Arrogant Consort Adored By War Prince [Chapter 5]



“Sister, why do you keep asking me that?” Yu Zisu directly pointed it out and looked as if she was wronged.

“Not only did you not visit mother, but you’re also defaming my reputation, just what are you doing?”

Once Yu Zisu finished speaking, several visitors examined Yu Wanrou.

They had coincidentally seen Yu Wanrou gloating over Yu Zisu’s misfortune before she could conceal it.

Therefore, everyone started thinking to themselves, she looks so kind but how could she be so wicked, even framing her own elder sister!

Afterward, everyone started looking at Yu Zisu with sympathy.

Yu Wanrou was shocked, she had never expected Yu Zisu to turn the tide against her with just one sentence.

She cried pitifully, “Sister, you’ve misunderstood me. I’m just worried about the engagement bestowed…”

Oh, so that’s the reason.

Everyone remembered that the eldest daughter of the Chancellor’s Manor had her engagement broken off before getting married, and she was even engaged to the legendary tyrannical War Ghost, the Seventh Prince, by the emperor’s decree.

Good, very good!

Yu Zisu could not help but clap for this white lotus, Yu Wanrou, in her heart.

Everyone knew that the eldest daughter of the Chancellor’s Manor, Yu Zisu, liked the Third Prince, Ye Chongxu.

However, the third prince, Ye Chongxu, felt that Yu Zisu’s status was too low and she was too timid to be worthy of him. Instead, he admired the second daughter, Yu Wanrou.

By mentioning the engagement, it was clear that Yu Wanrou wanted to humiliate Yu Zisu!

Yu Zisu replied nonchalantly, “So you’re also thinking about the marriage granted by the emperor. I reckon, your engagement with the Third Prince should be soon.”

“Sister, you don’t need to feel guilty, as long as you’re happy, I would not mind.”

Yu Zisu pretended to be helpless as she lowered her head but in reality, she was laughing heartily.

Didn’t you want to step on my sore spot? I also know how to do that!

Hmph, do you think the Third Prince would marry you once the engagement between him and Yu Zisu is broken off?

You’re but a daughter born from a lowly concubine.

See, until now, the emperor has yet to grant the engagement between the both of you!

In just a few sentences, Yu Zisu had revealed a shocking inside story.

OMG! So the reason why the Third Prince had broken off the engagement was that he had taken a liking to the Second Young Miss of the Chancellor’s Manor!


Who would have expected that such a weak-looking girl would seduce her sister’s future husband!

Yu Wanrou was extremely ashamed and resentful as she sensed the gaze of the surrounding people.

She clenched the handkerchief in her hands and forced a smile, “I was only worried about sister’s safety as the sky had turned dark and the world outside is dangerous.”

Yu Zisu pointed to her head and said, “I only went to visit mother to burn incense for her but I accidentally fell and hit my head, so I fainted.”

“I did not have any servants around so I only returned today after being saved by an old hunter in the mountain,” Yu Zisu said pitifully.

She spoke casually and openly, and with her head wrapped in linen, everyone could not help but believe her.

There was not even a servant following a young miss of such a renowned family, everyone could not help but feel angry for her.

Looks like Madam Lian who was in charge of the family affairs in the Chancellor’s Manor was not kind either.

Yu Zisu pinched Yu Wanrou’s nose intimately and said, “Sister, let’s stop causing a scene and return earlier.”

Yu Zisu did not care about how everyone thought, she followed her memory and found her room.

She packed her things and went to find the abbot to borrow a horse carriage.

Yu Zisu did not want to sit in the same carriage as Yu Wanrou. After all, who knew what kind of trouble she would cause again?

The abbot immediately agreed to lend her a horse carriage and even told a monk to send her back to the manor.

Just as Yu Zisu returned, a servant girl delivered a message saying that Madam Lian invited her over.

Madam Lian was also known as Concubine Lian.

Ever since Yu Zisu’s biological mother had died and under the coercion of Old Madam Yu [Chancellor Yu’s mother], Chancellor Yu had no choice but to make Concubine Lian into the legal wife.

Meanwhile, the original Yu Zisu’s life in the mansion also became increasingly worse.

She did not even have a servant girl to serve her personally now.

Yu Zisu smiled faintly and said, “Lead the way.”

Madam Lian’s 1st Tier Maidservant, Ru Lan, was panic-stricken by Yu Zisu’s smile.

However, when she looked again, Yu Zisu had her head lowered and looked timid.

However, for unknown reasons, she felt as if Yu Zisu had changed.

Just as Yu Zisu entered the hall, Madam Lian threw a teacup onto the ground and ordered sternly, “Kneel!”

Madam Lian roared in anger, “Yu Zisu! Such a great sister you are, you actually bullied your younger sister!”

