Quick Transmigration: Villain’s Koi Fish Mother [Chapter 2]


“You could, but the system will take back your chance of being reborn. Your life would end in that car accident.”

“It’s you who allowed me to be reborn?”

“That’s right, the price for being reborn is to become our Mission Koi Fish. You would need to enter various worlds to complete missions and obtain rich rewards. Actually, if you look at it from another perspective, you could just treat it as a job with a high salary, right? Since the system is named as Wealth Flaunting System, we definitely won’t let your life be hard. No matter which world it is, you would be the richest woman there as the system would provide endless money for you to spend. Is it hard to raise a child when you’re that wealthy?”

The system paused for a moment before raising its voice, “Since you’re our Mission Koi Fish, how can we let you suffer? Actually, our Wealth Flaunting System feels that your life had been filled with hardships so we’re using such a way to gift you money, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity so you have to grasp it!”

The poor would need to worry about many problems when raising their children, but for the wealthy, it seemed to be a piece of cake. They could employ nannies to take care of the children’s necessities like clothes and food and as the child’s mother, she would only need to show some care and concern.

Indeed, Li Xia started to waver after she heard the system’s words.

She did not think that those missions were really as simple as the system stated, but she did not want to experience death again after being reborn.

Not to mention, working in any environment was not easy either, so it was better for her to take the gamble since she could receive 1 million in cash with each mission. It was much, much higher than her salary which was only around 3,000 to 5,000.

“Alright, I agree.”

System. “That’s it! Now, I shall transmit the memories of the original body’s owner, Xu Zhiyu, and this world’s situation to you.”

Li Xia’s head started to ache for a second after the system stopped talking and soon, she gained some memories in her head.

The name of the original owner of her current body was Xu Zhiyu. She had started dating the straight-A student, He Yanxi, who was in the same course as her in university. They were mutually attracted and their feelings were so deep that it was to the point that they couldn’t do without each other.

However, Xu Zhiyu did not know He Yanxi’s true identity in university. She only thought that he was the same as her and was also a hardworking student striving for good results from a normal family.

After they graduated from university, He Yanxi’s mother came to find her, handing her a cheque and requested Xu Zhiyu to leave her son. It was only then that she knew that He Yanxi was actually the successor to the famous large conglomerate, the He Family.

Xu Zhiyu was an honest and virtuous person so naturally, she would not take his mother’s cheque. She only hoped to be together with her beloved one.

However, He Yanxi quickly admitted defeat after being pressured by his family and gave her a sum of money as a breakup fee. He then had a grand marriage with the daughter of another rich and powerful family, Zhang Xinru.

After breaking up with He Yanxi, Xu Zhiyu was devastated but she unexpectedly discovered that she was pregnant.

Because she loved He Yanxi deeply, she could not bear to abort the child but she still had the backbone to not use the child as a bargaining chip to threaten the He Family. Instead, she chose to give birth and raise the child herself. She even named her son Xu Nianhe [“Xu” is her surname while “He” is He Yanxi’s surname, and “Nian” has the meaning of “miss” or “remember”, it was to reminisce He Yanxi.”]

Originally, Xu Zhiyu thought she would spend the rest of her life this way, but she had never expected the He Family to suddenly come knocking on the door a few months ago. They said that since this child was He Yanxi’s biological son, he had to be brought back to the He Family to be raised and that he should not be away from the He Family.

At first, Xu Zhiyu did not know why the He Family would come to find her so suddenly but after she asked around, she learned that He Yanxi’s wife, the daughter of a rich and powerful family, was infertile. However, because her family was as influential as the He Family, the He Family could not divorce her.

He Family only had one child and it was He Yanxi. If he did not have a child, then there would be no successor to the He Family’s family business so the He Family was desperately anxious.

Just at that moment, the He Family learned that Xu Zhiyu had a child that was around 3 years old. According to his age, he should be He Yanxi’s child.

This child just nicely solved He Family’s pressing concern and this would not offend Zhang Xinru’s family.

But how was it possible that Xu Ziyu would let the He Family take away the son that she had raised? Unfortunately, she was too weak and was unable to oppose the He Family so her son was forcibly snatched from her.

Zhang Xinru knew that she was infertile so she accepted this child. However, the child’s mother, Xu Zhiyu, was once mutually in love with He Yanxi so she was worried that they might get together again with the child as a bridge.

Therefore, she made Xu Zhiyu disappear from this world and instilled the thought in this 3-year-old child that his biological mother had abandoned him to the He Family.

A 3-year-old child did not have the ability to distinguish right from wrong so he believed that what she said was true. Therefore, Xu Zhiyu’s son started to hate his mother but he did not get close to the He Family either. However, unexpectedly, Zhang Xinru got pregnant two years later and had given birth to a son too.

Zhang Xinru’s son was naturally adored by the He Family after he was born. As for Xu Nianhe, he was unwilling to get closer to others and his personality was not lovable so naturally, he was given the cold shoulder by He Family. However, he was not mistreated in terms of basic necessities.

Xu Nianhe gradually became withdrawn and cold as he gradually grew up in such an environment but besides that, there was no abnormal behavior from him.

One day, he had passed by He Yanxi’s study room and heard Zhang Xinru and He Yanxi discussing about his mother, Xu Zhiyu. He stopped in his tracks and learned about the truth then.

His mother whom he had hated did not abandon him but instead, it was the He Family who had made his mother disappear from this world to obtain him.

After being ignored by the He Family for all these years, Xu Nianhe had already formed the habit of hiding his emotions. After knowing this astonishing secret, he went to a corner where there was nobody and cried his heart out. Afterward, he was resolved to take revenge for his mother.

