Arrogant Consort Adored By War Prince [Chapter 6]



Yu Zisu looked down and said in a sorrowful tone, “Then why didn’t Madam Lian let Ah Bi explain?”

“Ah Bi?” Chancellor Yu felt as if that name was familiar so he repeated it.

Madam Lian was stunned, she had never expected Chancellor Yu to still remember Qin Wenluo’s servant even after she had been dead for so long.

“Ah Bi had stolen items from the manor and was caught red-handed, what is there to explain!” Madam Lian hurriedly said.

Yu Zisu saw that Madam Lian’s eyes had already turned red, it was obvious that she was extremely angry but she still managed to keep herself from losing her composure.

Yu Zisu exclaimed, No wonder Madam Lian could have control over the Chancellor’s Manor for so many years, she is indeed scheming and has the means to carry out her plots.

Yu Zisu suddenly lifted her head, her eyes swimming with tears. “Ah Bi did not! She only confessed under coercion because of me!”

She was upset that she actually needed to use such a method to gain Chancellor Yu’s pity.

Chancellor Yu finally sized up this daughter that he had purposely ignored.

He saw that her head was wrapped in linen and it was obvious she was not treated by a doctor in the manor as the treatment was done hastily.

Her green clothes were also made of extremely ordinary material and she did not even have a tassel on her waist.

There wasn’t a single accessory in her hair, only a deep green ribbon.

Yu Zisu’s tears almost seemed to flow out but they were forced back by her.

Her almond eyes were very similar to Luo’er’s and they looked at Chancellor Yu in disappointment.

Disappointment… she should be filled with disappointment right?

The daughter of the Chancellor’s Manor was living worse than a daughter of a normal family in the capital!

Chancellor Yu’s heart jolted and he suddenly felt guilty.

“Lian, you actually coerced her into confessing? You used torture in the manor?” Chancellor Yu asked in a deep voice.

Madam Lian knew that this was the sign of Chancellor Yu’s rage.

She now hated the guts of this b*tch, Yu Zisu, but she dared not reveal such thoughts at all.

Madam Lian opened her mouth calmly, “That lowly servant was caught red-handed by Butler Wu when she was stealing items from the manor, I did not coerce her!”

“Lord, it must be that the servants in the manor were gossiping and said something to First Young Miss.”

“I have painstakingly managed the manor for two years and have always thought of the First Young Miss as my own child, I am definitely being framed!” Madam Lian started to weep piteously.

Yu Zisu replied innocently, “Madam Lian, I don’t even have a maidservant, how could I have heard anything from them!”

Afterward, she walked to Chancellor Yu’s side and said, “Father, I shall return first.”

Currently, Yu Zisu felt extremely terrible.

Perhaps, it was the remaining emotions of the original Zisu.

Everyone in the capital said that Chancellor Yu loved her mother, Qin Wenluo, the most and had even mercilessly beaten Lord Duan up out of rage on her behalf.

Back then, Qin Wenluo was just a commoner who was forced to enter the brothel because of her declining family fortune, but she had actually caused the Chancellor and Lord of the country to fight over her.

Everyone in the capital was waiting to watch the good show and there were even the political enemies of Chancellor Yu fanning the flames, so Chancellor Yu and Lord Duan caused quite a scene.

That incident became quite big and was only solved when Emperor Jing came forward.

Afterward, rumors said that if not for the pressure from Old Madam Yu, Yu Zisu’s father and mother would most likely be a couple praised by everyone.

However, who would have expected that now, the daughter that was born from him and his beloved woman was living a life worse than a maidservant.

It was simply ironic!

Yu Zisu secretly ridiculed, Hmph, affectionate, is he affectionate or fickle? But, who could say it clearly?

Before Chancellor Yu could speak, Yu Zisu bowed and left.

Maybe it was because Yu Zisu left too straightforwardly but it made Chancellor Yu look at her.

“Zisu…” Chancellor Yu looked at his daughter that he had ignored for eight years and suddenly felt sorry for her.

Out of a guilty conscience, he said, “Wait, I’ll definitely give you justice.”

“Father, there-there’s no need.” Yu Zisu looked like she was frightened and took another few steps outside.

She said to Madam Lian, “Since Madam Lian is alright, the-then I’ll return first.”

After finishing, Yu Zisu looked at Madam Lian timidly, which nearly made Madam Lian stomp her foot from anger.

“Wait a moment, Zisu!”

Chancellor Yu saw how timid his daughter was, her almond eyes dodging their gazes and seemingly lost all their luster.

He remembered Luo’er and felt even more guilty.

“Father, do you have anything to tell me?” Yu Zisu asked meekly.

Although Yu Zisu felt extremely dissatisfied with Chancellor Yu, it was not the time to fall out with him yet.

She had just arrived in this world and had nothing.

Most probably, she would have to make use of Chancellor Yu.

Not to mention, no matter what, she was happy as long as she saw Madam Lian angry.

