Arrogant Consort Adored By War Prince [Chapter 8]



“Young Miss, please forgive her! Sister Ah Yu did not do it on purpose!” Bi Xi hurriedly knelt down.

Yu Zisu glanced at Bi Xi.

Although she knew that the reason why Bi Xi would defend Ah Yu was that Ah Yu had pleaded for her back then, Yu Zisu could not help but sigh.

Just where did it leave her, their master, if Bi Xi acted like this?

Although Bi Xi was loyal, she could not clearly distinguish right from wrong. 

In the end, she was just too simple-minded and lacked experience.

Yu Zisu had no time to care about Bi Xi, who was kneeling on the ground.

She demanded coldly, “Ah Yu! Since you’ve already recovered long ago, why aren’t you doing your work in the courtyard and sleeping in bed instead! Does it mean that you can act so frivolously when I’m not in this Yuxin Residence?”

“I did not!” Ah Yu hurriedly said.

Yu Zisu shouted loudly, “How impertinent! Ah Yu, you dare to argue back after disrespecting your master!”

She saw that there were already other maidservants gathering so she knew that she could start punishing Ah Yu to serve as a warning for others.

Yu Zisu ordered coldly, “Bi Xi, go and call Nanny Mo here!”

Nanny Mo was a capable nanny of Madam Lian, and also one of her confidants.

As for why Yu Zisu would think of calling Nanny Mo over… Yu Zisu smiled faintly.

Chills ran down Ah Yu’s spine, First Young Miss is really different today.

Yu Zisu could not help but sigh again when she saw Bi Xi, who still did not manage to react in time.

Bi Xi was loyal but inflexible, she still could not differentiate right from wrong.

Yu Zisu asked coldly, “Bi Xi, why are you still standing here? Are you also going to disobey my orders?”

She looked at the group of maidservants watching the show outside and casually pointed at one of them.

Yu Zisu said calmly, “Go and call Nanny Mo over, just tell her that I want to ask her just how the rules in the manor are taught!”

“If she won’t come over, then just let Madam Lian change a new Nanny!”

Nanny Mo was in charge of teaching the maidservants the rules of the manor.

Madam Lian would choose the maidservants, the butler would buy them and Nanny Mo would discipline them.

Although Yu Zisu’s tone was not stern, that maidservant who was pointed out by Yu Zisu could not disobey her at all.

That maidservant could only tremble in fear and run to deliver the message to Nanny Mo.

Bi Xi had also just realized the kind of mistake she had made as she looked at Yu Zisu’s expressionless face.

She hurriedly knelt down and said, “Young Miss, please forgive me! I-I did not purposely disobey Young Miss…”

Yu Zisu was still thinking about how to make Nanny Mo punish Ah Yu so she did not have the time to bother about Bi Xi.

Bi Xi was loyal but she was only a 2nd Tier Maidservant currently.

If she wanted to raise Bi Xi’s rank and make Bi Xi her personal servant, then Bi Xi would have to learn to think things through clearly.

Currently, Ah Yu was still kneeling while only dressed in her sleepwear.

With Yu Zisu staring at her, she did not have the time to get dressed and did not dare to do so either.

Shortly after, Nanny Mo rushed over.

Nanny Mo frowned when she saw the maidservants who were surrounding the place to watch the show, but did not say anything.

She first greeted Yu Zisu and bowed to her according to the rules before asking with a straight face, “May I know why is First Young Miss looking for me?”

If it was the past Yu Zisu, she would have already been frightened by Nanny Mo’s stern face and not have the courage to explain what had happened clearly.

However, the current Yu Zisu was already not the one from the past so she was not bothered about how this old woman acted.

Yu Zisu glanced down and smiled faintly before saying, “The maidservants are all taught by Nanny Mo, right? So now that a certain maidservant has committed a mistake, I could only find you.”

She pointed at Ah Yu with her slender finger and her voice suddenly turned cold, “Nanny Mo, could you tell this servant girl just what kind of punishment she would receive for slacking off, sleeping in the day, and not respecting her master?”

“I did not!” Ah Yu shouted loudly.

Yu Zisu turned to look at her and said sternly, “You did not?”

“Then why are you in your sleepwear in broad daylight? Do you think that all of us here are idiots?”

Yu Zisu pointed at the numerous maidservants who were standing outside and watching the show.

It was showing her evidence and blatantly scheming against Nanny Mo as she would not be able to be biased towards ah Yu in front of so many people.

Yu Zisu regarded Nanny Mo with a faint smile.

That smile sent shivers down Nanny Mo’s back.

She glared at Ah Yu and said, “Lowly servant, hurry and admit your mistake towards First Young Miss!”

“Nanny, I…”

Just as Ah Yu was going to continue justifying herself, she saw Nanny Mo giving her a meaningful look.

She bit her lips, stomped her foot, and suddenly said with incomparable sincerity, “Young Miss, please forgive me, I admit my mistake. I deserve death! I deserve death!”

She could think nothing of Yu Zisu, the unloved and timid First Young Miss, but since Madam Lian had full control over the manor and grasped her life in her hands, she had to listen to Nanny Mo.

While speaking, Ah Yu actually slapped herself as she admitted to her mistake.

