Quick Transmigration: Villain’s Koi Fish Mother [Chapter 4]


An’an was only three years old and in preschool. Since Li Xia had decided to accept the system’s mission and become An’an’s mother, she would need to fulfill her responsibilities. Therefore, in the early morning of the next day, Li Xia sent An’an to preschool.

At the gates of the preschool, An’an held Li Xia’s hands and shouted, “Mummy.” He then puckered his lips.

Li Xia squatted down and let this little guy kiss her face. After giving his mother a farewell kiss, the little guy hurriedly ran to the teacher standing at the gates.

The teacher waved towards Li Xia and headed back inside while holding An’an’s hands. Li Xia could not help but exclaim that Xu Zhiyu had taught her son well.

Although An’an lacked fatherly love, he was still a lively and obedient kid. He was also very cute so she irresistibly fell in love with this little kid after spending two days with him.

Recalling how An’an would face such a tragic ending after he grew up, Li Xia decided that she would not allow such a situation to happen as long as she was present.

Li Xia flagged down a taxi and directly headed to Xu Zhiyu’s company.

Preschool started at 8:30am and Xu Zhiyu’s reporting time to the company was 9:00am, she could make it right on time after she sent An’an off.

As the taxi drove halfway, Li Xia suddenly changed her mind.

It was not as if she was going back to work so why did she need to arrive on time?

Not to mention that in the company, there were all kinds of meetings in the morning so if she were to wait for those leaders to have time for her, it would most likely already be afternoon.

She did not have so much time to just wait there for them.

“Excuse me, I want to go to Boyue Shopping Mall instead.”

With an infinite amount of money on hand, how could she head to the company just like that? One had to know that everyone was waiting to laugh at her.

Besides, how could there not be any luxury goods complementing Xu Zhiyu’s beauty?

“Young lady, are you going to shop? The shopping mall only opens at 10:00am so it’s too early to go now,” reminded the taxi driver out of goodwill.

“Then please bring me to a breakfast restaurant.”

“Which one?” The taxi driver asked.

“Any restaurant, as long as it’s extremely expensive.”

Xu Zhiyu was but a working-class so she did not know much about high-class restaurants, therefore Li Xia did not know either. However, she knew that the city’s taxi driver would definitely be most familiar with all kinds of restaurants.

The taxi driver specially turned his head to look at Li Xia, then he asked while he changed lanes, “Young lady, the most expensive breakfast restaurant should be the Lotus Tea Dwelling. I heard that just one portion costs around four digits, do you want to go there?”

Four digits for just a portion of breakfast, Li Xia immediately spoke after hearing the price. “Go there.”

Li Xia had gotten on the taxi in front of a normal preschool, and although she was pretty, her clothes did not seem to belong to any luxury brands so the taxi driver warned out of goodwill, “That place is not cheap, the amount per pax is at least RMB5,000-RMB6,000.”

Li Xia smiled. “Thank you, I know, please bring me there.”

Lotus Tea Dwelling was a Hong Kong style cafe and was right beside Boyue Shopping Mall. It was located in the most flourishing area of the capital. It was also known for its special decorations which perfectly display the Chinese style.

A waitress wearing exquisite clothes immediately passed the menu to Li Xia after she chose a seat beside the window. She flipped through the menu to look at the photos and felt that every dim sum looked extremely delicious. In an instant, she fell into a dilemma. She then asked, “What’s the specialty here? Are there any recommendations?”

That female waitress revealed a standard smile and flipped the menu to a certain page.

The price of normal refreshments was at RMB499, RMB599, RMB699, there were none over RMB1,000. However, for the specialties, there was not a single one costing below RMB1,000.

Li Xia could not help but exclaim to herself, rich people are really extravagant. 

It would already be counted as expensive for normal people to spend RMB20-RMB30 for breakfast as many would simply have spent a few dollars.

The waitress saw that Li Xia could not decide for a long time and thought that Li Xia felt that the price was too expensive as she was used to seeing rich customers, so she could differentiate the customers’ identity and status from their clothing. She then suggested, “Besides our specialties, the other dim sums are also delicious, would you like to try them instead?”

However, she saw Li Xia shake her head. “There’s no need, I’ll have this whole page of specialties.”

There were a total of 10 dishes on the whole page, it would cost about RMB20,000 if one wanted to buy everything. That female waitress was slightly shocked as she could not believe her ears, but her professionalism prevented her from directly asking the customer. Instead, she cleverly changed a way of confirming, “Miss, there’s a total of 10 dishes on this page, may I ask how many people will be present? It might be too much for a single person.”

“It’ll just be me, I just think that the pictures all look so delicious so I want to try it all.”

“Understood, please wait for a moment.”

The female waitress immediately returned to the front desk to print the receipt. The total price of the 10 dishes was RMB18,789. Although this restaurant mainly targeted the rich, it was still a breakfast restaurant so there’s not many that could dine over RMB10,000.

She could not help but exclaim to her colleague, “It’s really good to be rich, being able to spend RMB20,000 in just one meal.”

