Arrogant Consort Adored By War Prince [Chapter 10]



Yu Zisu said rudely, “Third Prince, please conduct yourself with dignity, I don’t know you well. Third Prince, please let me pass, I still have other matters to attend to.”

Yu Zisu had originally taken a liking to a small pouch with a lotus flower sewn on from a peddler’s stall.

However, she saw that the peddler had already hidden himself far away, even going so far as to abandon his stall.

She reluctantly sighed and put down the pouch she held in her hands.

Yu Zisu completely ignored Ye Chongxu with her actions, thus adding fuel to Ye Chongxu’s anger.

Ye Chongxu said coldly, “Why? The First Young Miss of the Chancellor’s Manor can’t even afford to buy a pouch?”

Bi Xi hurriedly came forward and said, “Of course not, Young Miss, I have…”

Yu Zisu cut off Bi Xi and said, “How is the Third Prince so clear about the matters of the Chancellor’s Manor?”

She tilted her head and revealed her big, bright, and clear almond eyes, stunning Ye Chongxu.

Yu Zisu then continued nonchalantly, “Oh… look at my goldfish memory! Wanrou and the Third Prince are on friendly terms so of course, Third Prince would know.”

Yu Zisu had said those words casually, but the surrounding onlookers were deep in thoughts.

Yu Wanrou and Yu Zisu were sisters, how could she speak of her sister like that in front of outsiders?

Just as everyone was immersed in their own thoughts, Yu Zisu continued, “But the Third Prince is right, I really don’t have the money to buy a pouch.”

“Madam Lian had told me that my father is an honest and upright official and that the Chancellor’s Manor has many mouths to feed so there was originally a lack of money. Since I usually don’t need to buy anything, then there was no need for me to receive my monthly allowance.”

Yu Zisu continued in a calm voice, “You see, the clothes I’m wearing now were made for me by Madam Lian two years ago, but Madam Lian said that the cost of the materials was too high and so, she had regretted it for quite a long time.”

As Yu Zisu spoke, she pointed to the clothes that she wore that could no longer be considered new.

She had an emotionless face, her voice was neither fast nor slow, and she spoke softly, thus many people could not help but believe her words.

Unavoidably, everyone started to reevaluate Madam Lian of the Chancellor’s Manor after seeing the simple and crude clothes on Yu Zisu.

Ye Chongxu had never expected Yu Zisu to actually be such a good talker, instantly turned the tide and making everyone take her side.

He frowned and reassessed Yu Zisu.

Yu Zisu was truly different from the past.

Looks like she had purposely acted like this to attract my attention.

Ye Chongxu felt that Yu Zisu was indeed playing a game of cat and mouse with him.

He sneered and said, “Yu Zisu, you’re still this shameless. You’re actually defaming your mother in broad daylight!”

Yu Zisu snorted blatantly after hearing Ye Chongxu’s words.

She replied coldly, “The Third Prince is really thinking for Madam Lian, when have I defamed her? Can the Third Prince please enlighten me?”

“As for my mother, I think that Third Prince is mistaken, Madam Lian is but my stepmother and she had become the legal wife from a concubine! If not for the Old Madam, she can’t even be called my stepmother!”

The dynasty has its laws, they do not recognize legal wives who were concubines.

However, a long time had passed and everyone did not take it seriously.

In addition, the situation with Chancellor Yu was slightly special and Madam Lian was the daughter of the Old Central Secretariat Lian, thus everyone selectively ignored the specifics of this matter and did not discuss it.

Now that this truth was blatantly unveiled by Yu Zisu, many of them were suddenly enlightened.

Frankly speaking, Madam Lian’s position as the legal wife was not justified!

Yu Zisu turned and left after she finished speaking, ignoring the Third Prince who was standing in front of her and walked straight in the opposite direction.

“Hmph, Yu Zisu, do you think that I’ll fall for you if you do this?” Ye Chongxu scoffed.

Yu Zisu turned around and said, “Third Prince, narcissism is an illness, please go find a doctor to cure it!”


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