Quick Transmigration: Villain’s Koi Fish Mother [Chapter 16]


Shortly after, Ning Meng called a staff over. The staff had already learned about what had happened briefly from Ning Meng and once she saw the conflict between the two where none of them would back down, she immediately went forward with a professional smile.

The staff recognized the middle-aged woman as she was the sponsor for the kindergarten so she greeted that middle-aged woman, politely calling her “Mrs. Zhang”, before turning to look at Li Xia. She felt that Li Xia looked familiar.

After thinking for two seconds, she recalled the trending news recently about the mansion that was bought with 700 million, wasn’t that buyer this lady standing in front of her?

On one hand was the sponsor who had donated more than 10 million to the kindergarten while on the other hand was a rich lady who had a powerful background. She had heard from her other colleagues that most likely, there would be a billionaire whose child has yet to enter the kindergarten donating a huge sum of money.

The staff looked at Xu Zhiyu and the young boy that she had never seen before. He was most likely the son of the billionaire in the rumors that were spreading in the office recently. The Admission Office had recently come into contact with a billionaire who would be joining the school anniversary celebration and donating quite a sum of money.

If that was the case, she could not offend either side.

That made things difficult for her.

After pondering for a while, that staff spoke, “Mrs. Xu, I have already heard about what had happened — Mrs. Zhang’s son snatched your son’s toy. Actually, it’s normal for there to be some small conflicts between children, not only is there no harm, but it’s also beneficial to their growth, as long as nothing serious happens. As for this incident, Mrs. Zhang’s son was in the wrong but it’s not something serious and ultimately, this place is a kindergarten, so would both sides please take a step back and allow the two children to shake hands and makeup?”

Li Xia wanted to laugh when she heard that staff’s words.

How interesting, she had completely avoided mentioning how Mrs. Zhang’s son had pushed her son and only mentioned him snatching the toy.

She had witnessed the whole incident with her own eyes and her son had made no mistake at all.

As the saying goes, one would fight even if one was in the wrong, not to mention those in the right!

Was it so difficult to let a child apologize?

“Giving the kindergarten face? Are you all worth it? You said that you were clear about what had happened, but why didn’t you mention how her son pushed my son? Not only did he snatch the toy, he even pushed someone! Is it wrong for me to ask him to apologize? Is this how the kindergarten upholds justice?”

Li Xia was amiable and had a good temperament usually but that did not mean others could walk all over her.

Her bombardment of questions made the staff speechless, not knowing how to explain. The staff knew that what Li Xia had said was completely correct, but Mrs. Zhang was the sponsor of the kindergarten so she did not dare to offend her.

Mrs. Zhang’s face darkened once she heard Li Xia’s harsh tone and retorted, “Can’t you speak properly, how can you be so fierce with the children present, it’s just a small matter so why are you finding trouble with the kindergarten staff!”

Li Xia had originally thought that this kindergarten was decent and as long as it was beneficial to An’an, it was alright even if she had to spend some money to send An’an into this kindergarten.

However, currently, it looked like both the kindergarten’s children and staff were bad-mannered. If An’an were to stay in such an environment for a long period of time, then he might turn bad without even needing to experience setbacks.

This middle-aged woman standing in front of Li Xia was the typical aunty who was unreasonable. Li Xia felt that even if she spent two hours arguing with her, her son would not receive the apology he deserved and it would only be a waste of her time.

Therefore, she immediately called the kindergarten teacher who was in charge of recruiting students.

That teacher was nearby so she hurried here after receiving Li Xia’s call.

Once she entered the toy room, she felt how tense the atmosphere was so she hurriedly asked the staff to brief her on what had happened. Then, she said apologetically, “Mrs. Xu, it’s due to the kindergarten’s negligence that such an incident has happened, I represent the kindergarten and apologize.”

The attitude of that teacher on solving the matter was much better than that staff, she immediately apologized to Li Xia, but Li Xia didn’t buy it.

She looked at that middle-aged woman before meeting the teacher’s eyes. She then said in a sincere and regretful tone, “If such an incident didn’t happen, I would’ve been very satisfied with your kindergarten. I have already prepared 100 million for the donation later.”

