Arrogant Consort Adored By War Prince [Chapter 3]



Yu Zisu glared at the man in front of her.

She could not help but secretly swear when she saw that she had actually kissed this man on his lips.

Even if this man was indeed a feast for the eyes, it was obvious he was a dangerous man that should not be provoked and he was not her type!

Yu Zisu was devastated and she regretted her actions since it was her first kiss.

She hurriedly tried to stand and stay away from Ye Xiuming’s lips but unexpectedly, a force on her back made her fall down again.

Seeing how she was about to kiss him again, Yu Zisu glared at him in dissatisfaction.

She took the chance to press down on Ye Xiuming’s body, then rolled to the side and dodged.

“Bast*rd! You…” Yu Zisu swallowed her remaining words.

She directly said, “Thank you for saving me last night. Just like how mountains never age, rivers never dry, you and I will part ways here!”

She had never expected that this man would be this despicable.

She was so thin that she looked just like a bean sprout but he was still able to make a move on her!

Such a man was too dangerous, it was better for her to stay far away from him.

After speaking, Yu Zisu did not even spare a glance for the man lying on the ground and went outside after pushing open the doors.

Ye Xiuming did not stop her, he simply waited for her to come back herself.

Once she stepped outside, she realised that she was surrounded by mountains.

She did not know that because she had lost too much blood and was drugged with Extreme Bliss Powder last night, it was inconvenient to move her or expose her to the strong winds.

Therefore, Ye Xiuming ordered his men to build a temporary house, or it could be said to be a thatched hut, right there and then.

His pitiful underlings, who fought on battlefields with their swords, used those swords to chop trees and even had to build a hut.

Yu Zisu was instantly frustrated.

Although she was a secret agent, she was completely unfamiliar with the surrounding terrain. Hence, it was impossible for her to find a way out.

She returned to the house and asked angrily, “Just where is this place?”

Ye Xiuming saw how Yu Zisu was baring her fangs and suddenly felt like teasing her.

“What do you think?” Ye Xiuming asked with a smile.

“I carried you here last night, you were so heavy that I did not even have the energy to see where this was.” Ye Xiuming said in a deep voice, it did not seem like he was joking at all.

“Carried”, “so heavy”…

Yu Zisu nearly could not resist the urge to scold him out loud after hearing those three words.

What do you mean by “carried”?

What do you mean by “so heavy”?

Just what did this man do to me last night?

It might be that Yu Zisu’s expression was way too obvious, Ye Xiuming looked at her flat chest and said as if it was the truth, “Little girl, you don’t need to make such an expression, I’m not interested in a body like yours.”

“Not interested”… Yu Zisu resisted the urge to beat him up.

That man emitted the smell of blood and he also had a solitary and cold temperament.

Although he was born to be king, she instinctively felt that instead of a king, he was more of a general who controls everything.

Yu Zisu directly asked while making such a guess secretly, “I? [In Chinese, there are specific ways of saying “I” according to one’s status and in this case, Ye Xiuming uses the saying of “I” which represents a prince. A direct translation would be “this prince”.] Which prince are you?”

Ye Xiuming walked beside Yu Zisu. “Usually, curiosity would kill the cat.”

He lifted Yu Zisu’s chin and said in a tone that was worth pondering over, “Little girl, don’t be curious.”

Even if he thought that both of them were the same type of people…

Even if he was interested in her…

He would not allow her to know what she should not.

This man moved so fast that Yu Zisu did not see anything.

He was like the wind, instantly appearing in front of her!

Yu Zisu could not help but exclaim, looks like my abilities are nothing in this world. 

However, once she thought of what this man said, Yu Zisu’s mood turned sour.

She disliked men with male chauvinism.

Yu Zisu suddenly smiled brightly and casually brushed away Ye Xiuming’s finger.

She replied coldly, “You said it already, it would only kill cats.”

She purposely emphasized the word “cat” to provoke him.

However, Ye Xiuming did not act according to common sense.

His subsequent actions surprised not only Yu Zisu, but even Ye Xiuming.

Ye Xiuming stretched out his hand and rubbed Yu Zisu’s head before saying, “Such a cute, wild cat.”

“F*ck!” Yu Zisu could not help but swear.

Just when she had clenched her fists and was ready to punch him, urgent knocks could be heard from the other side of the door.

“Come in.” Ye Xiuming frowned after hearing the knock.

It should be Qing Feng who has returned, could something have happened in the military camp? Why is he in such a hurry?

“Master, bad news…” Qing Feng instantly stopped speaking once he saw that Yu Zisu was awake in the room.

Yu Zisu frowned as she looked at Qing Feng.

After knowing that he was on guard against her, she took the initiative to walk outside.

She could only vaguely hear the two words “military camp”.

Military camp, could it be that he is the famous Seventh Prince?

Because of the engagement, Yu Zisu knew who this Seventh Prince was.

Rumors say that the Seventh Prince was the prince that Emperor Jing disliked the most.

The First Prince, Third Prince and Sixth Prince had all been conferred on by the emperor with titles of Prince Cheng, Prince Qi, and Prince Xuan respectively.

However, when it was the Seventh Prince’s turn, he was hastily conferred on by the emperor with the title Seventh Prince, it was obvious that Emperor Jing neglected him.

However, the weird thing was that although the Seventh Prince was not liked by Emperor Jing, he had control over around a million soldiers, which was almost one-third of the whole Jing State’s army.

That was the reason why the rumors said that Emperor Jing and the numerous princes feared this Seventh Prince.

However, the rumors also stated that the Seventh Prince, Ye Xiuming, was disfigured, cruel, and violent.

However, this man’s face was of peerless beauty.

Could he be one of the other princes?

Yu Zisu frowned.

No matter which prince he was, she had to stay far, far away from him.

She did not want to be involved in the power struggle of the royal family, it’s too troublesome!

Yu Zisu decided that she would bid him farewell in a while.


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