Arrogant Consort Adored By War Prince [Chapter 2]



Instantly, killing intent surfaced in Ye Xiuming’s eyes.

This woman actually dares to ambush me! She must have a death wish!

Although Ye Xiuming was injured and poisoned, his reflexes did not decline at all.

With a turn of his body, he pinned Yu Zisu on the ground instead.

His palm that was covered in blood grabbed Yu Zisu’s neck mercilessly.

Yu Zisu did not have the chance to explain.

She lifted her leg and kicked towards that man’s bottom.

Ye Xiuming had never expected that she would do that.

In his impression, all women were reserved. However, this woman was actually so daring.

And… so shameless.

But strangely, his anger disappeared.

Instead, he started to admire her.

Ye Xiuming turned his body and stretched out his leg, pinning Yu Zisu in his embrace.

Even he himself did not notice just how… ambiguous this posture was!

“F*ck! Hey! I’m at least your life savior, how could you be so unreasonable…”

Yu Zisu tried to struggle free as she complained.

However, gradually, her voice became softer and softer, and her face also turned red.

“Hmm… So hot…”Yu Zisu could not help but moan.

It happened in an instant, even Ye Xiuming, who was pinching her chin, could not react in time.

“This is…” Ye Xiuming was stunned and he unconsciously loosened his hand.

Yu Zisu felt that the grip on her chin loosened so she hurriedly punched the area with the strongest smell of blood.

“Urgh…” Ye Xiuming did not expect this woman to act so fast and so brutally.

His wound had been hit by Yu Zisu so he lost strength in his hands and could only let her go.

Yu Zisu took the chance to roll away from Ye Xiuming.

However, she felt weak all over when she tried to stand and fell to the ground again.


Yu Zisu could not help but moan softly.

At this moment, she had already understood that not only did the madam of the Chancellor’s Manor kidnap Zisu, she had also drugged Zisu.

You damn Chancellor’s wife, I swear on my name, Yu Zisu, to kill you!

Yu Zisu was ruthless in her thinking, but the desire in her body started to spread.

She really wanted to pounce onto and hug that man just now…

“Darn it!”

Yu Zisu closed her eyes resolutely and suddenly sat up.

She picked up the hairpin which was on the ground and stabbed herself!

She was vicious and decisive!

The stimulation of fresh blood did not calm her down but instead, incited the desire within her.

Yu Zisu could sense the desire coming from deep within her bones.

Her eyes instantly turned cold and she pierced that hairpin into her other arm mercilessly.

“Argh…” Yu Zisu suddenly felt a twinge of pain in her arm and her arm fell uselessly beside her, the hairpin dropping onto the ground.

She had also lost her consciousness all of a sudden and fell to the ground.

Ye Xiuming pulled back the hand that had knocked the hairpin from Yu Zisu and looked at the petite figure in his embrace with a frown.

How could a petite girl have such cold and solitary eyes?

For unknown reasons, Ye Xiuming could not bear to see her hurt herself.

So much so that he even stopped her himself.

“Mmh, ah…”Yu Zisu started to struggle in his embrace again.

Even without her consciousness, Yu Zisu’s body still had its instinctive desire.

She had sensed the cool aura beside her and could not help but lean towards what she thought of as an ice pillar.

Only then did Yu Zisu feel that her hot body was slightly more comfortable.

She could not help but lick her lips and let out a sound similar to that of a satisfied cat.

Ye Xiuming’s eyes were cold as he looked at her squirming in his arms.

He could not help but growl, “Damn it!”

Although the woman in his embrace was not a peerless beauty, he still had a strong reaction.

One had to know that he hated women all along.

However, to this woman in front of him, not only did he make an exception and hug her, he even had a reaction towards her?

This woman…

Ye Xiuming could not help but look at her with a thoughtful gaze.

His solitary and violent aura raged in the dark night, it was even colder and chillier than the night breeze.

Just when Ye Xiuming could no longer resist and wanted to place the woman who was moving around in his arms on the ground, a green figure floated down with the night wind.

“Master, we have arrived late, please punish us!”

Ye Xiuming spoke coldly, “Stand, you should not be blamed for today’s matter. It’s because I did not consider everything carefully.”

“I did not expect Third Brother to prepare such a huge gift for me in the five years we have not met.”

Ye Xiuming thought for a while and said, “Qing Feng, relay my orders, ask Qiu Niang to find some things for Third Brother to do.”

Qing Feng replied, “Understood. Master, what about our brothers stationed below Fenglian Mountain?”