“Young Miss, I truly admit to my mistake! Please forgive me…” Seeing that Yu Zisu just stood there quietly, Ah Yu panicked.

Ah Yu could not help but feel a chill down her back once she saw Yu Zisu’s calm and composed figure.

Yu Zisu’s expression turned cold. 

Very good, she’s feigning self-sacrifice to escape punishment?

To force me to forgive her?

At this moment, if I still persist on this matter, then most likely tomorrow, there would be rumors that the Chancellor’s First Young Miss is as venomous as snakes and scorpions, cruelly beating up her maidservants.

However, Yu Zisu had already expected such a thing to happen so she just stood at the side calmly, ignoring Ah Yu and did not mediate.

Bi Xi wanted to go forward and persuade Ah Yu, but she was glared at by Nanny Mo and her path was blocked.

“First Young Miss, this matter is indeed Ah Yu’s mistake, but she has also recognized her mistake, how about just letting it go,” Nanny Mo suggested.

Yu Zisu sneered in her heart but her expression on the surface did not change as she spoke, “Nanny, do you mean that in the future, servants don’t need to be punished when they make a mistake as long as they admit their wrongs?”

Yu Zisu had predicted that Nanny Mo would not dare to reply to her.

If she did, and if her words spread, then the other maidservants would learn from Ah Yu.

By then, Madam Lian would also hate Nanny Mo!

Nanny Mo had never expected that Yu Zisu would set a trap with her words!

She looked at Yu Zisu in surprise, but once she saw Yu Zisu’s emotionless face, her heart skipped a beat.

First Young Miss seemed to have completely changed.

However, shortly after, Nanny Mo suppressed her doubts and came up with new plans.

Nanny Mo said awkwardly, “Erm… Since Ah Yu had offended First Young Miss, then First Young Miss should be the one to settle this matter.”

So, she’s shifting the responsibility to me?

Yu Zisu scoffed in her heart, but she had been waiting for this sentence.

She directly said, “Alright then, let this impertinent servant girl kneel in this courtyard for an afternoon!”

“Nanny! I…” Ah Yu stopped slapping herself once she heard Yu Zisu’s words.

She looked at Nanny Mo in terror, hoping that Nanny Mo would not agree with Yu Zisu.

A whole afternoon! If she were to really kneel for an afternoon, not only would she lose her face, her legs would also be destroyed!

Nanny Mo hurriedly cut off Ah Yu. “What else do you have to say! You’ve disrespected your master and were impertinent, you deserve to be punished!”

“The First Young Miss is not merciless, she only told you to kneel for an afternoon. It can’t be that you want to be chased out of the manor?” Nanny Mo seemed to be hinting at something.

Ah Yu was instantly shocked when she heard that she might be chased out of the manor and understood the warning hidden within Nanny Mo’s words.

She could only reply softly, “Yes, I understand.”

If she was chased out of the manor, it would not be as simple as just kneeling for a whole afternoon.

Those maidservants and nannies who were chased out from the manor were either sold to cold distant places to lead a bitter lifestyle, or sold into places like the brothel.

Yu Zisu was not surprised after hearing the final result for the punishment.

She gave a meaningful look to Nanny Mo who gazed towards her.

Yu Zisu smiled and said, “Then, I’ll leave this matter to Nanny.”

She believed that if Madam Lian wanted to spoil her reputation, she would definitely make Nanny Mo punish Ah Yu.

Similarly, as Madam Lian’s confidant, Nanny Mo would know the benefits of doing as Yu Zisu said.

Ah Yu was a handle that she had given to them!

Yu Zisu smiled faintly and did not care about everyone’s astonished expression.

She said calmly, “I have taken quite a liking to Bi Xi. I’ll let Ah Yu work in the outer courtyard in the future and raise Bi Xi to a 1st Tier Maidservant to serve me personally. Nanny, what do you think?”

Actually, Yu Zisu did not need to ask Nanny Mo.

She was the master of this manor, so she naturally had the authority to decide such a matter.

However, once Yu Zisu thought of Madam Lian’s agitated expression from hearing this incident, she could not help but feel pleased!

This was just the beginning!

Nanny Mo thought to herself, what else can I do?

Originally, we finally managed to plant a spy, Ah Yu, beside Yu Zisu after tons of effort.

Who would have expected that this little b*tch would actually send her away!

Nanny Mo’s expression turned stiff once she thought of how outraged Madam Lian would be.

However, she still forced a smile and replied, “Since First Young Miss has said so, then, of course, you can.”

Yu Zisu was not asking for her opinion either, she was simply informing her.

Yu Zisu glanced at Bi Xi, who was still in a daze, and could not help but shake her head.

She said coldly, “Bi Xi, let’s go. Hurry and follow me, I still have other matters to attend to.”

After finishing, she did not bother about Nanny Mo and simply scanned the maidservants who were watching the show before leaving.

She believed that Ah Yu’s incident would serve as a good warning to everyone.

Punishing one to warn the others, there would never be a lack of such a “one” in this world!

Bi Xi only reacted after she saw Yu Zisu leave and hurriedly followed behind her.

In the end, only Nanny Mo, the numerous maidservants who were standing outside, and Ah Yu, who was kneeling on the ground, were left.

Seeing such an awful mess, Nanny Mo nearly spit out blood.

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