Quick Transmigration: Villain’s Koi Fish Mother [Chapter 1]


“Excuse me, are you Ms. Li Xia?”

“Yes, speaking, you are?”

“Congratulations, you’ve been chosen as the lucky Mission Koi Fish by the Wealth Flaunting System. As long as you complete the corresponding missions, you shall receive the luxurious reward provided by hundreds of top luxury brands and 5 million dollars in cash provided by the lottery company. In the days ahead, you could fully enjoy…”


Li Xia immediately hung up the call without a word after hearing the sweet female voice.

During National Day in October, Alipay held a lottery event “China Koi Fish” on Weibo which needed one to forward that post to join the lottery. The luxurious reward would be provided by various top luxury brands in the world and there were a total of up to 1,000 items on the reward list, not to mention the list was still being added on. Rumors say that the winner would not even need to work for the latter half of their life, that was how extravagant the prize was.

As a person in the terminal stage of a cancer named poverty, Li Xia who hoped for money to simply fall into her lap would naturally not miss out on such a chance. Anyway, forwarding the post was just as simple as moving her fingers, it was not troublesome at all.

However, she was used to having no luck so how could something so lucky even happen to her?

Alipay had already announced the winner on Weibo half a month ago, the winner was a girl named “Little Idiot”, it had nothing to do with her.

However, ever since the “China Koi Fish” lottery ended, she would receive all kinds of messages and calls that congratulated her on becoming a “certain Koi Fish”. At the start, she thought it was real, but later on, she heard that she was required to pay a few hundred dollars of tax, travel, and courier fees to receive the price.

Li Xia despised those messages and calls, they even had the face to use such tricks of fraud that were outdated 10 years ago, most likely even three years old kids would not be deceived.

To prevent this scammer from calling again, Li Xia opened her contacts and prepared to blacklist that number. However, she noticed that the number was actually eight “8”s and the caller ID was “Wealth Flaunting Futuristic Tech, you deserve to have it.”

Li Xia could not help but laugh out loud once she saw it.

Are the scammers now all doing such sloppy work?

At least put a legitimate company’s name, then they might seem slightly more trustworthy.

Li Xis shook her head with a smile, blacklisted that number, and placed her phone aside. She then opened the laptop on the table.

Li Xia patiently waited for her laptop, which had been used for many years, to slowly startup. She then waited for another half a minute for all the programs to finish running before she opened her mailbox.

Looking at that familiar title of the unread email in her mailbox, she took in a sharp breath.

She had really been reborn!

She had been reborn back to one month before the car accident happened.

Originally, she did not believe it, she thought that she had been too worried over her job and her bread and butter, resulting in her being too exhausted and having a bad mental state. Therefore, she was absent-minded and would recover after resting for a while.

However, that was until she saw this email.

This was the interview invitation that her dream foreign company sent her, the timing of the email was exactly the same as in her memory, and this additionally proved that what was about to happen was also real.

She would enter the new company smoothly and because this job opportunity was too valuable, she was exceptionally proactive and hardworking in her new department. In addition, she was quite beautiful and honey-tongued so she was favored by her boss. However, that resulted in her being the thorn in the old employees’ side. She was then isolated and excluded, which made her feel depressed working in her new company.

In the end, she could not endure being isolated and excluded, so she proposed to her boss for her to be changed to another department. The department head instantly straightened out the department by starting a meeting and scolding all the old employees. The department head also deducted their performance award, which completely angered the other employees.

After work ended, Li Xia was stopped by a few old employees just as she reached the bus stop in front of the company. Those old employees swore at her but justice was on Li Xia’s side so naturally, she did not take it lying down and both sides started arguing. Then, as the situation got heated up, one of them pushed Li Xia.

Li Xia was wearing high heels and did not notice the step beside the road as she staggered so she missed it and fell onto the road. Coincidentally, a bus had driven towards her…

Li Xia, who was reborn, stared straight at the email while being deep in thoughts.

Admittedly, the salary of this company was quite good and there were high promotion prospects as it was a big foreign company. However, if the environment was toxic and the employees were easily jealous, then each day she spent in this company would become torturous. As time passes, she might even become such a person too.

Losing herself from the torture of livelihood and becoming the kind of person she had despised was something Li Xia could not accept.

Thinking till here, Li Xia deleted that interview invitation from her mailbox.

Afterward, Li Xia checked the other email titles, they were all boring junk mails of advertisement. Li Xia simply selected all of them and deleted them.

Seeing her clean inbox, Li Xia moved her mouse and wanted to switch off her laptop. However, she heard a ring coming from her laptop and there was a prompt message on her lower right-hand corner which says “You’ve received a new mail.”

Li Xia clicked it, but once she read the contents of the mail, she bit her lips and was slightly annoyed.

She had just blacklisted this scammer’s number but now that scammer has changed to sending mail in just a few minutes?

In this big data era, there’s really no personal privacy at all.

Li Xia sighed. Just as she was about to delete that mail, her attention was attracted to a paragraph of red words in the content of the mail.

“Mission Koi Fish: Transmigrate to various different worlds and become the rich mother of the villain in that world. Mission Koi Fish needs to raise the villain until he becomes an adult and instill correct values in him to prevent him from becoming the villain. You shall be rewarded 1 million RMB in cash and have unlimited rights to top luxury brands with each completion of a world’s mission.”

Li Xia scrolled down and it was all kinds of pictures of luxury brand bags and accessories ranging from LV, Fendi, Gucci to Van Cleef & Arpels, and so on. 