It turned out that Yu Wanrou had rushed back to the Chancellor’s Manor first and relayed everything to Madam Lian.

When she heard her daughter’s words, she could not believe that this little b*tch did not die.

In the end, when she heard the news of Yu Zisu’s return, she knew that she had miscalculated this time.

Madam Lian had nowhere to vent her anger so she directly sent a servant to summon Yu Zisu.

She had originally thought that Yu Zisu, the little b*tch, would admit her mistake and beg for forgiveness while kneeling and trembling like before. 

If that was the case, she naturally would have the reason to punish her.

However, she did not expect Yu Zisu to actually stand there without moving.

“Why? Are you deaf? As your mother, I can’t even lecture you anymore?” Madam Lian said furiously.

Only then did Yu Zisu raise her head and look at this person who dared to call herself her mother.

A trace of ridicule in her eyes was quickly concealed.

Madam Lian was draped in fancy clothes with golden silk inlaid and she had combed the current most popular hairstyle, the low cloud bun.

Madam Lian saw that Yu Zisu kept quiet and directly said, “Yu Zisu! Is this the attitude that you treat your mother with? Where have your lessons of etiquette gone!”

“Nanny Yun, bring First Young Miss away and teach her etiquette properly!” Madam Lian ordered angrily.

In reality, Madam Lian was calculating the time where Chancellor Yu would return from the imperial court.

That was because, according to the past, Yu Zisu would be extremely agitated once she mentions Yu Zisu’s mother.

Yu Zisu would sometimes scold her while pointing her in her face and even refute Chancellor Yu’s words.

Meanwhile, Chancellor Yu also thought that his daughter was becoming more and more disobedient, and adding on Madam Lian’s instigation, he gradually grew distant from Yu Zisu.

If Chancellor Yu were to see Yu Zisu completely without manners, then Madam Lian would have greater justifications to punish Yu Zisu.

Madam Lian stared straight at Yu Zisu.

Madam Lian could not keep calm and emphasised that she was Yu Zisu’s mother again, it was as if she was trying to incite Yu Zisu.

“Mother?” Yu Zisu questioned.

Madam Lian’s eyes lit up and said, “Why? Am I not your mother?”

Yu Zisu looked at Madam Lian and knew that she was definitely plotting something.

Yu Zisu took the chance when Madam Lian did not notice and quickly glanced behind her.

From a window, she saw a figure walking closer. 

So, Madam Lian was trying to make her say inappropriate words for others to hear.

She lowered her head and secretly raised her brows, asking pitifully, “When was Madam Lian my mother?”

“Didn’t Madam Lian say that my mother was just a prostitute from the brothel, that she was nothing? Madam Lian…”

Madam Lian panicked as she saw that figure walking closer. “When did I say such a thing!”

Madam Lian did not expect that Yu Zisu, who would always meekly submit to her, would say such a thing.

She was slightly anxious but quickly calmed down.

Yu Zisu could not help but exclaim, as expected of the mother of Yu Wanrou, that white lotus.

Yu Zisu continued, “Madam Lian, I still remember that you personally said that my mother was just a prostitute, only you were the main wife of the Chancellor’s Manor!”

“Could it be that I’m wrong for calling you Madam Lian?” Yu Zisu asked meekly.

Chancellor Yu instantly flared into a rage once he heard this conversation.

Yu Zisu’s mother, Qin, had always been the sore spot of Chancellor Yu, it could be said that it was a topic forbidden to be mentioned to him.

Even if Qin had already passed away two years ago, Chancellor Yu forbade anyone from discussing Qin’s background.

That was a request from Qin, she was afraid that her child would be influenced by this matter.

Therefore, on her deathbed, she had requested this from Chancellor Yu, it was her only request to him all these years.

“Lian! So that was what you thought?!” Chancellor Yu said in anger.

“Father!” Yu Zisu meekly bowed to him.

At that moment, Chancellor Yu was slightly shocked as he looked at his daughter who lowered her head and seemed very distant.

However, currently, he did not have the mood to carefully observe this as he was fully enraged.

He had never expected that he could not even fulfill the one and only wish of Luo’er [How the Chancellor calls Yu Zisu’s mother, similar to a pet name] and actually allowed such words to enter the ear of his daughter.

Chancellor Yu looked at Yu Zisu, who had her head lowered, and his eyes were filled with guilt.

Although he felt that Zisu was naughty, unruly, and insensible, she was the daughter and the only child that Luo’er had left behind.

In the depths of his heart, he was still unwilling for this child to be wronged.

He originally thought that Lian was broad-minded so even if Zisu was mischievous, she would not be mistreated.

However, he had never expected Lian to have said such words!

Lian pleaded, “Lord, I did not! Please listen to my explanation!” 

Yu Zisu suddenly spoke, “So an explanation is allowed?”


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