Arrogant Consort Adored By War Prince [Chapter 1]


Zisu felt like she was being shaken vigorously, so much so that she could not help but frown.

The pain at the back of her head made her feel even more uncomfortable.

Pain? Why could she feel pain?

Wasn’t she already… dead?

Zisu finally opened her eyes the moment she felt that the pain had subsided slightly, but all she saw was darkness.

She stretched out her hand to feel around her and realized that she was trapped in a sack.

At this moment, the sack was thrown onto the ground and voices could be heard from outside the sack.

“Brother Lin, take a look. This eldest young miss from the Chancellor’s Manor is quite good-looking… Hehe…”

An extremely unpleasant voice without restraint could be heard, which made Zisu’s face darken.

Chancellor’s Manor? Eldest young miss?

Just what do they mean?

That unpleasant voice spoke again, “Brother Lin, I want to have some fun, can I…”

Another man replied impatiently, “Wang Er, you can play with her as long as you don’t spoil madam’s plans. Also, her body must be disposed of!”

After hearing that man’s words, Wang Er hurriedly rushed towards the sack.

When he opened the sack and saw those cold eyes staring at him, he could not help but scream.

Zisu frowned. She glanced at the wretched man in front of her who had fallen to the ground in front of her then paid him no more attention.

She started to observe her surroundings.

On a moonless and windy night, at a desolate and barren mountain, it seemed to be a good place to commit murder and bury corpses…

“Wang Er, just what are you screaming for?” Yelled Lin Qiang, who was a few steps away, loudly. 

“She-she’s alive…” Wang Er frantically crawled back to Lin Qiang’s side after opening the sack.

Wang Er’s hand was trembling as he pointed at the woman who stood up from the sack.

He mumbled, “Brother Lin… Save me…”

“Useless! What are you afraid of? She’s just a woman!” Scolded Lin Qiang in disdain.

Zisu looked at the two men in front of her coldly.

One of them had a deep scar on his face and carried a foul and evil-foreboding air, it was obvious that his hands were definitely soaked with blood.

The other person looked wretched and was struggling to stand.

Zisu remembered what she had heard just now and snorted.

She slowly smirked and her eyes filled with killing intent.

Lin Qiang shouted loudly, “Young miss, I’m also only following orders so I can only say sorry to you!”

He clenched his hands into fists right after he finished speaking and charged towards Zisu to attack her.

Wang Er also rushed towards Zisu with a wooden stick in hand.

Zisu raised her brows, her cold eyes filled with a shred of bloodlust.

These two really deserved death.

Although Zisu felt pain in her head, it did not affect her movements.

She moved slightly to the side and easily dodged Lin Qiang’s punch.

Immediately after, she pulled out the silver hairpin on her head and backhandedly slit a bloody cut on Lin Qiang’s neck.

Blood gushed out.

“You!” Lin Qiang unwillingly took his last breath.

“Ah!” Wang Er screamed in astonishment.

“Shut up!” Zisu was annoyed by that sound so she directly lifted her leg and gave him a clean kick.

Who knew that behind Wang Er was an extremely tall mountain slope? Rolling down that slope, only death awaited him.

Originally, this new body was already very weak and after undergoing such a battle, she was unable to even stand.

Zisu had no other choice but to sit down.

She had wanted to rest for a while but who knew that a violent headache would suddenly engulf her without warning?

At the same time, she received many memories that did not belong to her.

Zisu tried her best to sort out the memories in her mind before finally confirming that she had really transmigrated.

Her identity now was the eldest daughter of Jing State’s Chancellor’s Manor, Yu Zisu.

Alright, this name was the same as her codename so she somewhat accepted the name.

Zisu, no, Yu Zisu recalled what had happened in the past few days.

She then discovered that the original owner was really an idiot!

She was originally the fiance of the Third Prince, but because of her phony sister’s “help” with “good intentions”, her engagement with the Third Prince was called off and she was ordered to marry the Seventh Prince by an imperial decree.

The Seventh Prince Ye Xiuming was someone who could kill without batting an eye.

He also wore a fearsome mask because he had been disfigured.

Thus, everyone preferred calling him the “War Ghost”!

Yu Zisu stopped recalling and took a look at the sack on the ground.

It was obvious that the original owner had been set up by others.

Who would it be?

Forget it, the important thing now was to take care of her injuries so as to not suffer from any after-effects.

Just when Yu Zisu was prepared to leave, she heard a slight sound.

She immediately hollered, “Who is it!”

Instantly, the surroundings turned frighteningly quiet. A few owls then flew towards the night sky after Yu Zisu shouted.

Yu Zisu frowned as she heard an ear-piercing scream but she kept staring at the place in front of her.

She thought for a moment before picking up the hairpin on the ground and walking forward.

Just treat it as she was curious because she was not the type to avoid trouble.