Li Xia emphasized “100 million” and paused for two seconds before continuing, “I never expected that my son would be bullied by other children even before entering the kindergarten and not receive a single word of apology. The staff is also covering up for the party at fault, I’m too disappointed in this kindergarten.”

Li Xia hugged An’an and walked out after she finished speaking. She did not even want to stay another second in such a place.

Meanwhile, the teacher’s whole mind was occupied by the “100 million” that Li Xia had mentioned. She hurriedly chased after Li Xia to stop her and explained hurriedly, “Mrs. Xu, this is a misunderstanding, I hope you will give us a chance to explain ourselves.”

“I’m sorry, but I think I’ve made myself clear enough.”

Li Xia was about to continue walking with An’an in her embrace, but she heard Mrs. Zhang taunt, “Haha, donate 100 million? You really dare to brag. If you can really take out such an amount, then don’t go. Leaving in such a hurry, are you afraid that others would find out that you’re bluffing?”

Li Xia turned back once she heard those words and gave An’an to Ning Meng to carry. She then replied, “You don’t believe me?”

Naturally, Mrs. Zhang did not believe Li Xia. Although there were indeed plenty of wealthy people in the kindergarten, just how many could truly be so rich as to donate 100 million to the kindergarten?

The news reported that the richest person in China had only poured 80 million into the charity fund of the newly created charity donation. How was it possible for Li Xia to be compared to the richest person in China and donate 100 million?

Mrs. Zhang said, “If you really donate 100 million, then I’ll immediately tell my son to apologize to you.”

Li Xia smiled once she heard such words and instantly thought of an idea. She then replied, “I want you to bring your son and stand on the stage to apologize to us in public.”

Mrs. Zhang thought that Li Xia was just being stubborn and did not want to lose face and that she did not really have the ability to take out 100 million. Not to mention 100 million, Mrs. Zhang believed it was difficult for Li Xia to even take out 10 million. It was possible that Li Xia would back down and secretly escape later.

She replied confidently, “No problem.”

After such a ruckus, the break time had long ended. When they returned to the performance hall, the donation rounds had already begun. Currently, the emcee was reading the list of donors. There were some that donated tens of thousands, there were also those that donated hundreds of thousands, but none of them were more than a million.

There was quite a number of wealthy people and celebrities’ children in this international kindergarten, but those who were truly rich to the extent of being able to donate up to the millions were few.

Therefore, Mrs. Zhang was indeed quite rich to be able to donate up to 10 million.

However, no matter how rich one was, it was all the same to Li Xia.

After the emcee finished reading the list, he first thanked the donors through the mic before asking, “That list of donations just now belongs to the parents who were unable to be present. Meanwhile, we are about to start the on-site donation. There is a pen and paper on your right-hand side. Everyone, please write your donation amount on the paper and put it into the donation box in front of the stage. Afterward, our staff would collate the results for everyone.”

Li Xia took the pen and paper and realized that there were boxes printed on the paper so she could only write numbers.

She was out of touch with the concept of money as she had been spending too much recently so as she wrote the zeros, she suddenly could not remember how many zeros were in 100 million. Therefore, she could only ask Ning Meng.

“Eight zeros,” Ning Meng replied before asking, “Mrs. Xu, are we really going to donate 100 million?”

Ning Meng noticed Li Xia’s reaction and knew that Li Xia was extremely disappointed with this kindergarten so she would not let An’an attend this kindergarten. However, if this was so, then wouldn’t they be giving money to the kindergarten for nothing?

Li Xia replied, “Don’t worry, I have a plan.”

After filling in the amount, Li Xia immediately placed the paper into the donation box. After everyone had finished, the staff took the donation box backstage and started collating while the emcee stayed on stage to liven up the atmosphere. After a few minutes, the emcee obtained the top three donation amounts.

The instant that the emcee saw the name and donation amount, the microphone he was holding slipped slightly and nearly fell to the ground.

That emcee calmed himself down and re-confirmed the accuracy of the top three list with the kindergarten staff.

After receiving a confirmation, the emcee started announcing the results on stage with an excited voice.