Hmph, she remembered the taste of being drugged by Madam Lian!

Even if I have nothing now, I can still teach you a lesson!

“Zisu, I’ll definitely give you justice!” Chancellor Yu said with determination.

Chancellor Yu felt uncomfortable that his most beloved daughter called him “father” in a respectful and distant tone.

Yu Zisu was mocking him in her heart, but on the surface, she was still faithfully acting the role of a pitiful daughter.

She pretended to be surprised, screaming “ah” and stepping back before taking a quick glance at Madam Lian.

Afterward, Yu Zisu hurriedly shook her hands and said, “Father, there’s no need… I am used to being wronged…”

Chancellor Yu followed Yu Zisu’s line of sight and happened to see Madam Lian’s threatening glare towards Yu Zisu that she had yet to conceal.

Chancellor Yu instantly flew into a rage.

He shouted angrily, “Lian! Is this how you treat Zisu? Do you remember what you said to me back then?”

“Didn’t you say that you would treat Zisu as your own?”

“Lord…” Madam Lian’s expression changed, she seemed to be in a panic.

However, Madam Lian instantly regained her composure and used the white handkerchief in her hands to wipe the tears that were about to fall.

Madam Lian said pitifully, “I have indeed viewed First Young Miss as my own and have never mistreated her!”

“That Ah Bi was but a maidservant but she dared to steal from the manor! She was caught red-handed, Nanny Feng can testify.”

“It was First Young Miss who disliked the maidservants for being too slow-witted, I’ll immediately prepare maidservants for her to pick tomorrow…”

“It’s all because there were just too many matters to settle these two days that I have neglected First Young Miss. If the Lord wants to punish me, then do it, I have no complaints,” Madam Lian said gently as she bowed.

As expected, after seeing Madam Lian’s tears, Chancellor Yu started looking at Yu Zisu with doubt.

Yu Zisu was not afraid either, the panic on her face became even more obvious.

She directly knelt with a “thud” and mumbled carefully, “Madam Lian…”

From Chancellor Yu’s line of sight, Yu Zisu looked towards Madam Lian in disbelief and looked like she was wronged, but she still did not say anything.

Instead, Yu Zisu said to Chancellor Yu, “Father, it’s all my fault, ple-please do not blame Madam Lian.”

“If father wants to punish someone, please punish me.” She lowered her head and bit her lips, and her body could not help but tremble.

Yu Zisu also glanced towards Madam Lian from time to time, as if fearing her.

Madam Lian saw how Yu Zisu acted and hated Yu Zisu to the core so she could not help but glare at Yu Zisu.

Who knew that Chancellor Yu was observing the change in her expression so Madam Lian’s glare was caught by Chancellor Yu.

“Lian! Why are you glaring at Zisu!” Chancellor Yu shouted, his face turning red from anger.

He had never expected that Madam Lian would treat Yu Zisu this way when he was still there.

Then how would she treat Yu Zisu if he was not present?

Didn’t this mean that what she had said just now was all fake and she had deceived him? 

“Lord, I did not! I was only…”

Chancellor Yu was completely outraged. 

Seeing how Madam Lian still wanted to explain, he flicked his sleeves.

He interrupted her, “You don’t need to explain anymore! I did not expect that you would treat Zisu this way, you’ve wasted the trust I’ve placed in you!”

“Lord!” Madam Lian was slightly bewildered by Chancellor Yu’s words.

She thought that Chancellor Yu meant that he would never trust her again in the future.

Madam Lian hurriedly said, “Lord, please listen to my explanation! I…”

“Hmph! Lian, stay in this Luminous Moon Residence and reflect on yourself! I don’t want to hear your explanation!” Chancellor Yu said coldly while looking at Madam Lian.

He was truly furious this time, it was the anger from being deceived.

Chancellor Yu felt even more guilt for doubting Zisu and thinking that she was purposely framing Madam Lian in front of him.

But in the end, it seems that she had suffered quite a lot in places he could not see.

Madam Lian’s tears dripped down like a broken string of beads without stopping.

However, Chancellor Yu was irritated at her so he did not want to bother with her at all. He personally went forward to help Yu Zisu up.

Seeing how Yu Zisu was still alarmed, he comforted, “Zisu, don’t be afraid. Daddy will protect you.”

“No-no need. I-I’m not afraid… Father, I shall return first, Sister Wanrou is still waiting for you!”

Yu Zisu looked exactly like a frightened bird as she pushed Chancellor Yu away before turning and leaving in a hurry, not noticing that the linen wrapping her head had already fallen to the ground.

Chancellor Yu had never expected such a huge reaction from Yu Zisu so he was in a daze as he stood at the courtyard.

Madam Lian felt more wronged as she cried louder and louder.

It was unknown why but Chancellor Yu felt even more uncomfortable.

He angrily said, “Lian! You should stay in this courtyard and reflect on yourself!”

“Come and tell me just what you’ve done wrong after you’ve reflected on yourself!”

That was equal to being grounded.


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