Arrogant Consort Adored By War Prince [Chapter 9]



Yu Zisu changed into white clothes after returning to her room.

Her injury had scabbed over so she did not wrap it up anymore.

Yu Zisu left Yuxin Residence and was about to leave the manor without even looking at the situation in the courtyard.

Bi Xi, who was following her, hurriedly asked, “Young Miss, are you making a trip outside?”

Bi Xi felt uneasy as Yu Zisu did not speak to her after she returned to her room.

However, Bi Xi knew that she was in the wrong and that she should have listened to Young Miss.

Yu Zisu stopped in her tracks, turned back, and looked at Bi Xi.

Bi Xi could not help but be stunned.

Yu Zisu shook her head again when she saw how Bi Xi reacted.

However, once she saw that Bi Xi was on the verge of tears, she reflected on herself and wondered if she was being overly strict on Bi Xi.

Forget it, at least she’s loyal. Many people pale in comparison.

Yu Zisu said calmly, “I want to take a walk outside.”

“Huh? Young Miss, you want to leave the manor?” Bi Xi was astounded.

The original Young Miss would not leave the manor.

Because of Madam Qin, many of the ladies and maidservants in the capital would avoid and exclude her.

Over time, Young Miss became unwilling to leave the manor.

Yu Zisu did not explain and directly used her actions to prove her words.

Bi Xi hurriedly said, “Sigh, Young Miss, wear a veiled hat!”

Many daughters of officials would wear veiled hats to prevent others from knowing their identity and causing trouble.

Bi Xi was being considerate to Yu Zisu as she was afraid that Yu Zisu would be unwilling to meet others when the time came. 

Yu Zisu was also moved by Bi Xi’s simple thought.

Her voice turned slightly warmer as she spoke, “It’s alright, there’s no need.”

She was only taking a look at the surrounding environment of the Chancellor’s Manor this time.

The original Yu Zisu was unwilling to go out so she had nearly no memories of the capital.

Besides, when she sat in the horse carriage from the White Horse Temple, she did not have the chance to take a look at the bustling and thriving scene of the capital.

Bi Xi did not insist and followed Yu Zisu out.

In the 21st century, Yu Zisu had also watched quite a lot of dramas regarding ancient China, where the streets were lively and filled with crowds of people.

However now that she had seen such a scene with her own eyes, she could not help but exclaim, an imitation is an imitation after all! It cannot be compared to the true streets of ancient China no matter what.

The streets were about six meters wide and there were wooden buildings that were two to three stories tall. The structures were exquisite and they looked extremely gorgeous.

Those buildings were either restaurants, teahouses, gambling houses, jewelry shops, pawnshops, and so on.

In other words, there was everything that was needed and the variety was extremely complete.

Meanwhile, after walking out of those buildings, there would be rows of peddlers selling their items. Some sold cloth, some sold small toys while others sold pouches.

Yu Zisu had opened her eyes to a whole new world so her originally huge almond eyes turned even brighter.

She did not know that her expression had been seen by two people.

One was Ye Xiuming, who had just rushed back from the Fenglian Mountain.

He saw that the little girl whom he had missed dearly from that day on was wearing simple white clothes without any accessories.

However, her bright almond eyes and flushed cheeks made her exceptionally charming and beautiful.

Ye Xiuming resisted the urge to hide her from others’ eyes.

Once he saw the owner of the other gaze, he narrowed his eyes and snorted.

Ye Xiuming summoned Qing Mo and ordered him to follow behind that little girl to prevent anyone from harming her.

“Qing Mo, follow her.”

Ye Xiuming did not specify who but Qing Mo had already noticed his line of sight and trailed behind Yu Zisu.

Ye Xiuming nodded his head at how “sensible” Qing Mo was.

If not for the fact that the emperor had summoned him to enter the palace in a hurry, he would definitely carry that little girl into his horse carriage.

Ye Xiuming was shocked by his thoughts but then he quickly came to a consensus with himself.

After being lonely for so many years, it was rare for him to be interested in someone else.

It seemed to be quite nice if she could stay beside him and walk down the path together with him.

Ye Xiuming had completely forgotten that he still did not know whether Yu Zisu was willing or not!

Qing Feng could not bear to see the sight of his master laughing idiotically while holding that half-ghost mask so he turned to look elsewhere.

Yu Zisu picked up an item from the peddler’s stall and examined it carefully.

She suddenly realized that the light in front of her was blocked so she could not help but frown.

Yu Zisu raised her head and saw that the person blocking the light was actually her “old acquaintance”!

It was the Third Prince, also known as Prince Qi, Ye Chongxu, the ex-fiance of this body.

Yu Zisu recalled those memories that were hidden deep in her brain and could not help but frown.

Ye Chongxu opened his mouth and asked, “You’re Yu Zisu? The First Young Miss of the Chancellor’s Manor?”

Ye Chongxu had already been secretly observing Yu Zisu for a long time.

However, Yu Zisu’s actions and expressions were very different from before so he was unsure and did not come forward.