The donor with the third-highest amount was a man with a beer belly — he had donated 2 million. The emcee invited that man and his child up on stage, expressed his gratitude through his words, and at the same time, gifted them the toy gift package that the kindergarten had specially prepared.

After receiving the gift package, the child was so happy that he jumped with joy and even asked his father to donate more the next time. Because children could not count yet, he did not know just how many toys could be bought with that 2 million.

After the third place was announced, the second place was next.

Li Xia looked at that middle-aged woman who was sitting in the distance.

That middle-aged woman was also glancing at her and was glowing with pride. Li Xia saw that middle-aged woman smile proudly as the emcee started revealing the second place.

“The second place is Mr. and Mrs. Zhang’s child, Zhang Tianyu. They have donated 6 million for this kindergarten. Speaking of which, it’s not the first time they have donated to our kindergarten. This building we are standing in was donated by them the year before the last. We are sincerely grateful…”

Once the middle-aged lady heard her child’s name, her face of pride turned into astonishment.

Originally, she was only planning to donate 5 million, but once she thought of how overbearing Li Xia was, she added another 1 million at the last moment. Although she thought that it was impossible for Li Xia to donate 100 million, the amount Li Xia donated might still be higher than her. 

She was still in second place with 6 million. Mrs. Zhang did not care about her ranking but this time, she was very nervous. She kept praying and hoping in her heart that the first place was not Li Xia.

However, sometimes, the more one could not accept something, the more likely it would become a fact.

Right after Mrs. Zhang and her son went up on stage to receive the gift package and gave a speech, the emcee started announcing the first place eagerly.

That emcee was not a staff of the kindergarten, but he had cooperated with the kindergarten many times. The school’s anniversary celebration and donation drive were hosted by him every year and it was already considered quite a lot if one donated 5-6 million, but someone had actually donated 100 million this time.

100 million! Even in those charity events on television that were targeted specifically at entrepreneurs, there were few who could donate 100 million.

One had to know that the total value of this kindergarten was less than 1 billion.

The emcee took a deep breath and announced, “The person who has donated the most for Ding Yi Kindergarten’s 15th Anniversary Celebration is Xu Nianhe’s mother, Mrs. Xu Zhiyu! They have donated 100 million RMB!”

“What! 100 million?”

When that amount was announced, the whole audience took a sharp breath and turned to look at Li Xia.

Li Xia smiled and walked up the stage herself when she was supposed to be going up to the stage to receive the gift package with her son.

She took the emcee’s mic and looked towards the audience seats. “Mrs. Zhang who has donated 6 million just now, please fulfill your promise by bringing your son up here to apologize to us.” 

Her order of apology that had no context to it had the whole audience talking as they looked towards Mrs. Zhang, waiting to see her reaction. 

Mrs. Zhang, who was complacently chatting with the surrounding people just a moment ago, turned pale and her face reflected her shock and disbelief.

Mrs. Zhang did not have the time to consider just where this woman got her 100 million from as she already felt humiliated by the surrounding looks that were sizing her up and dearly wanted to find a hole to hide in.

She hurriedly got up from her seat and pulled her son along with her, wanting to leave the kindergarten as fast as possible. However, her arm was pulled by someone before she could even take a step.

The one who stopped her was none other than the lady following beside Xu Zhiyu. She looked to be in her twenties and seemed weak and delicate so Mrs. Zhang did not expect her to have such a powerful grip.

“Let go, or else I won’t hold back,” Mrs. Zhang threatened in a powerful voice as she took advantage of her larger body size.

However, in the next second, Ning Meng increased the strength exerted by her hand and slightly twisted Mrs. Zhang’s arm. She coldly ordered, “Go onto the stage and apologize.”

To others, it might seem as if Ning Meng was just holding onto Mrs. Zhang’s arm, however, only Mrs. Zhang knew that as long as Ning Meng twisted her arm slightly more, her arm would immediately be dislocated.

Seeing how she could not escape nor resist, she could only let Ning Meng pull her to the stage.

