Quick Transmigration: Villain’s Koi Fish Mother [Chapter 15]


She had never expected Xiao Fan to play such an important role in the original plot.

Without Xiao Fan’s help and support, her son would not be able to defeat the He Family so easily, it could be said that Xiao Fan was the key character in An’an’s revenge.

However, in the original plot, Xiao Fan only appeared after her son had grown into an adult and Xu Zhiyu had already died for many years.

She had never expected her transmigration to not only change the plot but also trigger the appearance of a key character.

In this case, she would have to make good use of such a change.

There were no actions from the He Family after that previous kidnapping but it did not mean that they had given up.

There would be no successor to the He Family’s business without An’an and Zhang Xinru had been slapped by Li Xia before so Zhang Xinru would definitely have a grudge against Li Xia. It was impossible for them to give up on them so easily.

Li Xia felt that it was the calm before the storm and that the He Family might take action when she lets her guard down.

Li Xia clearly knew that she had to completely destroy the He Family if she wanted to live a peaceful life with her son.

In the original plot, her son, Xu Nianhe, worked with Xiao Fan to fight against the He Family. Meanwhile, currently, Xiao Fan had appeared in advance so she could also work with Xiao Fan to bring down the He Family.

Thinking till here, Li Xia took out Xiao Fan’s name card from her bag and directly saved his number into her contacts in case she lost the name card.

There were less than 20 households in Han Yang Villa Area so although there was a children’s playground in the villa area, there were few children playing there. Not to mention, it was currently a weekday.

Previously, when Ning Meng brought An’an to the playground, he would run into a little girl wearing a pink dress and An’an always enjoyed playing with her.

However, today, that little girl was not there. Besides him, the whole children’s playground was filled with staff.

He unenthusiastically played in the playground for a while before requesting to return home.

On the way home, Li Xia took the chance to teach An’an. “An’an, do you know why there are no other children playing with you today?”

An’an shook his head, he was not very happy.

“That’s because today is Tuesday. Other children attend school on Tuesday so there is no one there at the playground to play with you.”


An’an wanted to rebut Li Xia, but the vocabulary he knew was too limited so he was at a loss of words and could only give up.

The kindergarten’s anniversary celebration was going to be held at 2pm the next day, so in the morning, Li Xia and An’an dressed up and headed to the kindergarten after eating lunch.

Shen Yuan became their personal driver and Ning Meng acted as their assistant to carry their things. Meanwhile, Li Xia and An’an attracted attention once they stepped into the kindergarten with their exceptional appearances. 

After the security guards at the gates checked their invitation, they arranged for someone to receive them specially.

The school anniversary celebration starts at 2pm but they had arrived 20 minutes earlier. Therefore, their receptionist brought them around the kindergarten since it was still early.

Shortly after, the receptionist brought them to the graffiti wall. Li Xia said as she saw the cartoon characters drawn on the wall, “An’an, see, I did not lie to you, right?”

An’an originally held his mother’s hand tightly as he was cautious and scared after coming to an unfamiliar environment. However, after seeing the graffiti wall that was filled with all the cartoon characters that children would like, An’an’s eyes immediately lit up and he got excited. 

“Wow, there’s Doraemon, Ultraman, and Superman!”

An’an let go of Li Xia’s hand and ran towards the wall. Without needing Li Xia to remind her, Ning Meng immediately followed behind An’an and ensured that An’an was within a safe distance from her.

“Mrs. Xu, looks like your son likes our kindergarten.”

“It’s because the kindergarten facilities are good, it has a good understanding of children’s preferences.”

“The kindergarten is recently undergoing an expansion. Please look at that area separated by fences, that’s where the new area is being built. For better development of the children, we are planning to build a new artistic performance building. As for the area underneath that building, half of it would be made into a playing field while the remaining half would be planted with greenery. The quality of air in the capital now is not good but our kindergarten wishes to provide the best for the children within our capabilities.”

