Arrogant Consort Adored By War Prince [Chapter 4]



When Yu Zisu returned to the hut, she saw that Ye Xiuming was lying lazily on the only chair in the hut.

As if he already knew that she would leave, he asked, “Are you going to leave just like that?”

Yu Zisu did not reply, but instead, her mouth twitched as she looked at the chair in front of her.

Is it suitable for such an exquisite and luxurious chair to appear in this thatched hut on such barren lands?

He really knows how to enjoy life.

This deck chair was brought over from the military camp last night together with Qing Xun.

Ye Xiuming originally thought that Yu Zisu was staring at him but then he realized that she was staring at the chair below him.

He was instantly upset.

Ye Xiuming raised his brows and asked, “Why? Do you like this chair?”

Yu Zisu sneered and ignored him.

She thought for a second and still bowed to him politely as he was indeed her life savior.

Although she did not know what she was drugged with last night, she knew that without this man, she would most probably have not been able to last through it so easily.

Yu Zisu said respectfully, “Thank you for saving my life, but I have matters to attend to so I should leave today.”

“Alright, let Qing Feng send you off.”

Yu Zisu was slightly surprised by how promptly Ye Xiuming agreed.

“Alright.” Yu Zisu also left right after she finished speaking.

The clothes she wore were what Qing Feng had brought from the city as her original clothes were already damaged.

There was nothing Yu Zisu needed to pack so she instantly went out the door and was prepared to leave.

She casually cupped her hands together once she saw Qing Feng. “Thank you, but I’m not used to sitting in a horse carriage. I’d rather you just give me a horse.”

Qing Feng was shocked, a lady who actually rides a horse instead of sitting in a horse carriage!

However, he did not say anything and brought a horse to her.

The speed at which Yu Zisu mounted the horse was so fast it was like an arrow that was shot.

Qing Feng also regained his bearings from the shock and followed her on another horse.

Ye Xiuming stood outside the hut and looked at Yu Zisu. She’s really different from the rest.

“Qing Mo, go and investigate.”

A reply could be heard from the corner, “Understood.”

Although Ye Xiuming did not specify who to investigate, the people following Ye Xiuming in secret understood clearly that it was that woman.

After going down the mountain, Yu Zisu sorted through the original Zisu’s memory again.

The original Zisu went to the White Horse Temple to pray for blessings but she did not expect things to go wrong at night. 

Madam Lian of the Chancellor’s Manor would definitely have other schemes up her sleeves.

Yu Zisu scoffed and rode the horse straight to the White Horse Temple.

After hurrying on the road for four hours, they finally reached the White Horse Temple.

Yu Zisu dismounted from the horse and said to the person behind her, “Qing Feng, you should go back first.”

“The remaining journey is quite safe so there’s no need for you to escort me, I’ll be fine on my own.”

Qing Feng had originally wanted to follow Yu Zisu back to see which family she was from, but he did not expect Yu Zisu to chase him away now.

Qing Feng understood that she did not want him to continue following her, so he replied, “Then I shall take my leave, please take care of yourself.”

After finishing, he instantly left without any hesitation.

Yu Zisu suddenly remembered that that man was also this decisive and instantly frowned.

That man is dangerous, it’s better to stay as far as possible from him!

Just as Yu Zisu finished walking up the stone staircase of the White Horse Temple, a delicate and lively voice could be heard.

“Abbot! You have to give us, the Chancellor’s Manor, an explanation no matter what. My sister had disappeared after coming to your White Horse Temple to burn incense and worship, what if she encountered robbers!”

That voice continued in a crying tone, “My pitiful sister, she had only come to burn incense and get some fresh air, how could she have run into such an incident!”

Those hearing her words might think that her sister had already been bullied by others or encountered an accident.

Yu Zisu raised her brows with a cold smirk on her face as she listened to the voice that was identical to the one in her memory.

Looks like my dear sister really wants me to be utterly discredited.

But, it’s more interesting this way, right?

She also knew how to act like a white lotus. [Girls that look pure and innocent on the surface but are actually wicked and vicious deep down]

Yu Zisu patted away the dust on her clothes and walked inside after thinking for a moment.

“Wanrou, what happened to you?”

The other visitors in the White Horse Temple could not help but turn their heads to look in the direction of that pleasant voice.

They were all stunned by the beauty of Yu Zisu.

It just so happened to be dusk when Yu Zisu returned and the evening glow filled the sky.

She walked into the White Horse Temple gracefully while wearing simple green clothes.

It was as if she stepped on the rays of the sunset, she was beautiful beyond words.

Yu Wanrou’s eyes widened from astonishment once she heard Yu Zisu’s voice.

When Yu Wanrou saw that everyone was stunned by Yu Zisu’s beauty, she gritted her teeth.