The young man’s desire for revenge grew endlessly but he did not reveal it on the outside. He gradually started to get along well with the He Family but in reality, he was devising strategies behind the scene. In the end, not only was the whole He Family conglomerate emptied, even Zhang Xinru’s family, the Zhang Family conglomerate was destroyed.

After the two conglomerates were defeated, the assets naturally entered Xu Nianhe’s hands. Xu Nianhe’s company grew at the fastest speed ever but destruction pursued the great. Someone had grasped the handle of Xu Nianhe when he had let up, it was the improper means that he had used when dealing with the two conglomerates. In the end, Xu Nianhe was sent to prison.

Li Xia understood the situation in this world and asked, “Xu Nianhe is the villain?”

Isn’t it perfectly justifiable for Xu Nianhe to take revenge for his mother? Why is he defined as the villain?

System-kun explained, “That’s because the main lead of this world is He Yuchen, Zhang Xinru’s son.”

The defining of one’s role is naturally different from a different perspective. If it was from He Yuchen’s point of view, then Xu Nianhe was indeed the villain.

“The main mission of this world is to fulfill Xu Zhiyu’s wish, which is for her son, Xu Nianhe, to grow up in a healthy and happy environment. She does not wish for him to retrace his steps and be sent to prison.”

This mission sounded simple, she would only need to survive and not let Xu Nianhe be filled with hatred. However, after Li Xia received Xu Zhiyu’s memory, she realized the difficulty of this mission.

Currently, Xu Nianhe was still with her, but in reality, the He Family had already come to find her and asked about the child. Xu Zhiyu had insisted that Xu Nianhe was not He Yanxi’s son.

However, it was no use even if Xu Zhiyu did not acknowledge He Yanxi as the father as the He Family would definitely do the paternity test.

Li Xia sat at the side of the bed and pondered for a moment before asking System-kun, “I remember that you said I would be extremely rich in every world, right?”

In all ages, regardless of the dynasty, many problems could be solved with enough money.

In the original plot, Xu Zhiyu could only be at He Family’s mercy because she had neither money nor power, but what if she had money?

System-kun answered, “That’s right, the Wealth Flaunting System is so poor that it is only left with money, but Ms. Koi Fish, you need to complete the side mission too if you wish to have infinite money.”

“What side mission?” As expected, it’s not as simple as what System-kun claimed.

“After the side mission is activated, besides the main mission of becoming the villain’s mother, you would need to complete the side mission, the Wealth Flaunting Mission. Only after the progress bar of your Wealth Flaunting reaches 100% can you leave this world and enter the next.”

“How do I fill up the Wealth Flaunting Bar?”

Li Xia was used to understanding all the situations clearly, right at the start, so that she could solve problems and complete tasks as fast as possible with the highest level of efficiency without requiring to take roundabouts.

“Very simple, just spend money and flaunt your wealth, live a luxurious life.”


Live an extravagant life? Is it really that simple?

Li Xia was completely stunned, she was willing to have another 100 of such side missions.

Just at this moment, Li Xia’s phone, no, accurately speaking, Xu Zhiyu’s phone, rang once. Li Xia unlocked it to see that it was a message.

[China Bank: Your account ending with 9876 has been credited with RMB 100000000.00 on 22 October 14:23. Current remaining balance 100000000.00]

Li Xia was blinded by the numerous “0”s, just as she was about to count how many “0”s there were, she heard System-kun’s voice in her head, “Here’s 100 million RMB for you to spend first, the system has already altered this card. As long as the remaining balance in the card is lower than 10 million, it would automatically be topped up to 100 million RMB, so Ms. Koi Fish, please use it without worries.”

Li Xia was astonished once again, the remaining balance of the card will be automatically topped up, this is just too awesome!

Li Xia overflowed with happiness. Xu Nianhe, who was playing at the side after going to the toilet, instantly ran over to Li Xia once he saw how overjoyed she was. He tugged on her fingers and asked, “Mummy, why are you so happy?”

Li Xia was in a great mood as she had turned from being in poverty to being a millionaire. The little fatty in front of her was now pleasing to the eyes no matter how she looked at him so she said happily, “That’s because mum… we’re rich.”

It felt strange for her to call herself “mummy” as she was single had never dated before.

“Really?” The little fatty widened his eyes and looked at Li Xia with anticipation.

Li Xia tapped the little fatty’s tiny nose and said, “Of course, just tell mu-mummy whatever you want and mummy will buy for you.”

Using the word “mummy” herself felt weird, but it was also strange to say “I” in front of a child so it was better to say “mummy”.

Little fatty happily spun in circles once he heard such words and he shouted excitedly, “Oh yeah! Mummy has money, we can buy many, many ice cream, and also Transformers, Ultraman, and remote-controlled cars.”

Children were always extremely pure, they would be happy simply by receiving ice cream or a few toys. Li Xia was influenced by this atmosphere so she wanted to call the nurse over and get herself discharged. She could then bring little fatty out and improve their mother-son relationship. However, an unwelcome visitor entered the ward.

Zhang Xinru stood in front of Li Xia, swollen with arrogance. She wore a long pink dress and stepped into the ward with high heels that were 8cm in height. It was a stark contrast to Li Xia, who was wearing the hospital gown.

Zhang Xinru glanced at her future son, who hid behind Li Xia after seeing a stranger, and her lips gradually curved into a smile.

However, that smile was not for the child, it was for Li Xia.

Zhang Xinru slowly took out a cheque from her bag and passed it to Li Xia, not even caring that a child was present. She said, “5 million, give the child back to the He Family.”


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