Quick Transmigration: Villain’s Koi Fish Mother [Chapter 14]


In this time and age, everyone placed much emphasis on the children’s education and all parents would want to provide the best education for their children so that their children would not lose at the starting line.

Therefore, everyone would try their best to let their children enroll in good schools, and thus, the admission quota was in high demand, those families without connections or money would not even be able to enter. It was also the same for kindergartens.

Li Xia patted An’an, who was watching cartoons obediently on the sofa, and said, “An’an, you’ve already played for a week, it’s time for you to go back to kindergarten, do you know that?”

An’an had been taken away at the kindergarten last time so he was very sensitive about the word “kindergarten”. He was extremely reluctant once he heard that word and immediately shook his head vigorously.

“I don’t want to, there are bad people in kindergarten, I don’t want to go to kindergarten.” An’an pouted and his expression was filled with denial.

Li Xia had already expected such a reaction from An’an. She squatted down and looked at An’an at the same eye level before asking gently, “An’an, how old are you now?”

An’an stretched out his fingers and counted with a serious face. “I’m three and a half years old.”

“You see, you’re already three and a half years old. It’s not like you’re two years old anymore, you need to be sensible, alright?”

“Sister Meng said that An’an is very sensible.” An’an blinked his eyes and defended himself with a serious expression.

Li Xia did not rebut An’an. She patted his head and praised, “Yes, An’an is very sensible, but other children who are also three and a half years old are all going to kindergarten. You would be able to make friends with many other children, then play games and eat lunch with them. Doesn’t it sound fun?”

An’an scratched his head and pondered for a moment after hearing that he could play games with many other children. “But there are bad people in the kindergarten, I don’t want to leave mummy.”

“Mummy has chosen a new kindergarten for you. This time, the kindergarten’s environment is very beautiful and safe, bad people can’t go in at all.”

“Then mummy, can you go to school with me?”

“Of course not, An’an, you need to be braver. A brave child does not need his mother to go to kindergarten with him.”

Originally, An’an hesitated. Then, he scratched his head as he was conflicted after hearing that Li Xia could not go to kindergarten with him. It was obvious that An’an was unwilling but he did not say anything.

There was actually nothing much that was taught in preschool so it was alright even if An’an did not continue going to kindergarten. However, Li Xia felt that to be independent and build a cheerful personality, one would need to start from young and learn to get along with others of the same age.

Li Xia could not allow An’an to become the villain, but she could not raise An’an to become like a flower in the greenhouse either, becoming pampered and spoiled.

Or else, he might not even have the basic skills to survive after he becomes an adult in the future.

Li Xia thought for a moment, I can’t force such a young child, I need to change my method.

“She said, “Sighs, it’s a pity that An’an doesn’t want to go. There are two extremely big bears in front of the new kindergarten and there are also the drawings of Ultraman, Cardcaptor Sakura, Conan, Crayon Shin-chan, Minions, and Tom and Jerry on the walls of the kindergarten. There’s also a super long slide and many children would play there.”

An’an’s eyes lit up after hearing Li Xia’s words so he asked curiously, “Really?”

“Of course, when have I ever lied to you?”

Seeing how An’an was hesitating again, she immediately persuaded, “How about this? There’s a fun activity taking place in the kindergarten a few days later. Let’s take part in it together! You’ll be able to take a look at the environment of the kindergarten and if you like it, then we can go to this kindergarten, if you don’t like it, then we’ll change to another one, alright?”


“Alright, a promise is a promise. Pinky swear, seal it with a thumb stamp, none of us can go back on our words.”

“As a man, I won’t go back on my words.”

Li Xia did not have any experience in raising a child but she knew that few could communicate as well as An’an so she still had to thank Xu Zhiyu for raising An’an so well.


Li Xia did not care if Gu Real Estate used the 700 million she spent on the villa for charity, but Gu Real Estate took great efforts in making a clear list of charity organizations they donated to and the diseases they were helping to find cures to. They first sent the list to Li Xia before posting it online using their official Weibo account.

It was Gu Real Estate that provided and auctioned off the villa to donate to charity organizations so strictly speaking, the one doing the charity was the Gu Real Estate. However, Gu Real Estate thanked her yet again in the post and also advocated for other entrepreneurs to do a part for charity.

Therefore her name, “Xu Zhiyu” had appeared on trending search several times in a week,

At first, Li Xia felt that it was strange how the official Weibo account of a real estate company would be so influential to the point that a post could make her appear on the trending search.

It was only afterward that she realized that Gu Real Estate’s president, Gu Ke, had reposted that post too. Speaking about Gu Ke, Li Xia was completely knocked out with admiration for him. Not only was he a billionaire of the real estate industry, but he was also an influencer that did not pale in comparison to celebrities, he was a true winner in life.

Li Xia clicked into her trending search and scrolled through the posts for a while before returning to her own Weibo page.

She would use Weibo every day, but most of the time, she would just look at the trending search for gossip to pass time but she would never post anything. Even her username and image were still what Xu Zhiyu had set and she had never noticed them before.

It was only until now did she realize that Xu Zhiyu had actually put the username as the same pronunciation but different characters, “Xu Zhiyu” [ 许芷渝 is how her original name is written whereas, in her Weibo account, it was written as 许止鱼. Both have the same pronunciation], her portrait was the photo of Xu Zhiyu and An’an. Also, the only few posts that Xu Zhiyu had sent all included An’an.