However, she reacted in a moment and also pretended to be astonished and overjoyed.

“Oh, sister, you’re alright? Boohoo… I thought sister had…” Yu Wanrou cried and spoke briefly.

Her tears started rolling down instantly.

Everyone was even more curious about what had happened to Yu Zisu after hearing Yu Wanrou’s vague words.

Yu Zisu scoffed secretly in her heart but on the surface, her expression was still serene.

She walked over to hug Yu Wanrou and wiped away the tears on her face, just like how an older sister who dotes on her younger sister would.

Yu Zisu smiled and said, “You were unwilling to go and burn incense for mother when I asked you, but now you’re worried after I just went to visit mother’s tomb.”

While Yu Zisu pointed out Yu Wanrou’s unfilial actions in public, she could not help but complain that it was a fight of acting skills in her heart.

Yu Wanrou never expected that Yu Zisu would act contrary to her usual behaviour and actually start speaking to her kindly.

She was still in astonishment so she did not notice what was wrong with Yu Zisu’s words.

When she noticed, Yu Zisu was already supporting her and heading into the courtyard.

Yu Wanrou’s temper flared, but she knew that they were outside so she could only suppress her anger.

She asked in concern, “Sister, are you alright? You’ve only returned after staying out the whole night.”

After speaking, Yu Wanrou glanced at Yu Zisu’s clothes.

Once she saw that Yu Zisu had changed her clothes, she was filled with confidence.

Yu Wanrou exclaimed, “Sister! What happened to you? Why did you change your clothes!”

Her voice was not loud but not soft either, so all the visitors in the courtyard heard her.

The abbot in the temple was on friendly terms with Yu Zisu’s mother, so he could not help but sigh once he heard the second daughter of the Chancellor’s Manor defaming her sister’s reputation.

“Amitabha, Yu Family’s Second Young Miss, when First Young Miss went out yesterday, she had worn this set of green clothes,” the abbot said.

However, it was unsuitable for the abbot to explain why she had stayed out the whole night.

Yu Zisu was slightly surprised that the abbot of the White Horse Temple would help her.

She accepted his kindness and continued, “Wanrou, the abbot is right, you remembered wrongly. I wore this set of clothes yesterday.”

Yu Zisu purposely avoided mentioning the fact that she had stayed out the whole night.

“Then, why did sister not return for the whole night?” Yu Wanrou unsurprisingly continued asking.

Yu Zisu replied, “Wanrou, how did you know that I did not return last night?”

She smiled brightly, as if she did not care about how Yu Wanrou’s words would ruin her reputation.

Yu Wanrou also reacted quickly and said, “I thought that the temple’s desserts were delicious so I told Huang Zhu to deliver some to sister.”

She pretended to be worried about Yu Zisu. “But I never expected that sister was not in her room. Sister, are you alright?”

Yu Wanrou secretly thought in her heart, b*tch, although I don’t know how you came back, I’ll let you understand that it’s better for you to have died.

“Haha…” Yu Zisu had instead laughed out loud.

Yu Wanrou asked in concern, “Sister, what happened to you?”

She was laughing inside, did she go crazy from being angered by me? It’s best that she goes crazy!

Even though the monks were leading the visitors away under the abbot’s orders, there were still several visitors witnessing this scene.

Amongst them was Ning Xiayu from the Minister Mansion.

Ning Xiayu was at the temple to pray for her mother, but she never expected that she would witness such an interesting situation.

She walked towards them once she saw Yu Zisu start laughing.

Ning Xiayu exclaimed, “Ah, aren’t the both of you from the Chancellor’s Manor? First Young Miss, what happened to you? Have you gone crazy?”

She did not give Yu Zisu any face at all.

Now everyone knew that the both of them were from the Chancellor’s Manor so all the more, they wanted to watch the show.

Yu Zisu stopped laughing and completely ignored that woman.

She turned to look at Yu Wanrou and said, “I must have scared you, I was just too happy. I never expected you to be so worried for me.”

“Then, why wasn’t sister in her room last night?” Yu Wanrou continued asking persistently.

“What! Yu Zisu, you actually stayed out the whole night!”

Ning Xiayu suddenly increased her volume, as if she wanted everyone in the White Horse Temple to hear her.

“Why, is it very important?” Yu Zisu smiled faintly, remaining calm and composed.

Seeing how Yu Zisu was unperturbed, everyone started feeling as if Yu Wanrou and Ning Xiayu were the ones being overbearing.

Yu Wanrou said anxiously, “How could it be unimportant? Sister, it is related to your reputation! How could you not be concerned about it?”

She then continued, “Sister, don’t be afraid. Even if you were not in your room yesterday, I won’t blame you for it!”


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