“Who is it?”

The female waitress looked in a direction and her colleague followed her line of sight. Her colleague then frowned and turned back to look at the receipt before speaking, “She better not dine and dash.”

“That can’t be!”

The colleague said, “Everything on her is at most RMB2,000 in total, her bag is the most expensive item, MK discounted item at RMB1,300. How about you stop them from serving the food, bring the receipt and POS machine for her to pay the bill first.”

The restaurant had strict rules so if there were any mishaps, the employees would need to compensate for the loss. The price of this meal was a few months of her salary.

That female waitress listened to her colleague’s words and hurriedly took the POS machine over to Xu Zhiyu.

Many restaurants needed customers to pay the bill first before the food was served so Xu Zhiyu did not sense anything strange and just swiped the card and signed the receipt smoothly.

At that instant when the POS receipt came out, she heard a prompt message in her head.

“Ding—Wealth Flaunting Bar increased by 5%, the current progress of the Wealth Flaunting Bar is 6%.”

She opened the system screen. There was no progress for the main mission yet, but she had already completed 6% for the side mission. She had never expected the side mission to really be as simple as System-Kun had said, she just needed to spend money.

As the 10 dishes were served one after the other, Li Xia felt that the dishes were truly delicacies the moment she tasted the first mouthful.

Spending money and delicious food could improve one’s mood. Li Xia ate a little of each dim sum and when she was finished, it was already time for the shopping mall to open. Hence, she was in a pleasant mood as she prepared to leave.

However, just so coincidentally, she actually ran into Zhang Xinru at the entrance. Zhang Xinru was linking arms with a woman and was also about to leave.

Zhang Xinru was in disbelief that she had actually run into Xu Zhiyu in such a restaurant. Recalling how she was humiliated by Xu Zhiyu yesterday in the hospital, she gritted her teeth in resentment.

Li Xia had originally planned to pretend to not see Zhang Xinru as it was not yet the time to face her head-on. Zhang Xinru had a powerful background but Li Xia only had money so she still needed to take her time to make careful deliberations. 

However, Zhang Xinru called out to her.

“Xu Zhiyu, I have never expected that I would meet you here.”

Zhang Xinru’s tone was that of surprise and ridicule. Li Xia smiled faintly as she understood the meaning behind Zhang Xinru’s words. “That’s right, who would have expected that you would appear in such a good restaurant, now I don’t want to come again in the future.”

Although Li Xia was smiling, her implied meaning could not be more obvious, she was saying that Zhang Xinru was the rotten apple.

Zhang Xinru was not dumb so she naturally understood the hidden meaning. She was so furious that she wanted to slap Xu Zhiyu, but everyone in this restaurant knew that she was Mdm He from the Zhang Family and she was known for being one of the upper society ladies. It would be ruining her own image if she publicly used violence.

She could only suppress her anger and say, “Miss Xu is really willing to spend money, you’ve actually spent a month’s salary on breakfast. If I were you, I would’ve preferred to use that bit of money to buy a bag. I can’t believe that you’re not embarrassed to use a bag from such a small brand.”

Zhang Xinru’s voice was not soft so she attracted the attention of the surrounding people. Everyone sized up Li Xia and was speechless.

The price of eating in this restaurant was around RMB7,000-RMB8,000 per pax so if Li Xia’s salary was only at such a level, how would it be possible that she would come here to eat, unless she… though it was true that she looked extremely gorgeous.

Zhang Xinru was like a flower that was grown in a greenhouse and did not experience any setbacks before, so she was not as perfect as Li Xia in concealing her emotions.

Li Xia saw through Zhang Xinru, who was suppressing her anger. Li Xia smiled faintly and replied, “Mdm He, you mean that the rich must use material things to flaunt their wealth? Look at the customers sitting in the restaurant, are they all wearing luxury brands?” 

Hearing that Xu Zhiyu actually dared to claim that she was rich in front of her, Zhang Xinru laughed and said, “Xu Zhiyu, you must have gone crazy from thinking of becoming rich, you dare to say that you’re rich?”

“You don’t believe me?” Li Xia asked back.

To snatch Xu Zhiyu’s son, the He Family had already sent people to investigate everything about her long ago.

Xu Zhiyu was not a local and her parents had been secondary school teachers all their life so her family could not be any more ordinary.

Zhang Xinru said, “Don’t try to keep up with appearances. If you have the time to do that, it’s better that you believe that if you agree to that matter, I can guarantee that you’ll truly be rich.”

After finishing, Zhang Xinru linked arms with her best friend and attempted to leave. However, she saw that Li Xia waved her hand at the waitress and that female waitress from before walked towards Li Xia quickly.

“Miss, do you need any help?”

Zhang Xinru stopped in her tracks once she saw Xu Zhiyu’s actions, she wanted to see just what kind of tricks Xu Zhiyu could play.

However, when she clearly heard what Xu Zhiyu told the waitress, she was completely astounded.

Xu Zhiyu must have gone crazy!


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