Originally, they were both not famous so it did not matter even if she used her real name or posted photos of themselves.

However, now that she had been on the trending search so many times, everyone knew that she was rich. Therefore, it was no longer suitable for her to use such a portrait and name. If someone were to find out and An’an’s looks were exposed, then what should she do if someone extorts her for money using An’an’s photos?

It was not that Li Xia was being overcautious but there had been many such cases reported.

Li Xia pondered for a moment before deleting all the posts Xu Zhiyu had sent. Then, she followed the crowd and changed her portrait to the meme “instant richness” and changed her username to “The richest lady in the whole world”.

After changing, she added a personalized signature for herself, “Every day I’m thinking of how to flaunt my wealth.”

After changing everything, Li Xia’s heart was at ease.

The kindergarten anniversary celebration would start at 2pm tomorrow so Li Xia wanted to dress An’an up beforehand. However, after going through his wardrobe, Li Xia discovered that An’an did not have any formal clothes so she could only bring him out to buy in a hurry.

After visiting dozens of shops selling children’s wear, Li Xia bought a bunch of casual clothes, but An’an’s formal attire, a tiny suit, was still not found. Just when the two of them were ready to completely give up and leave the mall, they discovered a clothing shop in front of the entrance.

The shop mainly sold parent-child clothes, there were also a wide variety of clothes including formal and casual attires.

Li Xia instantly took a liking to one of the parent-child attire that was red and black once she entered.

The mother’s outfit was a red sleeveless dress while the child’s was a small black tuxedo matched with a red bowtie that was the same shade as the mother’s dress.

Li Xia and An’an were both satisfied with the clothes. Ning Meng, who followed them, also praised them continuously. Li Xia immediately made up her mind and bought it.

After they returned, An’an, who was still energetic, wanted to play the trampoline at the children’s playground. Li Xia could not dissuade An’an so she allowed him to play for half an hour. She then told Ning Meng to drive the car back to prepare dinner first.

However, she had never expected that she would run into a familiar figure.

The image of the back of Xiao Fan’s head was still fresh in her mind.

However, she had only met Xiao Fan at the auction hall once so it was not as if they were acquainted. Hence, Li Xia did not feel the need to greet him.

The path was paved with colored pebbles so it was not as flat as other roads. Li Xia held An’an’s hands and warned, “Walk slowly, be careful of the pebbles on the path.”

“I know, I’ve already walked this path with Sister Meng many times.” An’an held onto Li Xia’s pinky tightly. “Mummy should walk slowly as you’re wearing high heels. Some pebbles are naughty, they will trip people.”

“Oh my, An’an is so kind, you even know how to be worried for mummy.”

All of Li Xia’s attention was on An’an so she did not notice that the figure in front of her had already stopped. She only realized after getting closer to him.

Li Xia lifted her head and made eye contact with Xiao Fan. She smiled politely and nodded her head to greet him but she did not expect Xiao Fan to call out to her.

“Ms. Xu, I’m glad that we could become neighbours.”

“Neighbour?” Li Xia was surprised.

“I live in the C6 Villa beside you.” Xiao Fan took out a name card and said, “Speaking of which, I have not formally introduced myself. This is my name card and you can contact me anytime if you have any problems.”

Xiao Fan gave up on the villa auction but still came to live in this villa area. Also, there were hundreds of villas here but he so coincidentally stayed in the one beside her and became neighbours with her.

If it was said that Xiao Fan truly liked the location of the villa she bought so he bought a villa beside her to settle for less, then he should not have given up during the auction back then.

Li Xia felt that it was strange but she could not think of a reason why.

She was on guard so she did not want to take that name card, but Xiao Fan kept his hand there as if he was not going to put his hand down until she took his name card. Li Xia could only take his name card in the end, she then smiled and thanked him.

“A neighbour close by is more helpful than a relative far off, there’s no need to be this distant.” Xiao Fan then looked at An’an. He squatted and asked in a gentle tone, “Little kid, what’s your name?”

An’an was wary so he stepped back and looked at Li Xia, waiting for his mother’s approval. Only after Li Xia nodded did he answer, “Hello uncle, my name is An’an.”

“An’an, what a polite kid, you have to take care of your mother as she is wearing high heels.”

“I know, I will take care of mummy.”

“An’an is so clever! Then, go and play with your mother, uncle will go home first.”

Xiao Fan stood up after he finished speaking. He then nodded to Li Xia with a smile before walking away. Meanwhile, Li Xia instinctively looked at the name card she received.

Li Xia was shocked by what she saw on the name card.

The name of his company was printed conspicuously on the name card—Xiao He Technology Co., Ltd.

Xiao He Technology Co., Ltd was the largest and best-known manufacturer of communication devices in China. Her phone and laptop at home were all of this brand.

She had already known that there would be no ordinary people in that auction, but she had never expected Xiao Fan to be a person of that level at his age.

Li Xia originally wanted to throw Xiao Fan’s name card away but decided to keep it just in case after knowing his identity.

After she put the name card into her bag, she suddenly received a message from the system.

“A special character is encountered, the details of the character in the original plot would be unlocked.”

Li Xia’s eyes sparkled with excitement after she finished reading the new introduction.

In the original plot, the reason that her son, the villain, could take down the He Family and Zhao Family conglomerates was not only his intelligence. Another important reason was that he cooperated with the Xiao He Company and was supported by Xiao Fan!


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