pretty, but she was still astonished once she saw her own appearance clearly in the mirror.

Currently, Yu Zhiyu had yet to wash up and groom herself. She was without makeup but even so, it did not influence her beauty at all.

In the real world, the most beautiful woman she had seen was the campus queen of her university. That campus queen was photographed by a reporter when she was out shopping and became famous after her photograph was posted online. In one night, her fans increased by 100,000+. Afterward, she signed a contract with a model agency and lived a prosperous life. Li Xia was envious of that campus queen for quite some time.

Xu Zhiyu was much prettier than that campus queen and she had a kind of mature intellectual charm that was irresistible.

After admiring Xu Zhiyu’s beauty, Li Xia sorted out her memory and understood why she appeared in the hospital.

Xu Zhiyu’s degree and capability were quite good, it was just that she was relatively weak when it came to relationships. Because she was pregnant after she graduated, she had gone through a hard time, but she still pushed through with her strong perseverance. Now that she was working in a foreign company and considering that her pay was not low, there was no problem feeding herself and her son.

However, a month ago, Xu Zhiyu’s company suddenly underwent a reformation in departments, a new department was added. Unfortunately, Xu Zhiyu was transferred into the new department and that position required one to work overtime frequently. On the other hand, the basic wage would be increased by 2,000 and the overtime pay was not low either.

Many people in the company wanted to go to the new department but Xu Zhiyu still had to take care of her son so she preferred to have her original salary rather than go to the new department. Thus, she proposed to her boss to give this chance to others.

Xu Zhiyu’s boss had already coveted her beauty for a long time so he proposed a wretched demand. As long as Xu Zhiyu satisfied him, he would allow her to stay.

Naturally, Xu Zhiyu was unwilling to submit so she just went along with the company’s demand and went to the new department. However, afterward, she learned that originally, she was not on the list of personnel transferred to the new department. It was her previous boss that knew her way of thinking so he purposely did it to threaten her.

Xu Zhiyu was unwilling to meet her previous scum boss so she decided to try her best in the new department and think of other ways to take care of her son. However, this position that Xu Zhiyu thought nothing of was a great opportunity for other colleagues.

Rumors of her seducing her previous boss to get this opportunity started to spread in the company.

A good company valued their company environment, her previous boss was one of the higher-ups in the company but she was just a normal employee so naturally, the company would first look for her to converse with her.

In the conversation with the leader, she explained the situation clearly but such a talk made the other colleagues convinced that the rumor was true.

Therefore, a few days ago, two male colleagues tried to get close to Xu Zhiyu, but as they spoke, the male colleagues started to flirt with her by speaking obscenities. Xu Zhiyu then told them to pay attention to their words but as a result, they started scolding her for pretending to be pure, giving birth to a child without getting married, raising in position through sleeping, and so on…

Xu Zhiyu was exasperated, but it would be bad for her to provoke the two of them by arguing with them.

Xu Zhiyu wanted to leave, but one of them actually followed her out. Then in a hurry, Xu Zhiyu missed her step and fell down the stairs. The stairs were not high so she only received superficial wounds and a mild concussion. However, those two male colleagues most probably felt guilty so they helped her to the hospital.

After Li Xia finished sorting out what happened recently, she touched her own face.

No matter where it was, beautiful women would easily incur the envy of others. Such jealousy would easily cause trouble.

However, now that she had become Xu Zhiyu, she would not allow such things to continue.

Li Xia moved her body and did not feel any discomfort, but to be on the safe side, she called the nurse over to do a full body check-up. After ensuring that there was nothing wrong with her body, she was immediately discharged from the hospital.

The fees for hospitalization in the capital’s hospital were not low. Li Xia thought of the money that the system had provided for her and specially used that card as she wanted to test if it was real.

Seeing that the transaction had succeeded, Li Xia could not suppress the excitement within her anymore.

Infinite money, OMG, this was her dream in the past but she had never expected it to be realized just like this.

After being discharged, Li Xia brought An’an home by relying on her memory.

Xu Zhiyu’s parents had passed away a year ago. Her parents had bought a 60 square meters two-room flat in the capital where the cost of houses was extremely high using their life savings. However, An’an was still sleeping with his mother so the other room had become his playroom.

Once they returned home, An’an ran into his playroom, he said as he ran, “Mummy, Dou’dou and Yellow must be missing me.”

Dou’dou was a dinosaur toy and Yellow was a yellow dog soft toy.

Li Xia laughed while leaning on the door as she looked at the little fatty’s stomach shaking when he ran excitedly.

The little fatty started playing with his pile of toys in the playroom. Meanwhile, Xu Zhiyu’s phone rang.

It was a landline telephone number and written below was the company note which serves as a reminder of who the caller was.

She answered the phone.

“Xu Zhiyu, right?”

“It’s me, Manager Zhou.” She could hear that it was the boss of Xu Zhiyu’s new department from the voice.

“I heard that you got discharged, how are you recovering?”

“I’m alright, I feel fine.”

“That’s good, come to the company tomorrow, the company wants to talk to you.”

Li Xia agreed, and Manager Zhou then said some superficial words of concern before hanging up.

As the company’s employee, she would definitely need to continue working after she recovers according to normal circumstances, but her boss had told her to go to the company for a talk.

As for what they were going to discuss, it was obvious.

However, it was not that simple to fire her and turn her into a sacrificial lamb.


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