Arrogant Consort Adored By War Prince [Chapter 7]



Yu Zisu heaved a sigh of relief once she stepped out of the door of the Luminous Moon Residence.

She had arrived in the ancient times for only two or three days, but she had been drugged, assassinated, and defamed.

This time after returning to the manor, she nearly fell into the trap set by Madam Lian so she was already exhausted.

Following her memory, she passed by the gorgeous building with exquisite and colorful drawings and headed towards her residence, the Yuxin Residence.

She had run into quite a few maidservants on the way but no one greeted her.

It could be seen just how disliked she was, even the maidservants in the manor ignored her.

Although Yu Zisu felt aggrieved for the original Zisu, she knew it was not yet the time to bother about such matters.

She had nothing now so she could only plan her way through bit by bit!

If others don’t provoke me, I would not provoke others, but if others offend me, then I’ll retaliate no matter what!

However, unexpectedly, Yu Zisu’s residence had quite a good layout.

Although it was quite remote, it was within the main courtyard of the backyard and it was quiet.

At first, Yu Zisu did not understand why Madam Lian let her stay in such a presentable residence when she hated her so much.

However, when she recalled the original Zisu’s memory, she could not help but curse Madam Lian for being cunning!

When Qin Wenluo was still alive, Yu Zisu lived in the Wind Jade Residence located beside Qin Wenluo’s residence.

The Wind Jade Residence was specifically set up for Yu Zisu by Qin Wenluo.

There were all kinds of extraordinary and special treasures within, not to mention all kinds of amusing items.

In the end, after Qin Wenluo died, Madam Lian moved Yu Zisu to this Yuxin Residence with the excuse that Yu Zisu needed a quiet place to observe a period of mourning.

Two years had passed since then.

Although the Yuxin Residence looked presentable on the surface, the interior was in bad shape due to the lack of maintenance over the years.

The beams were damp and worn out.

Although the residence was still located within the main courtyard of the backyard, it was the most remote location of the main courtyard!

That was to say, the Yuxin Residence was but a window dressing.

It was all for show, for Chancellor Yu to see!

“Young Miss! You’re finally back!” Before walking close to her residence, Yu Zisu heard a loud shout of excitement.

That voice was like that of a sparrow, sharp and high-pitched, in an urgent tone.

She could hear someone hurrying towards her with small and irregular steps. After a while, a maidservant with her hair combed into a bun and dressed in shabby green clothes ran towards her.

Before Yu Zisu could react, she was already hugged by that maidservant and touched all over.

“Young Miss, are you alright?” That same maidservant in green clothes asked.

Yu Zisu then remembered that this maidservant’s name was Bi Xi.

Speaking of which, she should have another maidservant but that maidservant was actually missing now.

“I’m fine.” Yu Zisu was not used to being touched by others, even if it was by other women.

She gently pushed Bi Xi away and asked calmly, “Bi Xi, where’s Ah Yu?”

Even now, she’s not coming over to greet me, does she have no respect for me, the Young Miss?

Yu Zisu suddenly recalled what had happened when she went to White Horse Temple and she could not help but narrow her eyes.

This Ah Yu, there should be something wrong with her!

“Sister Ah Yu?”

Bi Xi tilted her head and thought for a moment before saying, “Sister Ah Yu should be coming out soon, I just told her that Young Miss had returned!”

Bi Xi was a maidservant that Yu Zisu had saved on the streets.

To repay her, Bi Xi willingly sold herself as a slave and stayed with Yu Zisu.

Meanwhile, Ah Yu was chosen by Qin Wenluo to serve Yu Zisu with Ah Bi and had entered the Chancellor’s Manor before Bi Xi.

Ah Bi was mature and had great self-control, it was all thanks to her that Yu Zisu did not fall into Madam Lian’s traps in the year that Qin Wenluo had passed away.

However, in the end, Ah Bi was still sent away by Madam Lian because of Yu Zisu.

On the contrary, this Ah Yu was cunning and tactful so she had survived until now.

Looking back, Yu Zisu thought that there might be a problem with this Ah Yu.

Yu Zisu stood at the courtyard and thought for a moment, waiting for Ah Yu to come over.

However, after standing there for almost 15 minutes, Ah Yu still did not appear.

Yu Zisu smiled faintly and said, “Ah Yu is really slow!”

Only then did Bi Xi discover that her Young Miss seemed to have changed, but she could not pinpoint just what was different.

However, Bi Xi still noticed Yu Zisu’s displeased look.

Bi Xi hurriedly said, “Young Miss, Sister Ah Yu must have been delayed by other matters, it’s not her intent to not come to greet you!”

Seeing that Yu Zisu kept silent, Bi Xi became anxious, Sister Ah Yu is very nice, what if she gets punished by Young Miss?

Yu Zisu said, “Since Ah Yu is too slow, let’s go over to take a look in case something happened.”

As for whether something really did happen or not, she was about to find out.

Bi Xi also started worrying for Ah Yu once she heard Yu Zisu’s words and hurriedly said, “Yes, yes, let’s go and take a look, Young Miss.”

Only then did Bi Xi discover just what was different about her Young Miss.

No matter if it was her demeanor, her posture in walking, or her smile, it was all different.

Previously, Young Miss would always lower her head and hunch her back.

However, now, Young Miss’ back was perfectly straight.