“Stand by there and await orders.”

“Wu…” At this moment, Yu Zisu, who was in Ye Xiuming’s embrace, could not help but moan.

It might be because she was trying to suppress it, the volume was not loud, but her voice was exceptionally deep and captivating.

That moan was particularly obvious in the silent night.

Only then did Qing Feng realise there was actually a woman in his master’s embrace.

He could not help but rub his eyes.

Am I mistaken? There’s actually a woman in master’s embrace.

Qing Feng secretly observed his master’s expression in great disbelief.

He had followed his master for almost 20 years but he had never seen such an expression from his master, it was that of embarrassment and helplessness.

“Master, this is…” Qing Feng probed.

“Don’t ask what you shouldn’t, do you still need me to teach you?” Ye Xiuming casually glanced at Qing Feng.

Qing Feng instantly calmed down from his excitement. Looks like master does not want to talk about it.

Ye Xiuming grabbed Yu Zisu’s hands that were touching everywhere with one hand and used his other hand to stop her body from moving around.

Yu Zisu squirmed vigorously as if she was in pain or desiring something.

Ye Xiuming did not doubt that if there was no antidote, she would die from the heat.

Just what kind of person would drug her?

Ye Xiuming could sense that he seemed to treat this woman differently.

He frowned and seemed slightly worried.

“Let’s go and find a place to rest for the night. Oh right, let Qing Xun hurry here,” Ye Xiuming ordered after hesitating for a moment.

“Master is injured? Is it serious?”

“I’m alright! Let Qing Xun hurry here to take a look at her!”

Ye Xiuming glanced at him before feeding Yu Zisu the Snow Lotus Pill which could detoxify poisons.

“Master…” Qing Feng saw the Snow Lotus Pill and wanted to stop Ye Xiuming. However, after a look from Ye Xiuming, he did not dare to move.

Looks like master really treats this woman differently.

Qing Feng could only reply, “Understood, master.”

After speaking, he disappeared without a trace.

Yu Zisu felt as if she was being burnt inside a huge cage of fire.

Her body was hot and numb, it was extremely uncomfortable and agonizing.

After finally sensing some coldness, she wanted to get closer but was stopped by someone, her body could not move at all.

It was the first time in her past 25 years that she had encountered such a situation.

Yu Zisu felt as if her body was not hers anymore.

Fear filled her mind and Yu Zisu could not help but start struggling.

She would not feel panic from the blazing hot pain and the heat waves that were torturing her, only the feeling of being unable to control herself was something she could not stand.

While forcibly enduring it, she had fainted unknowingly.


When Yu Zisu regained consciousness, it was unknown how much time had passed.

She suddenly felt the presence of another person beside her and instantly opened her eyes.

Her body instinctively stiffened and she slashed towards that person with her hand.

Ye Xiuming easily received her strike.

He pressed his lips tightly together and asked in a deep voice, “Little girl, is this how you treat your life savior?”

Last night, Ye Xiuming used the fastest speed possible to summon his underling, Qing Xun, who was proficient in medical skills.

After Qing Xun examined Yu Zisu, he realized that Yu Zisu had been drugged with the Extreme Bliss Powder.

Although the Extreme Bliss Powder’s effects were powerful, the cure was not restricted to doing it with men.

It was also fortunate that Qing Xun had the corresponding antidote or else Yu Zisu might really have died from the heat.

“Life savior?” After being tortured for a whole night, Yu Zisu’s voice was slightly hoarse. From how her tone went up, it was obvious that she did not believe him.

She remembered the feeling of losing control of her body.

“I think you’re more of an enemy!”

After speaking, Yu Zisu threw the blankets and left the bed, attacking that man despite her weakened body.

Once she got closer to him, she discovered that this man in front of her… was truly good-looking to the point where the heavens would be jealous of him and other people would resent him!

He had slender eyebrows, long and narrow phoenix eyes, and thin lips.

He could exert pressure on others just by standing there.

He seemed to be born to be king with his cold and solitary aura.

“You’re that man from last night?” Yu Zisu pulled back her hand and asked.

It was just that she had put too much force into that strike and pulled back in a hurry, not to mention that her body was originally weak so she started falling to the ground.

“You’ve remembered me? You’re really like a wild cat.” Ye Xiuming smiled, it was a rare scene.

He unconsciously stretched out his hand to catch her as he saw her fall.



The two of them fell to the ground and even the stool beside them toppled.

Yu Zisu fell on top of Ye Xiuming and even kissed Ye Xiuming on his lips…


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