It was difficult for Li Xia to picture the kindergarten’s expansion plans with such vague descriptions, but the facilities in the kindergarten were definitely the best in the whole capital so Li Xia was at ease.

After a brief introduction to the kindergarten, Li Xia nodded. “Looks like your kindergarten is doing well in terms of your facilities, but I still wish for the kindergarten to include a greater number of things that are more child-like and suited to the preference of children.”

The receptionist replied, “Naturally, without the parents’ support, Ding Yi Kindergarten would not be able to have such good facilities. It could be said that it’s thanks to the children.”

Her words were very obvious, she was hinting Li Xia to also contribute to the kindergarten’s facilities.

Li Xia smiled and kept quiet. The receptionist saw that it was almost time so she led Li Xia and An’an to be seated at the anniversary celebration venue.

The kindergarten’s anniversary celebration was very simple. Firstly, the emcee would liven up the atmosphere. Then, the children of the different classes would perform on stage. Li Xia and An’an sat at seats with a superb view as they watched the performances.

She had to admit that a prestigious kindergarten’s facilities were different from normal kindergarten in terms of quality.

A normal kindergarten would at most build a temporary stage on the field but this kindergarten had an indoor performance hall that was about 1,000 meters square. The lightings and stage designs of the performances were also excellent, they looked just like those from television shows.

Shortly after, it was the last show, an English solo.

The singer was a little boy wearing spectacles. That little boy was very fat and looked bigger than others of the same age, making him seem heavy.

Just at this moment, a fat middle-aged woman sitting beside Li Xia suddenly stood up and started clapping vigorously. Excitement and pride were written all over her face.

Parents would be the happiest when their children were outstanding. 

The English solo song performance ended quickly and there was a short break. 10 minutes later, the donation for the school construction would start.

Li Xia took a look at her watch and saw that it was already 4pm. Normally, at home, An’an would be eating some snacks or fruits at this time. The kindergarten had prepared some food and juices that they could help themselves to so Li Xia asked, “An’an, are you hungry? Do you want to eat something?”

“Mummy, I’m not hungry. I saw that there is a room full of toys just now, can I go and play for a while?”

Seeing how An’an was looking at her with such anticipation, Li Xia nodded. “There’s a lady wearing a name tag there, go and ask her if you can go in to play. If she says okay, then you could go inside to play.”

After hearing Li Xia’s words, An’an immediately ran over to ask that lady. After obtaining a positive response, his face was filled with happiness.

Just as Li Xia was about to follow An’an into the toy room, the kindergarten teacher who conversed with her previously came over.

“Mrs. Xu, you’ve brought your child along today right?”

There was Ning Meng to look after An’an so Li Xia stopped and replied, “Not bad, An’an has taken a liking to this kindergarten, he’s playing in the toy room now.”

“It’s good that he likes it here. Our kindergarten’s aim is for children to be able to have fun and stay happy as they grow positively.”

Li Xia nodded in agreement.

The teacher then continued, “Then, Mrs. Xu, I shall not disturb you anymore, there will be many chances to meet in the future. Let’s chat next time.”

“Sure, goodbye.”

After seeing the teacher leave, Li Xia turned towards the toy room.

The toy room had completely transparent glass walls so the parents could clearly see the situation inside the room even when they were outside the room.

Li Xia saw that the fat boy who sang the last English solo was snatching the transformer figure that An’an was holding. It was obvious that An’an was unwilling to hand over the figurine to that boy. Li Xia was afraid that they might start fighting so she hurriedly rushed over to stop them. However, after taking only a few steps, she saw that fat boy push An’an.

It was impossible for An’an to withstand the push of that fat boy who was half a head taller than him so An’an fell onto his buttocks and started wailing.

Li Xia hurriedly ran over and helped An’an up from the ground. She patted and comforted him, “An’an, don’t be afraid, mummy is here.”