She seemed to be indescribably firm and courageous while walking in front of Bi Xi.

The two of them arrived in front of Ah Yu’s front door and Bi Xi opened the door first. “Sister Ah Yu!”

When Bi Xi saw the figure on the bed, she hurriedly stretched out her hands to stop Yu Zisu, who was about to enter.

Bi Xi wanted to help her cover up so she frantically said, “Sister Ah Yu! Hurry and wake up! Young Miss is here!”

Ah Yu replied without even opening her eyes, “Young Miss? What Young Miss?”

“Bi Xi, just let me have a good sleep! There’s finally only the two of us left in this Yuxin Residence, can’t you tone it down!”

Ah Yu wrapped herself in the blankets and turned around to continue sleeping.

Yu Zisu had never expected that Ah Yu, who could not be found anywhere in the courtyard, was actually still sleeping on her bed in broad daylight!

Yu Zisu laughed coldly and without sparing a glance at Bi Xi, who was on the verge of tears, she said, “Bi Xi, is this your so-called ‘delayed by other matters’?”

“Young Miss, this…” Bi Xi also did not know what to say.

But, Sister Ah Yu is really a nice person, what if she is punished by Young Miss?

She glanced at Young Miss, who was calmly standing by the door, and started feeling nervous for unknown reasons, no longer daring to plead for Ah Yu.

Ah Bi could only push Ah Yu fiercely and shout, “Sister Ah Yu, hurry and wake up, Young Miss is here! Hurry and wake up…”

“Sigh… Stop making noise…” Ah Yu mumbled without waking up at all.

Yu Zisu’s gaze turned cold. She took the cold tea that was placed on the table and splashed it towards the bed.

“Ah! Just which b*tch is it…” Ah Yu felt a cold sensation and she instantly threw her blanket aside before jumping up from her bed.

She pointed at Yu Zisu, who stood in front of her and was prepared to scold that person.

Only when she saw Yu Zisu did she stop abruptly.

At first, Ah Yu was panic-stricken as she spoke, “First-First Young Miss, you-you’ve returned.”

However, once she thought of First Young Miss’ status in this manor, Ah Yu quickly calmed down. 

She bowed and said nonchalantly, “I did not know that First Young Miss would return so late so I did not go and greet you in time, please forgive me, First Young Miss.”

Yu Zisu did not miss the panic and astonishment in Ah Yu’s eyes at the start, but she was slightly puzzled.

However, once she connected it to what Madam Lian had done, she suddenly smiled coldly as if she had thought of something.

Maybe, there really is an ingrate beside her!

Ah Yu took a look at Bi Xi, who was still dumbfounded, and said angrily, “Bi Xi, I didn’t expect that you wouldn’t inform me that First Young Miss had returned today! Just what are you plotting?”

“Sister Ah Yu! You…” Bi Xi had obviously not expected that Ah Yu would say such words so she took two steps backward.

Ah Yu interrupted her, “Bi Xi, I never thought that you would be so scheming at such a young age, you’re really too…”

“How impertinent!” Yu Zisu interrupted her angrily.

She heard Ah Yu’s natural accusations and it was obvious that Ah Yu thought nothing of her even though she was Ah Yu’s master.

She then continued coldly, “Ah Yu, tell me, why are you still sleeping in bed at this hour!”

Yu Zisu released a domineering pressure that pressed down on Ah Yu and Bi Xi, it was so heavy that both of them nearly could not breathe.

Ah Yu panicked, she had been avoiding that question but she had never imagined that Yu Zisu would mention it.

Why does it seem like First Young Miss has changed today?

Isn’t First Young Miss always timid and cowardly?

“Sister Ah Yu! Young Miss is asking you a question,” Bi Xi could not help but remind Ah Yu after seeing her being distracted again.

Although Ah Yu had framed her, she knew that Sister Ah Yu must have been too scared just now so she had just blurted out her words without thinking, it was not on purpose.

Ah Yu glared at Bi Xi, then smiled brightly, trying to change the topic.

She spoke flatteringly, “I was wrong, First Young Miss. I-I, my stomach was feeling unwell today so I decided to take a rest, take a rest…”

Yu Zisu scoffed, “Oh? Your stomach feels unwell?”

She then continued coldly, “Although Ah Yu is merely a servant, I’m not the type to mistreat my servants. Bi Xi, go and invite Doctor Jiang to our residence to have a look at her.”

Bi Xi hurriedly replied, “Sister Ah Yu, I’ll go and invite the doctor immediately since you’re feeling unwell! Thank you, Young Miss!”

“No! There’s no need!” Ah Yu was stunned.

She had never expected Yu Zisu to actually invite a doctor over, if the doctor came, she would be exposed!

Ah Yu said in a hurry, “Young Miss, there’s no need, I am feeling fine now.”

“You’re really fine?” Yu Zisu asked faintly.

Ah Yu did not know why but she actually felt as if she had been seen through when Yu Zisu stared at her that way.

She hurriedly replied, “I’m fine, I’m really alright now! Young Miss, see, I’ve recovered long ago!”

“So you’ve recovered long ago!” Yu Zisu slowly curved her lips.

Although Yu Zisu wore simple green clothes, her elegance and demeanor could not be concealed.

She smiled faintly but her voice was piercingly cold. “How dare you, Ah Yu!”

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