Even if it was only pictures, they had a deadly attraction towards women, not to mention unlimited amounts of them!

However, was this mail trustworthy?

Transmigrate into different worlds and become the mother of villains?

Li Xia could not help but laugh, do they think that they’re writing a novel? Their imagination is too wild.

Li Xia moved her mouse to delete that mail. She then opened the job searching apps ‘Zhaopin’ and ‘Worry-free Future’.

Since she had been reborn, she still had to continue living her life. The plan of working in the foreign company had gone down the drain and without the luck of China Koi Fish’s “Little Idiot”, she still had to work honestly to feed herself.

When Li Xia was still young, her father had died in public duty and her mother ran away with another man with the compensation money. Since then, her grandmother had been her only kin.

After Li Xia’s grandmother passed away when she was in the second year of university, she was left all alone.

Being alone also had benefits, at least she only needed to feed herself.

Li Xia had just graduated for a year so she did not have much experience in work. Therefore, her salary requirement was not high, she only wished to find a job as soon as possible so she could pay the next month’s rent and living expenses. Therefore, she selected and applied for quite a number of companies.

After sending her resume, it was already past dinner time so Li Xia cooked a bowl of noodles for herself. She then habitually took out her phone to use the ‘Simple Memorisation 100 Phrases’ app to revise English phrases.

Li Xia felt as if her memory for English phrases was like that of a goldfish, she would forget more than half if she did not revise for a few days.

Fluent English speaking skills was the most basic requirement to enter a standard company so she could not slack off.


“Mummy, mummy…”

The childish voice that was unique to kids entered her ears and her fingers were shaken by a small, soft hand. Li Xia, who had been awoken, opened her eyes with a headache and she saw a little boy that was just one tiny head taller than the bed standing beside her.

That little boy had a bowl cut, his skin was as white as snow and delicate, and his crystal clear eyes turned into crescent moons once he saw that she had woken up. “Mummy, I want to go to the toilet.”


F*ck, so everything is not a dream?

Li Xia was shocked by being called “mummy” so she immediately sat up on the bed. It was only then that she noticed the surrounding environment.

Looking at the white walls, white blankets, and the smell of disinfectant in the air, it was obvious that this was the hospital and not her home.

Just what happened? Why am I in the hospital? Besides, I don’t even have a boyfriend so how could I have such a big son?

Li Xia pinched her arm in disbelief, the pain from her arm clearly told her that everything was real.

She suddenly thought of something and chills ran down her spine.

That email… transmigrating to all kinds of worlds and becoming the villains’ mother…

Li Xia looked at the cute fatty in front of her and she was instantly conflicted. This can’t be real?!

Just as Li Xia was dumbfounded and unable to accept such a reality, suddenly a voice sounded in her head.

“That’s right, everything is real.”

That voice did not seem like a human’s voice but it was not as cold as a robot either, it was just nice in between the two, making Li Xia shiver unconsciously.

Before Li Xia could ask, that voice continued, “Congratulations Li Xia, you’ve been chosen by the Wealth Flaunting System and have become our new lucky Koi Fish. As the mail has already explained, you will need to transmigrate to different worlds and complete the wish left behind by the original mothers. Of course, I would provide rich rewards as compensation in the real world after you complete the missions.”

Li Xia, who was reborn once, had a new understanding of this world. Since she could be reborn, then transmigrating into different worlds was not impossible.

She scanned the surroundings and quickly accepted this reality.

Li Xia asked, “Could I choose not to be this lucky Koi Fish?”

Although the reward of 1 million was indeed substantial, Li Xia was clear that becoming different people in different worlds meant that she had to face different predicaments, who knew if this was a trap or not.

It was better for her to continue being a young girl in poverty and not think of such a pie in the sky.

However, that cold voice in her head ignored this question and reminded, “My dear Li Xia, erm…” That voice paused for a moment before continuing, “Your son is unable to hold back any longer, shouldn’t you bring him to the toilet first?”

Only then did Li Xia notice that the tiny child was shaking her arm, his chubby face was in a frown, and looked like he was unable to hold it in anymore. “Mummy, I want to go to the toilet.”

Li Xia had never been a mother before, but women would always be unable to resist a cute child.

She hurriedly brought this tiny child to the bathroom in the ward and helped him take off his pants. However, the toilet bowl was too tall and too big for this little thing so even if he sat on it, he would fall into the toilet bowl.

Just as Li Xia was in dilemma, the tiny child urged, “Mummy, hurry up, I can’t hold it anymore.”

Li Xia could only recall how she saw those mothers in her memory help their children to go to the toilet, then she followed suit and carried that tiny child.

This tiny child looked short, maybe only three years old, but he was not light. Li Xia’s hands were sore after carrying him for a while so she urged him, “Little fatty, hurry up. I can’t carry you any longer.”

“Mummy, I’m not a fatty, the kindergarten teacher said that I’m not fat, I’m cute.”

Wow, this fatty is quite good at rebutting. However, as this child-like voice was just too cute, Li Xia was amused and her tone synchronized with the child. “Then little cutey, are you done? You’re going to fall into the toilet bowl if you haven’t finished.”

The little fatty waved his hand. “I’m done, I’m done. Mummy, help me wipe my butt.”


Li Xia endured the smell and finished cleaning up the little fatty but she did not forget what she was here for, so she continued asking that cold voice in her head.

“Could I not be this Koi Fish?”

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