Quick Transmigration: Villain’s Koi Fish Mother [Chapter 13]


The prompt message in her head rang for quite a while before stopping. Li Xia opened the system screen to see that the progress bar of the side mission was already one-third full.

She took a closer look and noticed it had already reached 32%, increasing another 5% from the last time.

She had spent 700 million on the auction and made all those wealthy people see her in a new light, but the progress bar only increased by 5%. How could the Flaunting Wealth Bar increase so much for no reason in just one night?

Li Xia could not understand why so she hurriedly called System-kun out to ask.

In an unknown space, the system that was in dormant mode sensed the summon from his host so he immediately woke up.

System-kun. “What’s the matter? You’re disturbing my sleep.”

Li Xia could not help but exclaim in her heart, what sleep does an AI system need?!

System-kun. “Nonstop, high-intensity operation can easily cause the system to breakdown. If I were to break down, then you’re on your own in this world.”

Although it was obviously a synthetic voice, Li Xia could actually hear that he was upset from being woken up.

Better not provoke him. In the end, he’s still the product of futuristic tech.

Although she was living quite a good life in this world, it was not where she belonged. She would feel more at peace if she returned to her real world.

Li Xia changed her tone and asked, “Then, did you have a good rest?”

System-kun replied with a calm “yes”.

Only after hearing his reply did she voice her doubts, “Just now, I heard multiple prompt messages, the Wealth Flaunting Bar increased by 5% in just one night? Is that some system bug?”

System-kun slowly yawned as he heard Li Xia’s question and replied, “You’ll know once you go online.”

Li Xia immediately unlocked her phone.

She did not use her phone all night so once her phone was unlocked, seven to eight notifications popped up, it was news from the various apps.

According to her habit, she would click them one by one to clear them, but she was stunned once she saw the headlines of the news.

#The Buyer of China’s Most Expensive Villa Is Actually Her…#

#Gu Real Estate’s Villa Price Reaches New High! Nameless Woman Spends 700 Million To Buy Villa#

From those headlines, the content of those news articles was definitely related to her.

Li Xia hurriedly clicked on those notifications and indeed, the content of the news articles was regarding the villa auction yesterday.

There were quite a few reporters present at the auction hall so Li Xia knew of their presence. However, Li Xia had never expected the article to be written in such detail. Every sentence she had said was recorded within and at the end of the article, a few pictures of her signing the house buying contract were put up.

Yesterday, at the auction hall, Li Xia did not feel that what she had done was any special, but as she read the reporter’s article from the viewpoint of a bystander, Li Xia realized just how arrogant she behaved.

If it was in the past, she would have been extremely nervous simply by speaking in such a place, how could she have the courage to do such things.

Indeed, one would turn haughty after becoming rich.

However, the feeling of being so “haughty” was simply too awesome!

Li Xia scrolled down the article and understood why her Wealth Flaunting Bar increased by looking at the comments below.

“700 million for a villa! She’s just too wealthy!”

“She has the money and looks, OMG, she’s really a winner in life!”

“Amazing, so this is the world of the rich? She was actually willing to spend 700 million to buy a villa with starting price of 150 million, it’s so impressive I’m speechless…”

“Every time I see such news, I feel as if I’m living in the slum. I really need someone to help me out of poverty!!! Please, could some wealthy ladies notice me…”

“The comment above, me too! Wealthy ladies, please notice me too! I’m much better in bed than the one above and I don’t eat much.”

Li Xia scrolled through dozens of comments and saw that everyone was exclaiming about just how rich she was. Although there were a few trolls, the other netizens immediately rebutted those comments so the overall situation was still quite pleasant.

Li Xia had never expected her Wealth Flaunting Bar to be able to increase with such a method.

If it could increase in such a way, then with how widely spread information from news articles were, wouldn’t it be simple for her to complete her side mission?

System-kun appeared and poured cold water on her just as Li Xia had such a thought, “Ms. Koi Fish, I advise you to be more realistic. It’s impossible for you to get it done once and for all. The maximum increase of the bar is fixed at 10% for each time you flaunt your wealth. This includes the increase of the bar at the time of your actions and any increase subsequently.”

She had never expected the system to set such an upper limit, but on second thought, it seems reasonable. At least hundreds of thousands of people would be able to see these news articles so if there was no limit, then the mission would be quickly completed.

However, what Li Xia did not understand was that she could increase the progress bar by 8% by spending about 30 million buying luxury cars, but now that she had spent 700 million and even appeared on the news which so many people read, the bar only increased by 10%.

There should be a problem with how the progress of the Wealth Flaunting Bar is calculated, right? Could it be that the percentage of increase is given randomly?

Li Xia voiced out her doubts.

System-kun immediately answered her, “The difficulty of the mission is from simple to hard. As you progress, the percentage increase of the Wealth Flaunting Bar would be slower. In the beginning, it could increase after you treat others in the breakfast restaurant, but afterward, it might not even increase at all even if you spend hundreds of millions in the auction.”

Li Xia nearly jumped up from the bed after she heard System-kun’s words.

F*ck, this is a scam!

She had originally thought that this side mission could be completed easily.

“Then at this rate, how can this mission be completed? System-kun, it’s different from what you told me.”

Back then, System-kun had told her that this side mission was the cheat given to her by the system because the system had seen her living in poverty for 20+ years. It was so that she could have an easy life in this world, enjoy her time, and happily raise the child.

“How can it be impossible to complete? Ms. Koi Fish, you must believe in yourself. As long as you keep changing your method of spending money, this side mission can definitely be completed, do your best!”

After hearing those words, Li Xia felt that she would have already beaten the system up if it had a physical body.

She took a deep breath and comforted herself.