Immediately after, Li Xia said in an annoyed tone, “Kid, my son had taken the toy first. If you wanted it, you could have asked for it nicely but not only did you try snatching the toy, you even pushed my son. Is that how your parents and teachers taught you? I request for an apology now.”

Li Xia kissed An’an’s cheeks to comfort him and helped him wipe off the tears on his face. Li Xia then made An’an stand there as they waited for the fat boy to apologize.

However, that fat boy wearing spectacles had a face of disdain and did not care about what Li Xia said at all. He turned and attempted to leave.

Li Xia pulled him back. “You need to apologize when you have made a mistake, call your mother and teacher over.”

That fat boy was very strong, he got escaped from Li Xia’s grip with just one flick. He then replied arrogantly, “What do you mean snatch? This whole building was built using my father’s money, everything inside is mine so I can play with whatever I want, you have no right to stop me!”

Hmph, just look at his tone!

Li Xia had never expected a young child who was only four to five years old to say such a thing.

Li Xia felt that it was a waste of her time to reason with a kid so she pulled that little boy and asked, “Where’s your mother? Call your mother over.”

At this moment, that middle-aged woman, who was abnormally excited during the performance, walked in and hurriedly pulled her child to her side after seeing how he was being held onto by a random woman. “What do you want?”

Li Xia told that lady what she had seen personally, but that fat boy actually denied it, “I did not push him, he fell because he lost his footing.”

That middle-aged woman immediately said confidently, “If my son said that he did not push him, then this incident is over. It’s just children playing around, there’s no need to be so serious.”

It was the typical way a parent would settle the issue, but Li Xia did not agree with it.

No matter how old one was, one should at least apologize after making a mistake, this was the problem of one’s attitude.

The child’s sense of responsibility and values must be instilled from a young age.

“You said that your son didn’t push my son right? There’s a surveillance camera in the toy room so let’s take a look. If your son really pushed my son, then please let your son apologize to my son,” Li Xia said in a resolute tone.

Ning Meng had just nicely returned at this moment so Li Xia immediately ordered her to call for a kindergarten staff but she was stopped by that middle-aged woman.

“If my son says that he didn’t push him then he didn’t, why are you blowing things up? Isn’t it normal for children to have arguments when playing? If your child is that pampered, then let him stay at home and play by himself.”

Li Xia was so infuriated that she wanted to scold that middle-aged woman. However, with An’an present, she could not do so.

Naturally, that middle-aged woman could not stop Ning Meng. Ning Meng slightly used more strength and broke free from that woman’s grasp to leave.

The middle-aged woman glanced at her son. She was the one that gave birth to him so naturally, she was clear about his personality. However, so what if the surveillance video could prove that her son had pushed or snatched others’ toys?

Could the kindergarten really make her apologize?

One had to know that this whole building was donated by her and her husband. Besides, in the donation later, she had already communicated with the kindergarten and prepared 5 million.

It was impossible for the kindergarten to give up on that 5 million and offend her.

That middle-aged woman sized Li Xia up in contempt. Wearing such an eye-catching red dress and looking as if she’s trying to seduce others. She looks like she’s only 20+ but her son is already so big, her son is most likely an illegitimate child.

As the legal wife, she already had no favorable impression of young and beautiful ladies after experiencing her husband’s mistresses. It could be said that she was hostile to such women.

Therefore, thinking that Li Xia would be unable to obtain the apology she wanted even after the staff of the kindergarten came, that middle-aged woman could not help but feel pleased.

She declared arrogantly, “So what if my son pushed your son, we have already donated about 10 million in total to the kindergarten, even this building was built from the money I donated.”

That woman stopped for a moment before continuing, “If I were you, I would bring my child and leave now. How embarrassing would it be if you’re the one to apologize later?”

After hearing her words, Li Xia finally understood what it meant by “like mother like son”.

It was just 10 million and she’s bragging to such an extent?

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