However, when Yu Zisu smiled against the light just now, he had unconsciously gone up to her and asked.

Yu Zisu’s expression did not change but her voice turned cold, “May I know who you are?”

“Young Miss, this is the Third Prince,” Bi Xi whispered in Yu Zisu’s ear.

Although Bi Xi did not know why Yu Zisu did not recognize the Third Prince, she still reminded Yu Zisu to prevent her from offending the Third Prince.

Even though Emperor Jing had already bestowed titles upon the princes, such as Prince Qi for the Third Prince, the princes could not leave the capital without the imperial edict or legitimate reasons as Emperor Jing was only in his forties.

[Usually, the princes would have their own territories after the bestowment of titles. However, since the Emperor is still considered young in this case, there’s no need for them to head to their territories so that the Emperor can have all the power to himself.]

Therefore, everyone habitually called Ye Chongxu the Third Prince instead of Prince Qi.

Yu Zisu said calmly, “Oh, then please let me pass.”

Yu Zisu sneered in her heart. It was obvious she knew that he was the Third Prince, but she did not want to heed this self-opinionated man.

Ye Chongxu could not believe his eyes when he looked at the woman in front of him.

The originally timid Yu Zisu, has now changed.

Seeing how she acted, it was obvious that she knew who he was.

But, why was it different from before?

Ye Chongxu blocked Yu Zisu’s path and said coldly, “Yu Zisu, are you trying to play cat and mouse with me? Give it up, I won’t like you!”

Yu Zisu could not help but sneer in her heart when she heard his words.

Where does the Third Prince get his confidence from? He’s certain that I like him!

Ye Chongxu saw that the woman in front of him was silent so he thought that he was right.

He then continued, “How shameless of you! Wanrou pleaded for you in vain!”

The commotion caused by the two of them was quite big so the number of onlookers increased more and more; everyone was in a heated discussion.

Some of them remembered the incident where the Third Prince had called off the engagement with Yu Zisu before they were married, and they could not help but start gossipping about Yu Zisu.

“This First Young Miss of the Chancellor’s Manor is really shameless, the Third Prince had already said that he doesn’t like her, why is she still sticking to the Third Prince!”

“Didn’t the Third Prince call off the engagement with her a few days back? In the end, she even knelt down and begged the Third Prince for forgiveness!”

“If that gentle and likable Second Young Miss did not stop the Third Prince and plead for her, this First Young Miss would have already been…”

The streets were getting more and more lively but meanwhile, there were a few men in Fuxi Inn who had different thoughts about this scene.

“Hmph! Jiang Ning, Wenyue, how could there be such a disparity between the First and Second Young Miss of the Chancellor’s Manor? Could it be that a crooked stick will have a crooked shadow?” 

[Chinese idiom, meaning: When superiors or parents do not set a good example, the subordinates or children will also follow suit and not behave well.]

Within the Fuxi Inn, inside the private room that was by the window, a handsome man commented while swaying the folded fan he held.

What he meant by a crooked stick will have a crooked shadow refers to the fact that Yu Zisu’s mother was a prostitute from the brothel so Yu Zisu would naturally not adhere to the virtue of a lady.

Meanwhile, Yu Wanrou’s mother, who was from the Lian Family, was the most beloved daughter of Old Central Secretariat Lian and was very much ladylike.

Jiang Ning, who was sitting upright, was the son of Minister Jiang Wen and was also the dream husband of numerous ladies in the capital.

Although the Jiang Family was not an extremely powerful family, Emperor Jing thought highly of Jiang Wen and thus, Jiang Ning was also frequently praised.

Meanwhile, the person who sat beside Jiang Ning was the eldest son of the Right Chancellor Wen Chengyi, Wen Wenyue, and was born from the legal wife.

There were three famous gentlemen in the capital, the son of the Right Chancellor, Wen Wenyue, the Third Prince, Ye Chongxu, and Yu Wuhen.

Moreover, when Wen Wenyue was 18 years old, he took first place in both the imperial examination and military arts, hence becoming a legendary figure of the whole capital.

Even though Wen Wenyue did not have an official position yet, anyone with a discerning eye would know that it was because Emperor Jing wanted him to succeed Right Chancellor Wen’s position.

Jiang Ning did not speak.

Meanwhile, Wen Wenyue smiled faintly. He was a gentleman that was righteous and modest. He said, “Nansheng, you shouldn’t speak nonsense! You don’t know about the situation in Left Chancellor Yu’s family!”

“But in the capital…” Jiang Nansheng was ready to rebut.

Jiang Ning interrupted, “The wise do not buy into rumors.”

He thought the same as Wenyue, he felt that this First Young Miss of the Chancellor’s Manor was not bad, perhaps it was the others who had some prejudice against her.

“Eh, why are the both of you speaking for that girl, could it be…” Jiang Nansheng joked as he looked at the two of them

It was good that Wen Wenyue and Jiang Ning were used to his personality so they did not mind. They said simultaneously, “You’re overthinking it!”


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