At least having money is better than not having it. Anyways, I have an infinite amount of money so I just need to spend it without constrain. I’ll buy whatever’s cash-burning, I don’t believe that the Wealth Flaunting Bar won’t increase.

Thinking till here, Li Xia’s mood became better, but she had noticed an even more serious problem.

In this world, her identity “Xu Zhiyu” was a normal person from an ordinary family. However, she suddenly started to spend money extravagantly and even appeared on the news so there would definitely be people who would do a background check on her. Where did her money come from? If there was no reasonable source, then wouldn’t she have to spend the second half of her life in prison?

How could she only notice such a serious problem now!

Li Xia immediately called for System-kun, “What if someone investigates the reason I’m so rich and where my money came from?”

System-kun. “Ms. Koi Fish, there’s no need for you to worry about this at all. The Wealth Flaunting System is a product of the most advanced futuristic technology. Since it can change your bank card to make it have an automatic top-up function and payment in large sum function, then it would be able to transfer the funds to you legally. No one would be able to find anything wrong.”


“The system could even let you be reborn and transmigrate into a new world, do you still not believe in its ability?”

Li Xia. “…”

What System-kun said was right, it could even let her be reborn so what can it not do?

System-kun’s words completely set Li Xia’s mind at ease.

Li Xia looked at the clock hung on the opposite wall. It was not yet seven o’clock and An’an was still sleeping soundly beside her. His eyelashes that were thick and dense naturally hung down. His tiny lips were pink and he was so cute that others’ hearts would melt just by looking at him.

Li Xia could not resist the urge and stretched out her hand to poke An’an’s cheeks gently. An’an felt that he was touched so he moved his body and stretched his hands out from the blanket.

Li Xia carefully put An’an’s tiny arms back into the blanket and covered An’an completely.

After her sleep was interrupted by the system, Li Xia felt completely awoken so she carefully got off the bed and left the room.

The villa had already finished renovating and everything necessary was prepared so they directly moved in yesterday. There was nothing valuable in the previous house so, besides those related to An’an and some necessary identifications of Xu Zhiyu, Li Xia did not take anything else.

Anyway, the previous house would still be there so they could just return to pick up their things if they had forgotten anything.

Li Xia, An’an, and Ning Meng lived on the second floor of the villa while the two male bodyguards’ rooms were on the first floor. By now, everyone had already woken up.

Ning Meng had even returned from buying groceries at the supermarket and was preparing breakfast.

Li Xia leaned on the railings on the second floor and looked around the villa. This villa was even more beautiful than in the pictures, every detail was perfect without a flaw.

Looking out from the glass window of the villa, one could even see the view of the lake that was as gorgeous as a drawing.

“Ms. Xu, what would you like for breakfast?”

“Anything, as long as it’s cooked by you.”

Li Xia had already tasted Ning Meng’s cooking so she had confidence in Ning Meng’s food. She felt that this bodyguard that she had hired was truly worth it, she could be a driver and a housekeeper.

Ning Meng smiled sweetly after hearing her employer’s praise and asked, “Is it alright if I prepare shrimp porridge and steamed buns for An’an?”

Before Li Xia could reply, a child’s voice suddenly sounded out of nowhere, “Yes, I want to eat those tiny buns, those tiny buns are white and puffy, they’re so cute.”

Once that voice finished speaking, something soft jumped into Li Xia’s arms.

Li Xia joked, “The tiny buns that are white and puffy are as cute as you, right?”

An’an first nodded his head before quickly shaking it. He then explained with a serious face, “I am not tiny buns, tiny buns would be eaten.”

An’an’s naive words made everyone laugh. The morning rays shone into the house from the glass windows, making one feel lazy and comfortable.


In the blink of an eye, a week had already gone by.

In that week, An’an was very happy every day as he did not need to go to kindergarten. There was a super luxurious children’s playground nearby so Ning Meng would bring An’an there every day.

Meanwhile, Li Xia was busy picking out a kindergarten for An’an. She had originally thought that it would not be much trouble to raise a child with money.

Shen Yuan had found an organization that evaluated the educations of different places. That organization could recommend and contact the most ideal school, specialty classes, training institutions, and so on, from kindergarten to even universities abroad. It would be according to the parent’s expectations for the child’s future and their requirements of various aspects.

That organization recommended a few international, bilingual kindergartens that had a good reputation.

However, Li Xia was still worried and was afraid that there might be mishaps again so she still chose to go and survey the kindergartens personally to understand the situation.

After a week of comparison, she finally chose a kindergarten with the best environment and most expensive fee. Children of many celebrities and the rich were all attending this school so the security of this kindergarten was extremely high.

However, when she contacted this kindergarten, the kindergarten did not agree to let her son be admitted. Instead, the kindergarten gave her an invitation to the kindergarten’s 15th-anniversary celebration.

“Ms. Xu, kindergarten is extremely important to the children as it’s the beginning of their education. We hope that you can attend this anniversary celebration and have a deeper understanding of our kindergarten before deciding if you want your child to enter our kindergarten.”

Although those were high-sounding words and seemed to make sense, Li Xia felt that it was strange.

Why would they invite outsiders to the school’s anniversary celebration?

However, she understood once she reached home and read the invitation in detail.

There was an introduction to the activities of the school anniversary on the back of the invitation and the most eye-catching activity was the “School Building Fund Donation”.


Author’s notes:

An’an. “Mummy, am I going to be the richest kid in the whole kindergarten?”

Li Xia. “No, we’re the poorest so we need to save money. How about you eat one less steamed bun tomorrow morning?”

An’an. “Mummy, do you think that I don’t know? You just want to eat my steamed buns. ╭(╯^╰)╮

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