Yu Zisu pushed aside the long grass leaves but there was actually nothing.

Just when she heaved a sigh of relief, she heard a soft grunt.

“So it’s further in front!”

She heaved a sigh of relief as, from the sound, it was most likely that the person was heavily injured so she hurried forward.


Before she could even get close, she heard a deep male voice.

That voice was like ice in winter, deep and cold.

No matter how much the owner of the body tried to hide his injuries, the scent of blood still lingered in the air.

This man was not simple.

Yu Zisu felt an unyielding and imposing temperament from that man so she made a prompt decision to turn and leave.

But before she could even take a step away, she was forced to retreat towards that man.

Yu Zisu looked at the bushes which swayed vigorously and secretly cursed, WTF!

From her many years of experience, it was most likely that both of them had been surrounded.

Meanwhile, the people who surrounded them were all well-trained killers.

Yu Zisu could not help but glare fiercely at the man lying on the ground with his back facing her.

Just what kind of luck did she have to actually encounter assassinations twice?

Ye Xiuming, who was back facing Yu Zisu, also felt that she had suddenly moved towards him.

Although he was heavily injured, he still had a keen perception.

He had sensed that something was wrong in the surroundings as well as the drastic change of this woman behind him.

Yu Zisu instantly changed from the originally innocent and harmless lady into a bloodthirsty shura.

Ye Xiuming had immediately felt the change of this woman so he turned around and sized up the woman in front of him.

She wore plain white clothes and looked like she was in a mess, but she did not lack elegance at all.

She had concealed her presence and merged into the night.

If he was not in front of her, most likely he would not be able to notice her either.

Yu Zisu had almond-shaped eyes that looked attractive but she did not look frail at all.

The air around her turned cold as she stared straight in front of her. It was as if she was a lone wolf that had locked on to its prey.

This woman was the same as him!

She was like a lone, unyielding wolf upon this land!

Ye Xiuming did not know why, but in that instant, he had such a feeling.

Obviously, Yu Zisu had also noticed the man staring at her. 

However, she did not have the time to guess just what the man was thinking.

She looked at the handsome man in front of her, he had an exquisite face that seemed to be God’s masterpiece and a cold and imposing temperament which made it obvious that he was not an ordinary person.

Most likely, this group of people was here to assassinate him.

Now that she stood beside him, those people were most likely inclined to kill her even if she was innocent rather than letting her go.

Thinking till here, Yu Zisu could not help but glare at that man, so troublesome!

Rustle, rustle.

As the night wind blew, the clouds moved and the birds were startled.

Yu Zisu had also made her move.

Her movements seemed rusty but were smooth and coordinated. She was resolute, each strike was swift and fierce, aiming at all fatal spots with unpredictable trajectory.

Yu Zisu was like a sharp sword that had been unsheathed and was filled with killing intent.

Even if Ye Xiuming claimed to know all kinds of martial arts in the world, he could not tell which martial art she was using.

She was like a snake lurking in the grass, rapidly pouncing onto its prey.

With a swing of her hand holding the hairpin, a man in black clothes fell to the ground.

Such an interesting woman!

It’s as if she knew where those killers were hiding.

Ye Xiuming could not help but be astounded as he looked at Yu Zisu who had actually killed half of the people in just 15 minutes.

“This is really interesting!” A deep voice that was like mellow wine with a long-lasting appeal could be heard.

Sensing that the time where the poison took effect was almost over, Ye Xiuming released a few shots of dark aura through his fingers.

At that moment, Yu Zisu had also finished dealing with the remaining people.

“Hey! You’re not dead right?”

Yu Zisu casually plucked the grass to clean the blood on her hands.

She looked at the motionless man and asked again, “Hey, are you dead?”

If he was dead, then it was a complete waste for her to have spent so much effort to save him.

However, Yu Zisu could not help but be suspicious as she thought of the last few killers who died seemingly for no reason.

Why did she feel like it was this man who had done it?

In this desolate and barren mountain, it was just the two of them… cough cough… a man and a woman.

Who else would it be if not him?

Yu Zisu was speechless and slightly annoyed that he was not replying to her.

At the very least, she was considered his savior, right? Was that the correct attitude to treat one’s savior?


Yu Zisu felt the pain at the back of her head getting worse so she could not help but secretly groan in pain.

Forget it, I should go and find some herbs, it’s more important to handle my injuries first.

As for this man…

It’s obvious that he has a complicated identity and is not someone easy to get along with.

It’s definitely not a bad thing to stay far away from him.

Yu Zisu had just finished a fight. In addition, her body was originally weak so it was difficult for her to even move.

After finally standing up, her body suddenly felt abnormally hot and her legs turned soft, hence, she involuntarily fell forward. 

This fall, she had just nicely fallen on top of Ye Xiuming…


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