After going on stage, Mrs. Zhang revealed an awkward smile and said, “Mrs. Xu, I apologize. My son misbehaved and bullied a child younger than him, I’ll definitely teach him a lesson when we return home.”

After speaking, she pretended to pinch her son’s arm and scolded sternly, “Zhang Tianyu, just look at the trouble you have caused, hurry and apologize!”

Mr. and Mrs. Zhang had only this one son after 40 years so ever since Zhang Tianyu was born, he had been pampered by the whole family. Even if he did something wrong, it was definitely others who had made the mistake so making him apologize was close to impossible!

Not to mention that there were so many adults and children present. If he were to apologize in front of so many people, he would not be able to raise his head in the kindergarten anymore as others would laugh at him.

He wore a long face and protested, “I’m not wrong, I don’t want to apologize.”

After finishing, he struggled free from his mother’s grasp and ran away. Mrs. Zhang trailed after him as she was worried about her son.

Li Xia did not let Ning Meng chase them as she did not desire the apology of such people. It was just because she could not stand how haughty Mrs. Zhang and her son were.

After that scene just now, the people in the audience were confused and the emcee was also unclear about what had just happened. He asked politely, “Mrs. Xu, could you explain what just happened?”

Li Xia did not hide anything and explained her actions and the whole process, including how the kindergarten staff had turned a blind eye.

After finishing, she said, “The kindergarten is where the children’s values form, but even the staff and teachers are biased, bad-mannered, and profit-seeking. Would everyone present expect such a kindergarten to teach your children well?”

“Take Mrs. Zhang just now as an example, the kindergarten allows her child to be that domineering just because she had donated up to 10 million to the kindergarten. This time, as a child’s parent, I witnessed my child being bullied but even so, the kindergarten is unwilling to uphold justice. Then what if it happened behind the parents’ back? Is it possible that your children have already been bullied by him many times but dared not speak up?”

Parents who were originally just onlookers were instantly angered once they imagined their child as the one being bullied.

The annual fee of the kindergarten was around 300,000, but not all families with children going to this kindergarten have over 10 million annual income, most of them were just median households with an annual income of a few million.

For such families, they had to squeeze out 100,000+ to donate to the kindergarten on top of the expensive school fees to the kindergarten as they were afraid that if they did not donate, their children would be treated differently.

However, who would have expected that their children would also be treated unfairly when they did not donate as much as others.

Thinking till here, some hot-tempered parents started to protest.

They thought that what Mrs. Xu said was correct, one’s character could be seen from the details of one’s actions so just a small matter like this was enough to show the conduct of the kindergarten.

Li Xia continued, “I originally thought that this kindergarten was decent and wanted to let my child come here to study, but the kindergarten kept hinting to me that I would need to donate to enter. As long as the money spent was worth it, I do not care how much I need to spend. However, the facts prove that this kindergarten is unworthy of any donations.”

Li Xia paused for a moment before continuing, “I will still donate 100 million, but I choose to donate publicly to educational charities.”

After she finished speaking, Li Xia walked down from the stage in her high heels. Her red dress that seemed charming and enchanting before now completely brought out her presence.

Ning Meng followed behind Li Xia while carrying An’an in her arms. However, Li Xia’s words had already angered the people from the kindergarten so currently, two security guards were blocking Li Xia’s way, intending to bring Li Xia to the office for a chat.

However, they had never expected that Ning Meng, who was carrying An’an, was from the special force and had experienced life or death situations that those security guards could never imagine. Ning Meng alone could beat 10 normal people without a problem, not to mention that she had already predicted such a situation and informed Shen Yuan, who was waiting outside.

Hence, they left the kindergarten smoothly without much problem.

However, just as she walked out of the kindergarten door, a stranger stopped Li Xia.

She smiled brightly and said, “Mrs. Xu, I am sincerely impressed by your words just now. Currently, many education institutions have begun seeking profits and have forgotten about their original intention of educating the young. I believe it would be quite difficult for Mrs. Xu to find a kindergarten that fulfills your wishes.”

Li Xia stopped in her tracks as she felt interested. “What are you implying?”

“Mrs. Xu, why not invest in a kindergarten yourself?”

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